Voter Card Apply 2023: How to Apply for New Voter Card Online?

New Voter Card Apply 2023 (Best Steps for Apply Voter Card Online), Ways to Apply for New Voter Card Online 2023?

An identity card issued by the Election Commission of India to an adult Indian citizen who has reached 18 years of age acts as an Indian citizen’s proof of any Indian vote.

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You must know that after independence this card was made as an ID card for identification which is called a voter card. This voter card is usually not just for granting citizenship in India.

How to Apply for New Voter Card Online
How to Apply for New Voter Card Online

The card will allow you to cast your valuable vote as an Indian citizen. Presently known as the National Voters Service Portal of India.

What are the rules for getting a new voter card?

We desperately need a new voter ID card. If you are an adult or over 18, you can apply for a Voter Card. You must keep this in mind before applying for a new voter card.

1 You must be over 18 years of age.

2 You must be a permanent citizen of India.

3 If you are above 20 years of age then a permanent resident of your area should apply why you have not applied for a voter card for long three years.

Do I need a new voter card document?

If you want to get a new voter card, you will need to keep a few documents with you before you apply for a Xerox copy.

1 Birth certificate

2 School Certificate

3 Aadhaar card

4 Two copies of the photo must be passport size

5 Region Certificate

You will need to keep this information with you if you are applying online and you will need to scan and submit the original.

How to create an NVSP account?

You must first open any of your browsers. In the search bar type in front of you will be open which is part of the National Voter Service Portal.
Here you must first create your account.

Best Steps for Apply Voter Card Online
Best Steps for Apply Voter Card Online

You will click on the three lines of the page on the site above and after clicking you will see the Home, about us, and Login options. You clicked login. If you have previously created a username and password, you will be logged in with your phone number and password in place of the first username. If you are new then you will scroll down to the bottom.

You will see Don’t have an account, click on Register as a new. A new window will open on your computer or mobile. First, you have to enter your mobile number and fill in the captcha properly and click on OTP.

An OTP will come to your mobile by placing that OTP in the empty box and if you have a voter card then don’t click on I have an EPIC number then if you don’t click on I hate epic number. A little further down you will see the Inter Password and below it is the Confirm Password. You can enter your desired password.

You will not be able to save the password unless there are some rules for giving this password.

1. Give a capital letter first.

2. Give four with a small hand letter.

3. Put anyone’s alphabet letter.

4. Give any number you like.

If you do not have to set a password, you will not be able to set one. When everything is done, you will login to with your mobile number and password and if you scroll down a little, you will see that there is an option called Forms. Click here. After clicking you will see some of the following options.

1. Online application (new)

2. Transfer/ shifting

3. Deletion (from 7)

4. Correction of entries (from 8)

5. Transposition (From 8A)

6. Issue of Replacement Elector’s photo identity

  • If you want to create a new one, you can click on the number one option and with all the information you can create a new voter card.
  • If you want to change the location, you can change the location from the second number option.
  • If you want to delete the voter card, then you will click on form 7, you can delete the voter card by filling out the prescribed form by clicking on the number three option.
  • You can correct or correct the entry using Form 8.
  • If you are moving, you can add your current address using option number 5.
  • You can contact us there to change the voting card, change the photo and get it back.

How do you see if there is a name on the voter list?

Many of you want to see if there is a name in your voter list or a way to see if there is a name west Bengal voter list for 2023.

You first came to the homepage of There are many options given here, among them Download Electoral Roll PDF. Find this option and click on by clicking on this link you will go straight to the download option.

1. Select your state first.

2. Set which district you live in.

3. Select your police station block.

4. The last one is to choose your voting center and do next.

Then you will have all the names of the people in your place or your polling station on the voter list. From there you can see if you have your name.

If you want to download this PDF file then verify it with a captcha after clicking Draft Roll or Final Roll, then the whole voter list 2023 will be downloaded. Many people want to see West Bengal Voter List so you can download Voter list 2023

How to download a voter card?

How to download Voter Card or West Bengal Voter List if voter card is lost or stolen for any reason.

Many times your voter card is lost or stolen. You can download voter cards very easily. You will first click on the e-EPIC Download option on the official website. You can easily fill in the captcha after giving the phone number and password and next you can download the voter card by submitting some prescribed documents.

To download the voter card, first, give you the EPIC number. You will be able to download the Voter list 2023 very easily by filling in the voter card correctly. You can easily download Voter List 2023 West Bengal pdf Download in your area and you can get the process from here.

Assembly elections are coming up in 5 states in 2023. In other words, the people will elect the government democratically for the next five years. This requires you to have a valid voter card, otherwise, you will not be able to exercise your voting right. Voting is the biggest celebration of democracy.

Because through this the common people elect the representative as the ruler. With the Assembly elections in several other states, including Uttar Pradesh, politics is in full swing at the moment.

Political leaders have already started making various promises. If you do not have a valid voter card, you will not be able to choose the leader of your choice. Let me tell you, it is very easy to apply for a Voter Card. You can even apply for it online. Let’s see how you can apply for a new voter card.

Procedure for applying for a voter card:

First, go to Google and type the official website of the Election Commission of India Then you will see the register as a new voter/elector option on the new page that will open in front of you. Click on the option.

Then you will see a new application form in front of you. Carefully fill out this form with the required information. Then click on submit option.

You will need a mobile number, email ID, proof of address (Aadhaar card, bank passbook, passport, birth certificate, DL, etc.), a scanned copy of any one of them, passport size photo as required documents for voter ID card registration.

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