WB Sabujshree Scheme 2024: Government of West Bengal

Sabujshree Scheme 2024: Sabujshree is a Scheme run by the West Bengal State Government under which each newborn is given a valuable tree sapling as a gift.

It is given as economic assistance for his or her near future if there then any difficulties, as well as the tree that is planted with the birth of a child, may help the environment in its own way.

What is the Sabujshree Scheme 2024?

The Scheme of planting a tree sapling in the name of each newborn in West Bengal is Sabujshree. Under this Scheme, every newborn child born in West Bengal is given a valuable tree sapling as a gift by the government of West Bengal. And the sapling grows with that child.

WB Sabujshree Scheme: Government of West Bengal
WB Sabujshree Scheme 2024: Government of West Bengal

In other words, Sobujshree is a Scheme where the seedlings of the valuable trees grow with the birth of each newborn child. These trees include mahogany, Shishu, gamma, etc. The Scheme was started on the last of December 2016 by the honorable CM of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee.

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In fact, the Scheme is run by the Forest Department of the West Bengal State Government, under which the parents of the newborn are given a sapling of a tree and instructed to plant a city. In this way, the sapling is carefully nurtured with the child. In the future, the tree can meet the financial needs of the child when he becomes an adult. Besides, the place will also enrich nature for a long time.

Name of the schemeSabujshree Scheme, West Bengal
DepartmentWest Bengal Forest Department
StateWest Bengal
Launch date2016
Launched ByCM Mamata Banerjee
PurposeTo tree planting with each newborn child in West Bengal.
Application processOffline
Official websitewestbengalforest.gov.in

The purpose of the Sabujshree Scheme 2024:

The Sabujshree Scheme is a tree planting Scheme with each newborn child. The purpose of this Scheme is basically one direct and another indirect purpose.

Official Website of Sabujshree Scheme West Bengal:


Official Website of Sabujshree Scheme West Bengal
Official Website of Sabujshree Scheme West Bengal

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Direct Objective:

The direct objective of the Sabujshree Scheme is to ensure the financial security of every child in West Bengal as soon as it is born. Under this Scheme, the parents of the newborn have given a sapling to plant in their house.  The tree is given completely free. The parents of the newborn carefully grow the tree with their child.

The tree grows with the growth of the child. And the market value of the tree that is planted is good. As a result, if the child falls into any financial crisis when he grows up, he can collect money from cutting down the tree.

This means that the money received from him on the tree and its wood can be spent on the future needs of the child. And this is the direct purpose of the Sabujshree Scheme.

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Indirect purpose:

Now let’s not know what are the indirect or innards objectives of the Sabujshree Scheme. The indirect scene is not intoxicated with a direct purpose but its scope is much deeper.

One of the major objectives of this Scheme is to maintain the balance of nature. In fact, we all now know that the world is constantly warming up. Sea levels are rising due to increasing industrialization and the greenhouse effect.

Due to the rapid decline of forests by cutting down trees and the increase in the number of people, the amount of carbon dioxide is increasing. If this continues, the earth will soon become uninhabitable.

Sobujshree, the Scheme of planting one tree with every birth of people/human will help maintain the balance of the earth. It will also make the nature of the state of West Bengal more beautiful from a limited point of view. And maintain the balance of settlements and forests.

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Who will benefit from this Scheme?

Like the purpose of the Sabujshree Scheme, its benefits can be explained from two different perspectives.

First of all, all the newborns in the state will directly benefit from the sobujShree Scheme. Under this Scheme, the state government will give a valuable tree sapling to each parent as soon as each child is born.

West Bengal Sabujshree Scheme
West Bengal Sabujshree Scheme

This tree will grow with the child with utmost care and will meet the financial needs of the child in the near future. Therefore, it can be said that every newborn child in the state will benefit from the Sabujshree Scheme.

Secondly, every person in the state will indirectly benefit from this Scheme, because the tree that grows with that child will enrich the landscape of West Bengal. The tree will affect the climate of West Bengal.

It will control climate change and release oxygen by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. As a result, the entire people of West Bengal will benefit. They will get more oxygen than before, which will indirectly control their good health.

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How to apply for the Sabujshree Scheme 2024?

Under the Green Companion Scheme, the State Government of West Bengal provides one valuable tree sapling in the name of each newborn child. The entire responsibility of this Scheme lies with the Forest Department of the State Government. But to run the Scheme well local administration is also involved.

In order to get tree saplings under the Sabuj Shri Scheme, first, the birth of the child has to be registered. After the name is registered, the saplings can be collected from the local panchayat or municipality. With the sapling of the tree, the parents are also provided a packet of fertilizer and a notebook of guidelines about nurturing the sapling carefully.

According to the official information, after the birth of a child, the parents have to register with the nearest hospital, municipality, or gram panchayat. After registration, the responsible authority will issue a certificate to the parents and inform the nearest forest department.

And the department will be delivered to specific parents. Necessary fertilizers and tree-planting guidelines will be provided along with the saplings. In fact, every district in West Bengal, especially rural areas, will be covered under this scheme.

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Under this Scheme starting from 2016-17, every newborn born in West Bengal will be given a tree sapling as a gift on the 14th of every month. When the Scheme was started, it was estimated that about 1.5 million children are born in West Bengal every year. Under this, 15 lakh new tree-planting programs have been undertaken every year.

One of the purposes of this is to create a relationship between trees and humans from birth. And it will help control global warming in the future.

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