WB Gatidhara Scheme 2023 Benefits & Registration Online

West Bengal Gatidhara Scheme for self-employment by Government of West Bengal, Know About Gatidhara Scheme Online Application Benefits & Registration.

Gatidhara is a development program run by the state government of West Bengal. This Scheme is an attempt to make the unemployed youth of West Bengal employable. Under this, the state government will subsidize the unemployed youth to buy commercial vehicles.

Mamata Banerjee was elected the Chief Minister of West Bengal for the first time in 2011, ending the long-left rule. After her election, various developmental programs began. Baridhara is one of the schemes among the group to ensure the employment of youth.

What is Gatidhara Scheme 2023?

Gatidhara is a development Scheme initiated by Mamata Banerjee, the state government of West Bengal, where government-employed but unemployed youths are given subsidies to buy commercial vehicles with government assistance.

WB Gatidhara Scheme Benefits & Registration Online
WB Gatidhara Scheme Benefits & Registration Online

In fact, under this scheme, the state government of West Bengal provides a 30% subsidy for the purchase of commercial vehicles. The rest of the money can be repaid by the buyer by taking loans from various banks.

The state-owned bank co-operative bank Grameen Bank has been asked by the government to provide loans and financial assistance to some other developmental entities including TATA’s institutions.

In other words, the Gatidhara Scheme is a development program run by the state government of West Bengal where the state government subsidizes the purchase of vehicles commercially among unemployed youth.

Name of the schemeGatidhara Scheme, West Bengal
DepartmentWest Bengal Transport Department
StateWest Bengal
Launch date2014
Launched ByCM Mamata Banerjee
PurposeTo provide employment to unemployed youth in West Bengal.
Application processOffline
Official websitehttps://transport.wb.gov.in/

When did the Scheme start?

In fact, the Gatidhara Scheme was initially started in 2014. At that time, the Scheme was launched experimentally. The responsibility was handed over to the Department of Labor.

However, as the Gatidhara Project under the Labor Department failed to function properly at that time, the Scheme was transferred to the Transport Department.

The Scheme was re-launched by the West Bengal State Government in the 2015-16 financial year.

Who is in charge of the Scheme?

The West Bengal Department of Transport is in charge of supervising the entire work of the Gatidhara Project.

However, the Department of Transport has distributed the work among the vehicle dealers without doing any work on its own.

There are also various banks involved in the Scheme, such as Grameen Bank, Cooperative Bank, or each state-owned bank.

Purpose of the Gatidhara Scheme 2023:

The first and foremost objective of the Gatidhara Scheme is to provide employment to unemployed youth.

However, the Scheme has some underlying objectives, one of which is to further enrich the automobile industry in West Bengal, so that industrialization occurs through various contractual works and foreign investment also increases.

Another goal is to employ young unemployed people so that criminal activities are reduced.

Benefits of the Gatidhara Scheme 2023:

The Gatidhara Scheme is one of the most successful Schemes in the state of West Bengal today. It has found a job for every unemployed youth. So that the Scheme is more popular among youth in West Bengal.

1. Unemployed youths will be able to buy vehicles commercially under this scheme. By doing so, they will be able to make a living in an easy and pious way.

2. Under this scheme, the State Government of West Bengal will provide a subsidy of up to 30 percent, which means that the State Government will provide 30 percent of the total cost of purchasing commercial vehicles.

3. The youth will be able to take the rest of the money from the bank as a loan to buy a commercial vehicle.

4. There is no time limit for repaying the loan taken from the bank. It will depend on the amount of money received.

Who can apply for Gatidhara Scheme 2023?

So let’s find out who can apply for the development Scheme run by the West Bengal State Government. That is, what qualifications do you need to apply for this Scheme?

1. Applicants must be between the ages of 20 and 45. This means that all applicants under the age of 20 and above the age of 45 cannot apply for the Gatidhara Scheme. However, the age limit is slightly different for Indigenous people with OCD.

2. In order to apply for Gatidhara Scheme, the monthly income of the applicant’s family should be below Rs. 25,000. In other words, no member of the family whose monthly income is above Rs.

3. Only one member of a family can apply for Gatidhara Scheme. This means that if any member of your family has already applied for Gatidhara Scheme, then you cannot apply for this Scheme.

4. The name of the applicant must be listed in the list of unemployed. This means that the names of young men and women who are already associated with any employment, that is, as an employer, will not be considered eligible for this Scheme.

5. You must be a permanent resident of West Bengal to apply for the Gatidhara Project. No person from outside West Bengal will be covered under this scheme.

6. Anyone with a physical disability can apply for the Scheme. However, in this case, he has to meet the consumer criteria.

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How to apply for Gatidhara Scheme 2023?

If you are deemed eligible to apply for the Gatidhara Scheme, you will need to apply along with the specified documents. Your application form will first go to the Department of Transportation and from there you will get the benefit of the Scheme only if you are deemed eligible.

The state government recently distributed subsidy checks among the youth by holding a Gatidhara Mela in West Bengal.

Today, millions of unemployed people in West Bengal have become self-sufficient with the help of the Gatidhara Scheme. They are able to buy a commercial vehicle under the Scheme and use them personally or use them like a cab car as well as alike systems.

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