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The Kisan Credit Card (KCC) project is a national initiative of the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD). KCC guarantees loans to farmers for farming and the purchase of vehicles.

Name of the schemePradhan Mantri Kisan Credit Card Yojana, India
Managed ByGovernment of India
BeneficiaryFarmers of India
Launched ByPM Narendra Modi
PurposeTo provide low-interest loans to farmers of India.
Application processOnline / Offline
Official websitepmkisan.gov.in

The main objective of KCC is to meet the extensive credit requirements of the agricultural sector. The scheme is a short-term offer for credit limit crops and term loans. Kisan credit cardholders can get personal accident insurance up to Rs 50,000 for death and permanent disability, plus Rs 25000 cover for other risks.

Kisan Credit Card New List Download pmkisan.gov.in
Kisan Credit Card New List Download pmkisan.gov.in

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The interest rate on this scheme is as low as 2%. In our today’s event, we are going to discuss the Kisan credit card new list, the amount of Kisan credit cards, and many more details. So stay connected with us.

Kisan Credit Card New List 2024

A person who owns a cum farmer self-help group or joint liability group, a farmer including a tenant farmer or a shareholder must be eligible to receive money production credit.

Visit the Official Website of Kisan Credit Card: https://pmkisan.gov.in/Rpt_BeneficiaryStatus_pub.aspx

PM Kisan Credit Card New List at pmkisan.gov.in
PM Kisan Credit Card New List at pmkisan.gov.in

A farmer who is eligible for a short-term loan for 5000 or more farmer crop production or any associate activity, as well as non-agricultural activity, must be a resident near the operational area of ​​the bank.

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Kisan Credit Card New List Online
Kisan Credit Card New List Online

Since the Union Budget 2020, the government has taken big steps towards institutional lending, which has made it more accessible to farmers. They are integrating Kisan Credit Card Scheme with Kisan Samman Nidhi Scheme. Now, the beneficiaries of the Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme will be able to get a Kisan credit card loan for farming at a 4% discount.

How much interest will Kisan credit card get?

Farmers who own their own land or who are engaged in animal husbandry and fish farming and all share farmers will get loans under this KCC scheme at low interest.

In that case, everyone will get a loan at 7 percent interest. Only animal husbandry and fish farming and all share farmers will get loans at 4 percent interest.

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Kisan credit card How much money will be loaned?

But after applying for a Kisan credit card you will get a maximum of 3 lakh rupees. In that case, all the farmers can get a rebate of Rs 1.60 lakh. However, if a farmer is unable to repay the loan within the term, the interest rate of KCC may go up.

Kisan credit card new 2024

As we know Kisan credit card is an outstanding service of the West Bengal government. Here farmers can apply for their own credit card and borrow money.

PM Kisan credit card
PM Kisan credit card

But the new list of Kisan credit cards is yet not disclosed. That means those who are going to receive Kisan credit cards in 2024 are not published yet. If the list is published the information will be displayed in the web portal. Let’s know more about the Kisan credit card below.

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SBI Bank Kisan credit card

Kisan is the largest issuer of credit cards. Banks charge a low interest rate of 2% PA on loans up to Rs 3 lakh based on grain cultivation and cropping pattern. The maximum loan term is around 5 years and you can get insurance personal accident insurance coverage, asset insurance, and crop insurance.

HDFC Bank Kisan credit card

Bank 9% p.a. Kisan offers credit card schemes at interest rates and the maximum credit limit is money. 3 lakh. The bank also offers to check books with a money credit limit of 25000. If farmers suffer from crop failure, they can be extended for 4 years or more.

Axis Bank Kisan credit card

KCC offers an 8.55% p.a interest rate Farmers can meet their agricultural needs and get loans up to Rs. 250 lakhs. The maximum term of the loan is 5 years and you can get up to 50,000 insurance coverage.

Bank of India Kisan credit card

Bank of India offers KCC to approximately 25% of farmers, but not more than Rs 50,000. The maximum term of the loan is 5 years and you cannot take any insurance coverage.

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Kisan Credit Card Features and Benefits

The interest rate is as low as 2% p.a. The scheme is Rs. Offers secured free loans up to Rs 1.60 lakh crop insurance scheme is also given to farmers covering up to Rs. 50,000 against permanent disability and death.

Other risks are covered up to insurance money. 25,000 scheme holders can borrow up to Rs. If the loan amount is up to 3 lakh, there is no need for security. 1.60 lakh ordinary interest rate is charged unless the user pays immediately or otherwise compound interest rate applies.

Documents required for Kisan credit card 2024

Those who want to get Kisan Credit Card must have the following documents:

  • PAN Card
  • Aadhaar Card Driving License
  • Passport
  • Voter ID
  • Foreign Citizen Card of India
  • Card of Indian Origin
  • Person Card Issued by NREGA
  • Job Card
  • Letter issued by UIDAI
  • Proof of required address for KCC
  • Ration Card
  • Property Registration
  • Documents of Indian descent
  • Bank Accounts

Kisan Credit Card Scheme: Apply for Kisan Credit Card @pmkisan.gov.in

How to apply online for Kisan Credit Card 2024?

Farmers can apply for a Kisan Credit Card online by following the steps given below:

Visit your bank’s website (where you have your account) and check the Kisan Credit Card section Download and print application form

Fill out the application form Submit the application form and required documents at your bank branch The banker will share important information about KCC.

Once the loan amount is approved, the card will be sent. After receiving KCC, the applicant can start using the credit card.

How to Apply for PM Kisan Credit Card under PM Kisan Scheme?

The following steps should be followed to apply for Kisan Credit Card:

Complete a form, which is available on all commercial bank websites. Submit the form to the Common Service Center (CSC), they are forms responsible for transferring the to the bank branch.

This is all about today. We hope that our today’s arrangement will help you to know more about Kisan credit cards. Thank you for being connected with us.

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