Kiosk Banking: What is Kiosk Banking? How Start Kiosk Banking Business?

What is Kiosk Banking? 

Kiosk Bank  means a booth, stand, stall, or counter. Similarly (Kiosk Banking) kiosks are a small internet enabled booth within which the customer can get a lot of bank related facilities, making it small. Or a mini bank can also be called, in which a lot of work related to the bank can be done like; Apart from withdrawing money from Kiosk Banking, you can also put money in anyone’s bank accounts from here.

Apart from this, all other work that is done by the bank is possible here. Kiosk Banking has been started by the RBI because today there are many such areas within India which do not have the facility of the bank, so one of the banks within those areas The center is made called (CSP) Customer Services Point or Kiosk Bank.

But (CSP) one particular thing of Customer Services Point or Kiosk Bank is that it does not appoint employees in the bank, in which area any center of kiosk banking has to be opened, any person can open it.

How Does  Kiosk Banking Work?

However, Kiosk Banking cannot work without a bank because people have to open Zero Balance Bank Account in (CSP) Customer Services Point or Kiosk Bank. In this process, they have to take customer fingerprint and other important information and send it to the bank.

After this, when the account will be approved by the bank, after that all the facility can be availed from Kiosk Bank but there is a limit set by any person to withdraw and deposit money at the kiosk banking center like;

In this, Rs 50,000  deposited in a day.

And Rs 10,000 can be withdrawn in a day.

What is the facility provided at  Kiosk Bank?

Kiosk bank offers a lot of banking related facilities which are required by the customer and have to be lined up in the bank for these facilities such as;

Customer account opening

Linking PAN card, Aadhaar card, Mobile number from customers account

Depositing and withdrawing customer’s account

Issuing ATM cards to customers

Transfer customers’ money to another account where they want to send

Provide insurance services to the customer

Opening of customers RD – FD account

Eligibility Criteria For Kiosk Banking for Kiosk Banking

For opening SBI Kiosk Banking, some eligibility criteria have been given by the bank, they have to be fulfilled only then Kiosk Banking is given by the bank.

The person opening Kiosk Bank must be a resident of the area where they want to open Kiosk Bank or (CSP) Customer Services Point.

Applicant must have at least 12th or 10th and must also have a computer certificate.

Applicant must be at least 18 years old

Anyone can apply for Kiosk Bank or (CSP) Customer Services Point but priority is given to a retired employee or a retired soldier.

(CSP) You must have at least 100 square feet to 150 square feet of space to open Customer Services Point.

Important Items for  Kiosk Banking

Desktop computer / laptop (which has at least Windows 7 version OS installed)

Color printer and scanner

Finger Print Reader Scanner

Broadband Internet connection

Secure locker to keep cash


Important documents locker

Stationery supplies

Documents required to open  Kiosk Banking

Documents Required For Kiosk Banking If anyone wants to open Kiosk Banking, then some documents will be required for its application. To apply for Kiosk Banking, you will have to apply the following documents.

Pan Card

Two passport photos

Aadhar Card

driving license

Electricity bill, ration card

Resident address certificate

Certificate of address of the shop where you are opening Kiosk Banking

How to apply online for opening  Kiosk Banking?

If any person wants to register for Kiosk Banking, they cannot apply for this online form, for this they will have to contact their nearest bank branch and get the form for that by filling all the forms One has to submit the document by putting it thereafter after that the bank manager has to be contacted from there, Kiosk Banking is given from there.

But today there are many companies which provide Kiosk Banking of many banks, however there are some fake companies as well, so a little care should be given to some good company names are given below for their Kiosk Banking from their official website. Can apply


Vakrangee Limited

Samar Info Tech

Pay Point India

My oxygen

How to earn inside  Kiosk Banking?

Profit In Kiosk Banking When it comes to earning inside it, there is no fixed income within it, in it the commission is given by the bank, in it all the work has different commissions. Like if you opened an account, deposited someone’s money, insured, linked the bank account to Aadhaar. 

Like, the bank will give you a commission of 10 rupees for opening each savings account. Similarly, a commission is given at the rate of 0.5% on every transaction amount ie, in addition to this, if you give a loan to a person, you are also given a commission of about 10% of the loan.

Kiosk banking benefits

Kiosk Banking Benefits Kiosk banking benefits for those who do not have bank facilities and have to go far for the work of the bank as kiosk banking acts as a branch for any bank. is.

• Kiosk banking is the biggest advantage of not going to the bank.

• It has also reduced the long line in banks.

• People have also got employment through kiosk banking.

• Anyone can easily earn money by opening the center of kiosk banking.

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