Pradhan Mantri Matri Vandana Yojana – PMMVY Scheme

Pradhan Mantri Matri Vandana Yojana has been launched for the welfare of pregnant and lactating women. Earlier this scheme was referred to as Maternity Support Scheme. The scheme was launched in 2010 as Indira Gandhi Matri Sahayog Yojana (IGMSY).

In 2014, the BJP authorities led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi changed its name to Matri Sahaj Yojana and later on 1 January 2017 it was implemented throughout the nation under the name of Pradhan Mantri Matri Vandana Yojana (PMMVY).

The scheme is run by the Ministry of Women and Child Development. This scheme is also applicable in various states of the country. Under this scheme, women have to be financially strong so that they can take care of their newborn as well as themselves.

The scheme is run under the National Food Security Act of 2013. Under this scheme, monetary help of ₹ 6000 is offered to pregnant and lactating women and mothers. This support amount goes directly to their account.

According to the Ministry of Women and Child Development, earlier the schemes for women were not very successful because the awareness required for it was not there. However, after 2017, an attempt has been made to popularize it under the Pradhan Mantri Matri Vandana Yojana. Persons are made conscious of this via ASHA and various social service organizations. In September 2019, it has been claimed by the Ministry of Girls and Child Development that a total amount of more than 4000 crores has been disbursed to the beneficiaries under this scheme.

The objective of the Pradhan Mantri Matri Vandana Yojana?

• Awareness of women during pregnancy, childbirth and lactation and promotion of maternal and child care and institutional service.
• For the first six months, Encouraging women to follow breastfeeding and nutrition practices.
• Providing cash  to pregnant mothers for better diet and nutrition.

Who will get the benefit of Pradhan Mantri Matri Vandana Yojana?

All pregnant women and lactating mothers are considered eligible to take advantage of the Pradhan Mantri Matri Vandana Yojana. To get the advantage of the scheme, it is mandatory that the age of the woman should not be less than 19 years.

Yes, one thing to notice is that a government employee, a private employee benefiting from another law or a woman who has already got all the installments, will have to be deprived of its benefits. Benefits such as maternity depart including salaries are already attached to the service conditions of a government worker, while a lady working in a private institution is availing maternity benefit under another law, then she also doesn’t get benefits under this scheme.

On the same time, ladies taking advantage of any other scheme or who have taken profit under this scheme may also should be deprived of the Pradhan Mantri Matri Vandana Yojana. Barring sure categories Anganwadi workers, Anganwadi assistants and Asha can avail the scheme.

Help is available in three installments

First installment – This installment is ₹ 1000 which is offered on the time of registration during pregnancy.
Second installment – This installment is given 6 months after pregnancy and earlier than delivery. In the second installment, the beneficiary will get ₹ 2000.
Third installment – The third installment is available on the completion of the first cycle of childbirth and its registration and all vaccinations. Under this, ₹ 2000 is given to the beneficiary.

Yes, under Janani Suraksha Yojna further benefit of ₹ 1000 is given to the girl during delivery.

How to apply?

• Pradhan Mantri Matri Vandana Yojana is operated via Anganwadi centers. Women can go there and register for this scheme.
• Registration may be done for this scheme at health amenities also. ASHA workers help in this.

Documents required for application

• Aadhaar Card Photocopy
• Bank or submit office account passbook
• Other identification associated options if there is no Aadhaar
• Health card issued by peach or government hospital
• Employee ID card issued from government department/company / institute

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