WB Duare Sarkar Camp 2024: Eligibility, Benefits & Registration

WB Duare Sarkar Camp 2024 Registration: The government camp at the doorstep (Duare Sarkar) of the government of West Bengal has started again.

West Bengal Duare Sarkar Camp
West Bengal Duare Sarkar Camp

In this camp, the citizens of West Bengal will get the benefit of a group of Schemes run by the government of West Bengal as well as get help for any problem.

What is Duare Sarkar Camp 2024?

Duare Sarkar is a government camp run by the present West Bengal government, Mamata Banerjee, which is held from time to time in different districts of the state.

Name of the schemeDuare Sarkar Camp, West Bengal
DepartmentWest Bengal Government
StateWest Bengal
Launch dateNovember 2020
PurposeTo Provide Government Services at Home in West Bengal.
Application processOffline
Official websitehttps://wb.gov.in/

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The government camp name Duare Sarkar’s lexical meaning will be at the doorstep of the government. That is, it will be a government-run system that will be held in every district.

Where the government officials give service to all West Bengal citizens. Basically, it is a system of bringing government aid to the doorsteps of the people.

Where the citizens of the state can come and get help from a group of government-run Schemes.

Objectives of Duare Sarkar Camp 2024

At present, there is a government camp at the doorsteps ( Duare Sarkar) across the state of West Bengal.

WB Durare Sarkar Scheme
WB Durare Sarkar Scheme

And the main attraction this time is the application for the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme. In fact, free forms are available here to apply for the Lakshmi Bhandar Scheme.

The main objective of the Duare Sarkar Scheme is to bring government services to the doorsteps of the people. That is, to ensure that people can enjoy the services of all Schemes run by the West Bengal government without any hassle.

In fact, Mamata Banerjee’s popularity and involvement with the door-to-door government Schemeslies to the Duare Sarkar Camp. In her last election campaign, Mamata Banerjee elaborated on the government’s plan for the Duare Sarkar camp.

She said the camp was organized to make government aid available to the people. She added that It will be held every now and then to ensure government services and solve any kind of problem issues raised by citizens of the state.

Krishak Bandhu Apply Eligibility and Registration Online

West Bengal Duare Sarkar Camp Scheme
West Bengal Duare Sarkar Camp Scheme

So the aims and objectives of Duare Sarkar are first to ensure government services to all.

Secondly, give an instant solution to all problems of every citizen of the state.

Thirdly listen to all problems carefully. And lastly, make the government more effective and popular to all.

This Year Services available at Duare Sarkar

  1. Khadya Sathi
  2. Swasthya Sathi
  3. Disability Certificates
  4. Caste Certificates
  5. Taposhili Bandhu
  6. Medhashree
  7. Sikhashree
  8. Jay Johar
  9. Kanyashree
  10. Rupashree
  11. Manabik
  12. Lakshmir Bhandar
  13. Widow Pension
  14. Old Age Pension
  15. Krishak Bandhu
  16. KCC (Agriculture)
  17. Agriculture Infrastructure Fund receipt process & issue of sanctions against individual applications
  18. Registration and approval of financial assistance for Drip and sprinkler irrigation under Bangla Krishi Sech Yojana (BKSY)
  19. Aikyashree
  20. Student credit card
  21. Banking related including opening Bank accounts & linking Bank accounts
  23. Mutation of agricultural land and minor correction of land records
  24. Patta applications
  25. Bina Mulya Samajik Surakhya Yojana
  26. Registration of Migrant Workers
  27. Matsyajeebi credit card
  28. Registration of Fisherman
  29. KCC (Animal Resources Development)
  30. Artisan Credit card
  31. Weaver Credit card
  32. Bhabhishyat Credit card
  33. SHG Credit card
  34. Electricity Waiver
  35. Electricity New Connections

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Urban – PMAYU at pmaymis.gov.in

Ongoing Duare Sarkar Camp 2024

The camp of Duare Sarkar is running from 16th August to 15th September, where the government officials will solve all the problems of the people of the state.

Duare sarkar camp this year
Duare Sarkar camp this year

The government will also talk about where the possibility of an immediate solution can be found.

However, there is also a bunch of door-to-door government Schemes that are run for all. However, the main attraction this time is Lakshmi Bhandar, where the state government has arranged monthly handouts for women above 25 years of age.

Also, find out the benefits of the Scheme that will be available at the government camp of Duare Sarkar this time. Let’s have a glance at the ongoing services that are run in the present camp of Duare Sarkar.

Shasthya Sathi

Duare Sarkar can go to the camp and apply for a Sasthya Sathi card.

With the help of this, the cardholder and his family will get health services up to around Rs 5 lakh a year.

Swasthya Sathi Scheme Registration Online

Khadya Sathi

This time Duare Sarkar can go to the camp and apply for the Khadya Sathi Scheme.

In addition, those who do not have a digital ration card or the necessary documents to apply for Khadya Sathi can also apply.

Khadya Sathi Scheme Apply Online


You can make a sincere appeal to the government of the camp of Duare Sarkar for the Kanyashree Scheme.

Wherever girls studying in class IX to XII and under 18 years of age will get an annual grant. And girls above 18 and under 19 can receive one-time scholarships.

Kanyashree Scheme: Eligibility & Registration


Under this scheme, one-time financial assistance is given to adult girls from disabled families.

At this time, one can apply for the presence of the government camp.

Rupashree Prakalpa Apply Online: Registration & Eligibility

OBC certificate

Under this Scheme, the state government provides financial assistance to Tafswini tribals and people belonging to the OBC community. So you can apply to go to the ongoing camp.

