Bangla Awas Yojana 2024: WB Bangla Awas Yojana Application & Documents

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What is Bangla Awas Yojana? Who will get the benefit? Find out the list of Bangla Awas Yojana and the application process and all the documents required for the application. (West Bengal Awas Yyojana Online Apply)

Bangla Awas Yojana 2024

One project after another has benefited the people, especially the poor. Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee has announced the launching of a new project for the poorest people in Bengal, Bangla Awas Yojana (Bangla Awas Yojana – BAY).

Name of the schemeBangla Awas Yojana Scheme, West Bengal
DepartmentHousing and West Bengal Housing Board Department
StateWest Bengal
Launch date2016
Launched ByCM Mamata Banerjee
PurposeTo provide houses to citizens in West Bengal.
Application processOffline
Official websiteClick Here
Bangla Awas Yojana Scheme West Bengal

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Apply Online & New List

The advantage of this housing scheme is that those who have not got the house of the Prime Minister’s housing scheme, those successful people can enroll in this housing scheme. The most important factors for enrolling in this Bangla Awas Yojana are:

1) The applicant must be a permanent resident of West Bengal.

2) Only those who do not have a permanent home can apply for this project.

3) Moreover, only those individuals whose annual income is Rs.1 lakh or below can apply for this project.

4) And the applicant must have BPL, ration card.

5) You must have a specific land deed or computer leaflet or record in your name.

6) Again government employees will not be able to register in Bangla Awas Yojana.

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Goals and objectives of Bangla Awas Yojana

The main objective of the Bengal Housing Scheme (BAY) is to provide financial assistance for the construction of a house for people living below the poverty line who are homeless or living in houses so that poor people can enjoy the convenience and comfort of living in a pucca house.

How To Get Banglar Awas Yojana House in West Bengal
How To Get Banglar Awas Yojana House in West Bengal

Through this project, a program has been taken to provide the facility of living in a permanent house to every family living below the poverty line by 2024. Consumers are selected from the SECC (Socio-Economic Cast Census) list.

At present each consumer is paid Rs.1,20,000/- (one lakh twenty thousand) in three installments for preparing their own house.

45,000/- (forty-five thousand) in the first installment through which construction up to the windows of the house,

45,000/- (forty-five thousand) in the second installment through which construction up to the lintel level of the house,

30,000/- (thirty thousand) in the third and last installment ) Money through which various important construction works including roof and windows, doors, and plaster are completed.

The minimum size of the house should be 25 square meters or 260 square feet. Each installment means the FT: O in the consumer’s specified bank account. (Fund Transfer Order).

The Panchayat officials take necessary steps as per the government order to supervise the work of each installment. After the completion of the construction work of the house, the name of the project is inscribed on the wall of the house mentioning the name of the consumer and the financial year.

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How much money will the Bangla Awas Yojana get?

As you know, the Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme has received Rs.140,000 for the construction of houses for poor families. It is learned that he will get Rs.2,40,000 from the present Bangla Awas Yojana.

How many times will you get money?

The present West Bengal government will receive a total of three installments for the Bangla Awas Yojana. The first installment will be one lakh rupees.

The second installment will be 90 thousand rupees when you turn on the floor and brick ballast of your house.

The last installment of money before your house is complete. It is learned that 3 installments will be paid in this way.

Benefits of Banglar Awas Yojana 2024

The assistance is credited directly to the beneficiary’s bank account in three separate installments i.e. 1st Rs 60,000, 2nd 60,000, and third 10,000 at the house construction stage.

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Download Latest List of Bangla Awas Yojana Online
Bangla Awas Yojana Online Application

In addition, each beneficiary, if enrolled in BNS 2012, has the right to receive salary and assistance in the construction of toilets for 95 non-skilled mandates under MGNREJS under the Mission Nirmal Bangla cover.

The goal of BAY is to provide a pucca house with a minimum floor area of 25 square meters to all homeless families and households living in dilapidated or dilapidated houses.

This housing project has been launched by MRD, GOI FYY – 2016-17 with unit support at Rs. 130,000 per household. The unit support is borne by the Central and State Governments in the ratio of 80:40 respectively.

The assistance is deposited directly into the beneficiary’s bank account. In addition, each beneficiary has the right to receive 95 skilled labor days’ salary under MGNREGS and assistance in the construction of toilets (if he is listed in BLS 2012) under the Mission Nirmal Bangla Project.

A Permanent Waiting List (PWL) has been prepared by MORD, GOI on the basis of SECC 2011 data on housing deficit and other social deprivation parameters which have been uploaded on MORD, GOI Bangla awas yojana official website This is allocated each year according to the waitlist and the number of houses available.

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Documents required to apply for Bangla Awas Yojana 2024:

If you want to apply for Bangla Awas Yojana online or offline in any way, then you will need some documents which are: –

1) Applicant’s Aadhaar Card and PAN Card.

2) Application form for Bangla Awas Yojana (if you apply online).

3) Your family ration card.

4) Annual Income Certificate.

5) Permanent Resident Identity Card.

6) A recent passport-size photo of the applicant.

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How to apply for Bangla Awas Yojana 2024?

Since PWL has already been prepared by MRD and GOI, the beneficiaries whose names are already included in the list no longer need to apply for assistance. On the basis of this priority list, houses are approved by category every financial year.

To enroll in this housing scheme, one has to go to the nearest Gram Panchayat or village head office and contact for the application form. You can also submit the documents of the Bangla Awas Yojana Application by visiting the village panchayat, village head, and BDO office.

Can you apply if there is a Bengali housing scheme? The applicant must have a raw house. Government employees or persons associated with the organization will not be able to apply. The Prime Minister’s Housing Scheme can apply if you have not got a house.

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How to see the list of names?

If you want to see the list of Bangla Awas Yojana names or how to see if you have a name? You can go to your local area office or BDO office to find out if you have a name. The Bangla Awas Yojana list 2024 or the house list of each area has already reached every village but is not publishing this list due to the assembly vote.

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