WB Sikshashree Scheme 2023: Eligibility & Registration

West Bengal Sikshashree Scheme 2023 Apply Eligibility & Registration. Download Sikshashree Application Form 2023 Online. This Year Sikshashree Scholarship 2023 Form PDF Download. Apply Sikhashree Scholarship 2023 – 2023 for WB SC/ST Students.

Sikshashree is a development Scheme of the State Government of West Bengal. Under this scheme, the State Government will provide annual scholarships to Scheduled Caste and Indigenous students who are studying in the secondary labels.

Mamata Banerjee was sworn in as the Chief Minister in 2011. Then began the stern promise to lead Bengal on the path of development. Mamata Banerjee has implemented one Scheme after another in the last decade.

Sikshashree Scheme
Sikshashree Scheme

One of which is the ‘Sikshashree’ Scheme. In fact, in 2014, the state government launched a new scheme called `Sikshashree` for students of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes in the style of Kanyashree.

What is the Sikshashree Scheme?

As the name suggests, it is a Scheme of the West Bengal State Government to take up education. In fact, it is an annual scholarship scheme that will cover the Scheduled Caste people of the State of West Bengal. The Scheme is largely covered Tapasili students

Name of the schemeSikshashree Scheme, West Bengal
DepartmentBackward Classes Welfare Department
StateWest Bengal
Launch date2014
Launched ByCM Mamata Banerjee
PurposeTo give scholarship class V-VIII Tapasili Students
Application processOffline
Official websiteClick Here

The scheme of providing scholarships up to Rs. 800 per annum for students studying in classes V to VIII under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee of the State Government of West Bengal is known as Sikshashree.

Regular financial assistance will be provided to the students studying in the school. At the initiative of the Department of Indigenous Development, Department of Backward Classes Welfare, West Bengal, the facilities of this education Scheme were extended to the general public.

Moreover, Scholarships of Rs. 800 per annum are given to Scheduled Caste and Indigenous students of West Bengal through this Sikshashree Scheme.

What is the purpose of the Sikshashree Scheme?

The Sikshashree Scheme, run by the State Government of West Bengal, has been a boon for the advanced ascetic groups in the state, which will include Scheduled Castes and Indigenous Peoples. In fact, the purpose of this Scheme is to.

First of all, the state government wants to ensure the right to education for all through the Sikshashree Scheme. It is typically meant the equal rights and rights of quality-based education.

Secondly, the purpose of this Scheme is to bring backward groups of society such as Scheduled Castes and Indigenous Peoples back into the mainstream. This means that all the people in society will get the same kind of services.

What are the benefits of the Scheme?

Through this scheme, the government has stood by the people of poor families. The Scheme is aimed at helping the students build their future with the financial support of the state government.

The benefits of this Scheme are given below-

1. Students of classes V to VIII in the ST and SC departments will get an annual scholarship from the state government.

2. SC students will get an annual scholarship of Rs. 800 (from classes V- VII) and Rs. 800 (class VIII).

3. Scholarship will be given in the ST section at the rate of Rs. 800 per annum (from classes V – VIII).

4. The state government will make arrangements for students to open bank accounts under this Scheme.

The rate of scholarship –

No.ClassFor ST Students per year
1.Class – VRs 800/-
2.Class – VIRs 800/-
3.Class – VIIRs 800/-
4.Class – VIIIRs 800/-

Who will get the benefit of this Scheme?

People from all Scheduled Castes and Indigenous communities in the state of West Bengal will benefit from the Sikshashree Scheme. However, in this case, he must be a permanent resident of West Bengal.

Under this scheme, secondary scholarships are given to secondary examinees from class V to VIII. As a result, all the students studying in that class will come under this scheme.

The children of all the families whose annual income is less than two and a half lakh rupees will be covered under this scheme. However, for this, he must fulfill the above two conditions.

And that is the students should belong to a scheduled caste and an indigenous group named Tapasili in West Bengal.

Download Application Forms

Sikshashree Application Form (English)Download
Sikshashree Application Form (Bangla)Download

Where to apply?

Applications can be made to local educational institutions for the Sikshashree Scheme.

This means that Scheduled Caste and Indigenous students studying in each secondary school can apply to their own schools.

In order to apply, they have to submit the required documents and application form to the headmaster of the school.

Then the teacher of that school will check and select the application form. From there it will go to the District Scheme Officer. And from there the scholarship money will reach the applicant’s account.

What does one need to apply?

To apply for the Sikshashree Scheme, the applicant must submit his / her specific school form. Along with the application form, he/she must also submit the following documents.

1. Ethnic certificate

The applicant has to submit the ethnic certificate along with his / her application form. That is, he/she has to submit his / her certificate along with the application form to the Scheduled Caste and Indigenous student.

2. Certificate of income

The applicant has to submit the certificate of the annual income of the family along with his application form.

And the certificate of income. The certificate of income can be attested by the district officer, local panchayat head, or any government official.

3. Photo of the applicant

The applicant has to submit a passport-size photo along with his application form. And this part is very important for applying.

4. Bank account

The applicant student must have his own bank account. Because the scholarship money will come directly to the student’s own bank account.

So if a student does not have a bank account before applying, a bank account must be opened immediately.

Login to Sikshashree Portal

For users of the Sikshashree Scheme, the government provides a login portal for Sikshashree users. Users can easily log in to their accounts. follow the steps to know how to login in Sikshashree portal.

1. Click here to visit the official website of the Sikshashree Scheme.

2. You can see the login page. (showing below)

Sikshashree Scheme User Login Portal
Sikshashree Scheme User Login Portal

3. Any user can log in at State Level, District Level, Sub-division Level, Block/Municipality Level, and School Level.  First, you have to select your User type from the list.

4. Enter your User ID and Password, after that enter the Captcha Code and press the Login button.

After entering all the correct information and pressing the login button, you can successfully log in to your account.

The launch of the Sikshashree Scheme on the initiative of the Government of West Bengal and the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, is undoubtedly a blessing for the people of the State of West Bengal.

That has given the taste of liberation and ensure the light of knowledge to the backward class people.

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