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The state government is assisting sports lovers in the state under a development Scheme run by the West Bengal state government. The Scheme is known as Khelasree.

It is one of the dream Schemes of Mamata Banerjee. Ever since she was elected as the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee has launched a number of development Schemes that have been working for people of all ages, all classes of society, and all groups in the state.

This year, a new dimension was added to the Khelashree Scheme in the West Bengal assembly elections. At that time, the slogan against the BJP government was ‘Khela Hobee’.

The aims of the slogan generally targeted the opposition party but later it turned into the flagship Scheme of Mamata Banerjee and that is Khelasree.

West Bengal Khelashree Scheme Apply Online
West Bengal Khelashree Scheme Apply Online

In today’s event, we will know everything about Khelashree Scheme. First, we will know what Khelashree Scheme is basically and when it started. Then we will discuss the goals and objectives of the Khelashree Scheme.

What is the Khelashree Scheme 2023?

In 2017, a group of development Schemes undertaken by the West Bengal State Government has been added to the Scheme called Khelashree. In fact, the state government is giving various honors and awards to encourage the players under this Scheme.

Under this Scheme, the state government distributes sports materials such as football to school-college clubs at different times.

However, there is another aspect of this Scheme where the state government has undertaken the task of renovating almost every stadium and playground in the state. In a word, Khelashree Scheme is a developmental Scheme that is working for the development of the youth.

Name of the schemeKhelashree Scheme, West Bengal
DepartmentWest Bengal Youth Services And Sports Department
StateWest Bengal
Launch date2017
Launched ByCM Mamata Banerjee
PurposeTo give honors and awards to the players and distributes sports materials to school-college clubs in West Bengal.
Application processOffline
Official websitehttps://wbsportsandyouth.gov.in/

Objectives of the Khelasree Scheme 2023:

The Khelasree is a developmental scheme. Therefore, it will affect every person in the state of West Bengal. Needless to say, its objectives are multifaceted and developmental.

In fact, the state government is aiming to make the youth of West Bengal more enthusiastic about sports through the Khelasree Scheme. In fact, one of the aims of the Scheme is to ensure that the youth of West Bengal become enthusiastic about the game.

There is another underlying goal of this Scheme and that is the overall development of the youth. And so the Scheme is being carried out to further improve the playing field in the state of West Bengal.

Benefits of the Khelashree Scheme 2023:

Let’s see what are the benefits of the Khelashree Scheme at this stage. The benefits of this Scheme are aimed at the overall development of the youth.

1. Under this Scheme, the state government is giving honors and awards to the players of the state.

2. Under the Scheme, the state government has already given five football grants each to various schools, colleges, madrasas, and clubs.

3. Under this Scheme, the state government is giving annual financial grants to schools, colleges, madrasas, and clubs in the state.

4. Under this Scheme, the government is renovating many stadiums in the state. This has created a beautiful and lively environment for playing.

5. Under this Scheme, the state government is renovating the playgrounds at various local levels, which is encouraging the youth to play at the local level.

6. Under this Scheme the state government of West Bengal is giving monthly pensions to the senior players of the state. The amount is 1000 rupees per month. The Honorable CM of West Bengal says that we know that amount is very little but actually the pension is a part of giving honor and respect to our players.

7. Above all, this Scheme is affecting the physical and mental development of the youth of the state of West Bengal.

Who can apply for this Khelashree Scheme 2023?

Now let us know who can apply for this Scheme. Any registered club in West Bengal can apply for this Scheme. In order to apply for the Khelashree Scheme, the club has to be registered in West Bengal.

Sports clubs in other provinces will not be considered eligible for the Scheme. Only clubs dedicated to playing football can apply for this Scheme. And most importantly, only those clubs that are registered will come under this scheme.

Documents for Khelashree Scheme 2023:

In order to apply for this Scheme, the permanent football clubs of West Bengal have to provide their registration certificate. In addition, each club must provide a list of its members.

That typically means to apply under this Scheme a club need to submit its member list and its activities.

How to apply for Khelashree Scheme 2023?

To apply for this Scheme, one has to go to the Khelashree Scheme Official Portal run by the West Bengal State Government. After entering the official portal of the Scheme the interested one can find the option of registration.

Then he needs to enter the registration option and submit the required documents. After full fill the form carefully and correctly the application process will be completed.

Here is one thing that the applicant should know no he or she can also call a toll-free number for any queries and help. The number is also available in the official portal.

The state government has already given football and financial grants to a number of clubs. The West Bengal sports arena is also moving ahead by providing monthly pensions and honors to former players.

We need not say that the initiative is a great benefit for the youth of West Bengal. Because under this Scheme not only the players who are interested to play football but also the youth who cannot afford to play have received a friendly environment.

As well as the Scheme is helping many youths to develop themselves physically and mentally, especially in this ongoing pandemic where our youth has become depressed.

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