Caste Certificate Apply: Status, Download & Edit


Under this Scheme, annual scholarships have been arranged for the students studying in classes V to VIII.

It is also available for minifies. So you can apply for Sikkhasree at the current running camp.

WB Sikshashree Scheme Eligibility and Apply Online

Joy Johar

Under this scheme, the state government has provided pensions for the indigenous community and the Tafsbini group.

Those above 60 years of age can apply at the government camp at the door.

WB Jai Johar Bangla Pension Scheme


The Schemes are run keeping in mind the needs of people with disabilities where physically challenged people are given Rs.1000 per month as hand expenses.

Those who are unable to apply digitally can apply to go to Duare Sarkar camp.

WB Duare Sarkar Camp: Eligibility, Benefits & Registration
WB Duare Sarkar Camp: Eligibility, Benefits & Registration

List of Duare Sarkar Camp services and necessary documents

S No.ServiceNecessary documents
1.Swasthya SathiAadhaar Card, Ration Card, current mobile number, Swasthya Sathi card of any member of the household
2.Digital Ration CardAadhaar Card, Voter Card, PAN Card (if you have one), Old Ration Card, and Current Mobile Number, If any member of the household has a Ration Card
3.Khadya SathiVoter Card, Aadhaar Card, old or new Ration Card, current mobile number
4.ShikshashreeAadhaar Card, School Certificate, Bank Account Details, Caste Certificate, Parent Income Certificate, Passport Size Photo, Resident Certificate, Current Mobile Number
5.Caste CertificateAadhaar Card (Applicant and Parent), Voter Card (Applicant and Parent), Residence Certificate, Birth Certificate, Lineage, Passport Size Photo, Income Certificate (Online), Caste Certificate (if any blood relation), Current Mobile Number
6.KanyashreeAadhaar Card, Ration Card, live certificate, School Certificate, Secondary Admit Card (if available), Birth Certificate, Parents’ Income Proof, Bank Account Details, Passport Size Photos, the applicant’s declaration of unmarried and single document from the municipality, mobile number
7.RupashreeAadhaar Card, live certificate, School Certificate, Secondary Admit Card (if available), Birth Certificate, Parents’ Income Proof, bridal Bank Account Details, Passport Size Photos, The applicant’s single declaration, [Marriage Invitation Card, Groom’s Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Passport size photo, Mobile number
8.Tapasili BondhuAadhaar Card, Voter Card, Bank Account Details, Income Certificate, Scheduled Certificate, Current Mobile Number
9.Lakshmi BhandarAadhaar Card (Xerox), Family Health Certificate (Xerox), Caste Certificate, Passport Size Photo (Color), Bank Passbook, Bank Cheque (if available), Current Mobile Number


[ Women between the ages of 25 and 60 can apply]

10.Joy JoharAadhaar Card, Voter Card, Scheduled Certificate (Digital), Income Certificate, Bank Account Details, Current Mobile Number
11.Student Credit CardAadhaar Card of the applicant, The application and the applicant, Color photos, Admit Card, Admission Certificate, Course fees and the cost of information, Parents’ Address proof, the applicant and the parent’s PAN Card (announcement), Mobile Number
12.ManabikAadhaar Card, Voter Card, income certificate, Birth Certificate (if any), disabled certificate, self-declaration, Bank Account Details, his signature all Xerox, introduced Mobile Number
13.Krishak BondhuAadhaar Card, Voter Card, family list, bank passbook, Parcha, Mobile number
14.AikyashreeMinorities are allowed to apply for the schemes, at least 50% of the number will be, reservoir Card, Voter Card, living proof, income proof, Scheduled documents, Bank Account Details, Passport Size Photos, introduced Mobile Number
15.Aadhaar Related ServicesYou can get the services associated with your Aadhaar Card in this service. Gather the required certificates according to the service.
16.Banking ServicesAadhaar Card, Voter Card, passport-size photo, PAN Card
16.Land Record of Cultivable LandThis service requires valid documents
16.100 Diner Kaj 
19.BM-SSY – Bina Mulya Samajik Suraksha YojanaFamily Aadhaar Card, Voter Card, Unorganized Workers Certificate, Bank Pass Book (Applicant)

West Bengal Free Tablet Scheme Apply at wb.gov.in

Political Motives and Criticisms of the Duare Sarkar

There was no less political interest behind the Duare Sarkar plan that the Trinamool leaders took up in the last West Bengal assembly elections.

It was one of the plans to build public relations and increase the popularity of the Trinamool Party. Which has been successfully done.

At that time, the main attraction of the government camp named Duare Sarkar was the Shasthya Sathi. So a huge number of people became enthusiastic.

Opposition leaders, however, scoffed at the situation. A BJP leader said the crowds at the camp showed that government work was not being carried out properly. If government officials work properly, there is no need to arrange the camp.

However, despite all the political motives and criticisms, the government camp of Duare Sarkar has gained a lot of popularity among the people.

People come to the camp and receive the help of different Schemes at a place near their homes. Especially it is helpful to the people who hardly go to a government office and are aware of their rights.

But the idea is not new. Even before this, various camps have been organized in different states, one of which is Bihar.

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar conducted a camp called ‘Your Government at Your Doorstep’ ( Apner dorojay apnar sarkar) which is very popular.

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  2. If one applicant permanent address are asper Aadhar/Votar ID card/Ration Card are one District/Sub Division.
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