Duare Ration Scheme 2024 Registration Online: Eligibility Criteria

Duare Ration Scheme 2024: West Bengal Duare Ration Scheme Apply Online, Eligibility, Registration News, and latest updates Here. Get West Bengal Duare Ration Scheme details from here. Duare Ration List by Government of West Bengal

After the Duare Sarkar Scheme, this time the Duare Ration Scheme started. Now the people of West Bengal do not have to go to the ration center far from home to collect rations.

Necessary rations will be available near their house. Duare Ration was started as a pilot project only a few months ago, which has brought relief to the common man in the ongoing pandemic.

About the ration Scheme at the door of the state government. Though the ration dealers critiqued the Scheme. Let’s know labor the dream Scheme Duare Ration of West Bengal government.

What is the Duare Ration Scheme 2024?

The West Bengal State Government started the Duare Ration Scheme on 15 Sept 2021 by issuing a notification. Duare Ration is a Scheme where citizens do not have to go far to get the required rations.

Duare Ration Scheme Registration Online & List
Duare Ration Scheme 2024 Registration Online & List

In other words, the state government has promised to open ration centers at the local level under this Scheme. The state government is also going to make arrangements to deliver rations to households under this Scheme.

In fact, it is a dream Scheme of the Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee.

Initially, Duare Ration started its journey as a pilot project of the election campaign of Mamata Banerjee. At that time, the Scheme was launched experimentally in Birbhum and West Burdwan.

Since then, it has aroused a lot of responses in the minds of the general public. At present, as a result of this announcement, the official work of the Scheme has started on September 15.

A center has been set up at each local or village level to collect rations. However, the West Bengal state government has said that it has a plan to deliver rations to every household.

And this has been done experimentally in the ongoing pandemic. This will greatly reduce the suffering of the common man.

Name of the schemeDuare Ration Scheme 2024, West Bengal
DepartmentWest Bengal Food and Supplies Department
StateWest Bengal
Launch date2021
Launched ByCM Mamata Banerjee
PurposeTo provide ration at the doorstep in West Bengal.
Application processOffline
Official websiteClick Here

Purpose of the Duare Ration Scheme 2024?

The Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal has launched many Schemes during his tenure. These Schemes have made the life of the common man easier on the one hand and increased the popularity of the Hon’ble Chief Minister on the other.

These Duare Ration Schemes have been launched to make the lives of common people a little easier. Ordinary people will be able to collect necessary rations near their homes.

As a result, one of the objectives of this Scheme is to reduce the suffering of common people in the state. Arrangements have been made so that the common people can easily get their required rice, pulses, oil, spices, etc. with them at home.

Benefits of the Duare Ration Scheme 2024?

At present, there is a Duare Ration Scheme in the state of West Bengal. So let’s take a look at the benefits of this Scheme.

1. Under this Scheme, ordinary people will be able to collect rations near their homes. In this way, they will not have to travel 2 to 5 kilometers away from their homes, which will reduce the suffering of ordinary people.

2. Under this Scheme, the state government has the plan to deliver rations to the homes of the common people. This will undoubtedly bring benefits to the common people.

3. This Scheme will reduce the suffering of the working people of the state. As they can collect rations near to their home it reduces time.

4. This Scheme has reduced the time of ration collection for the common man. In the past, they had to collect from far away ration centers as it was a matter of time.

5. This Scheme has saved the hassle of standing in a long line. Since rations can now be collected near the house, it has freed the common man from the annoying situation of standing in a long line.

6. If the Scheme is fully operational, the state government will have to recruit manpower. So when it is started, it provides opportunities to many local people in the workplace.

Who will benefit from this Scheme?

Every permanent resident of the state of West Bengal will get the benefit of the ration scheme at the door (Duare Ration).

Those who were already collecting rations will be able to collect rations from the place near their house under this scheme. That means all the people who have ration cards can collect rations under this Scheme.

Where to contact?

Duare Ration Scheme has already started in West Bengal. Under this Scheme, rations are delivered to the citizens through local ration dealers.

Experimentally, rations have been delivered to the homes of common people in some areas. However, in this case, to collect rations, one has to contact the local ration dealer.

At present, rations are being given from every local level Anganwari center.

Criticism of the Duare Ration Scheme

In the meantime, there has been a storm of criticism about the Duare Ration Scheme. One side of it is the ration dealer and the other side is the state government.

On the one hand, the ration dealer says that the infrastructure to deliver rations to the homes of the common people is still lacking in West Bengal. On the other hand, this process is quite expensive.

But in answer to this question, the state government has said that they can deliver rations to the homes of common people if the ration dealer wants. There is no obstacle to this.

However, the ration dealer said today that it is harming the interests of the ration dealers. They also said that such a scheme was taken up in Delhi earlier which was not very successful.

On the other hand, the ration dealers had collectively opposed the Scheme and appealed to the Calcutta High Court, which has made the future of the Scheme uncertain.

But in spite of all this, this Scheme is undoubtedly a good initiative for the common people. Especially many citizens are happy to get rations in their own homes. And it reduces the suffering of people collecting their ration.

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