Lakshmir Bhandar Portal 2024 – Check Status Online

Lakshmir Bhandar Portal 2024: Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check Online from Home using a computer or mobile phone. Know the process of Laxmi Bhandar Status Check

Lakshmir Bhandar 2024 (Laxmi Bhandar Status check 2024): The government of West Bengal starting a new portal for the Lakshmir Bhandar scheme. This is the official portal of the Lakshmir Bhandar scheme. There were lots of services provided by the government.

Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check
Lakshmir Bhandar Status Check 2024

According to the website, any user can use this website and find information as to their need. Users can check the ok Lakshmir Bhandar application status, know about the submitted application, track applicants, know about the reverted and faulty applications also can check the beneficiary list report of the scheme.

Lakshmir Bhandar Portal
Lakshmir Bhandar Portal – Laxmir Bhandar Scheme

Mamta Banerjee The Honorable Chief Minister of West Bengal announced a new scheme for women called Lakshmir Bhandar. In the scheme, there were huge applications submitted some applications were verified and approved and some were rejected.

Lakshmir Bhandar Scheme: Benefits & How to Apply Online

Name of the schemeLakshmir Bhandar Scheme 2024, West Bengal (Laxmi Bhandar Scheme 2024)
DepartmentWomen Development & Social Welfare Department
StateWest Bengal
Launch date2021
Launched ByCM Mamata Banerjee
PurposeTo give women Rs. 1000 & Rs. 1200 per month in West Bengal.
Application processOffline
Official website

The submitted applicant wants to know about their application status. According to the required government started the Lakshmir Bhandar portal. Now any applicant checks online the status of Lakshmir Bhandar’s application.

Now we have to look into the website what services are provided by the government and know how to check Lakshmir Bhandar’s application status online.

How to use Lakshmir Bhandar Portal 2024

The Lakshman wonder portal ( is a very simple and user-friendly website. Anyone can easily use the website and collect information. To use this portal you have to follow the instructions we give below.

Step 1: to visit the official website of Lakshmir Bhandar

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Lakshmir Bhandar Official Website
Lakshmir Bhandar Official Website 2024

Step 2: To enter the website you have to enter your mobile number and you receive the OTP enter the OTP and verify your mobile number.

Step 3: After verifying the mobile number you can successfully log into the website.

Lakshmir Bhandar Portal Dashboard
Lakshmir Bhandar Portal Dashboard

After login in, you can see the list of the services on the left side of the website. You are on the dashboard and the other services are shown below. Let’s know about every single service you can see in the list.

WB Kanyashree Scheme Eligibility & Registration

Lakshmir Bhandar from 2024

People have submitted a hard copy of the application, in this section put the application data digitally online. In Lakshmir Bhandar form there were some important details that have to fill online.

Lakshmir Bhandar Online Form
Lakshmir Bhandar Online Form 2024

The details are…

  • Personal details
  • Contact details
  • Bank account details
  • Enclosure list (self-attested / Uploaded scanned documents)
  • Self-declaration

This data will be e added to this section. Before you fill up the form you have to scan all the documents. Scanned documents are…

  • Bank passbook copy (mandatory)
  • Copy of Aadhar card (mandatory)
  • Passport size photograph (color) (mandatory)
  • Copy of Swasthya Sathi card (optional)
  • Copy of SC ST certificate (optional)

The mandatory files need to be uploaded but the optional files are not needed. Before you use the Lakshmi Banda form, scan all these documents.

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Submitted Laxmi Bhandar application

Submitted every submitted application will show in this section in the Lakshmir Bhandar portal.  If you want to know how many applications are submitted then you have to check this section you will see all the submitted applications.

In this section, you will view and edit the application. You can search with the application number or Swasthya Sathi’s card number. You can also see the application ID of the applicant.

Laxmi Bhandar Track applicant

This is the application status-checking section. You can easily check your Lakshmir Bhandar application status from here.

In this section, you have to enter your applicant ID and click on the search button. You must have to know your application ID. After clicking on the search button, you can see the status of the application.

WB Lakshmi Bhandar Online Application Status With Applicant ID
WB Lakshmi Bhandar Online Application Status 2024 With Applicant ID

In the track application section, you can see the three steps of your applications that process one by one. You can also know the application status like verified, rejected, reverted, or faulty.

Reverted Laxmi Bhandar application

A reverted application means that your application was riveted because of some mistake in your application. All the departed applications are shown in the section.

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Faulty application list

You can easily understand the list of faulty applications. This section will show the applications are faulty. If anyone gives the wrong information in the application form or added wrong documents that can be a faulty application.

So before you submitted the application form you need to check properly of your application. If you find any fault correct them immediately before you submit.

How to apply Lakshmir Bhandar 2024?

In a press conference, the Chief Minister said that the government Scheme is being started in the name of Duare Sarkar again for the benefit of the common man keeping in mind the success of the last time.

The government Scheme will run at the door from August 16 to September 15. From Khadya Sathi to Shasthya Sathi, Kanyashree, Sikhashree, and Rupashree Schemes can be registered in that camp. And their women can register for Lakshmir Bhandar.

Everyone will benefit from this Scheme. Only those who are in government service will not get the benefit of this Scheme. People between the ages of 25 and 60 can apply for this Scheme through the government camp, Duare sarkar.

WB Nijashree Housing Scheme Eligibility & Apply Online

Rs. 1 thousand for women of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes per month. And ordinary women will get help at 1000 rupees per month.

However, whenever you apply, everyone will get the benefit of this Scheme from September 1.

So to apply for Lakshmir Bhandar go to your nearest Duare Sarkar camp. If you are eligible for the Scheme you should be benefited from it. And don’t forget to carry all the documents and application forms.

FAQ for Lakshmir Bhandar Portal

What is the Website of Lakshmir Bhandar Portal?

The Official Website of the Lakshmir Bhandar Portal is, On this website, anyone can apply for the Lakshmir Bhandar Scheme. also check the latest Lakshmir Bhandar payment status online on this website.

Official SiteView Here
WBGOV HomeView Here

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  1. Tika Sharma Sivakoti

    I have registered foe lakshmi bhander on 31-8-2021 at Duwary Sarkar at Kurseong with my registered mobile no.9679986620 and my application ID is 300270445 but while searching online I have not found any information regarding my application. So will you kindly guide me how can I find my application status online or offline?

      1. Sir mene eight baar form apply Kiya tha Abhi tak account me rupees nhi aaye howrah bhi gye PR response nahi mila

    1. Mam,mines lokhi bndhar has been sanctioned, n in payment status, it is showing ,payment success but im not getting in my alc,kindly check registered mobile no is 8178356958.

    1. Dear sir/madam

      I am nasera bibi
      Phone no 9733663198

      Lakshmi vandar approval seccful bank account not receive money why

  2. আমি মোট পাঁচ বার লক্ষ্মীর ভান্ডারে apply করার পর এইবার application received হল কিন্তু তবুও আমি কোনো টাকা পাচ্ছি না। আমার মোবাইল এ দুইটা msg ঢুকেছিলো কিন্তু তবুও টাকা পাচ্ছি না। Application status check করার অনেক চেষ্টা করছি তবুও হচ্ছে না। একটু বলতে পারবেন আমি কি করে টাকাটা পাবো??

  3. Application ID:134116571
    Beneficiary ID: 219043996
    Application ID r Beneficiary ID ami peyechi through apnader message kintu aj porjonto Bank e amar active account e Lakhhi-Vandar er kono taka credit hochhe na. Er sothik karon ebong jaate account e taka ta dhoke sei byabostha korle ami upokrito hoi..

  4. । আমার মোবাইল এ দুইটা msg ঢুকেছিলো কিন্তু তবুও টাকা পাচ্ছি না।
    A.p Id no.134098722

  5. Hi there! I’m a reader of your blog post Lakshmir Bhandar Portal 2023 – Check Status Online – WBGOV.ORG. I found it very informative and interesting. I would like to know more about the

  6. আমি মোট পাঁচ বার লক্ষ্মীর ভান্ডারে apply করার পর এইবার application received হল কিন্তু তবুও আমি কোনো টাকা পাচ্ছি না। আমার মোবাইল এ দুইটা msg ঢুকেছিলো কিন্তু তবুও টাকা পাচ্ছি না। Application status check করার অনেক চেষ্টা করছি তবুও হচ্ছে না। একটু বলতে পারবেন আমি কি করে টাকাটা পাবো??

  7. DEAR,

    1 ST TIME FILL- DATED – 10/04/23 APPLICATION ID-133767133
    BENEFICIARY ID- 218772509

  8. Mam,mines lokhi bndhar has been sanctioned, n in payment status, it is showing ,payment success but im not getting in my alc,kindly check registered mobile no is 8178356958.

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