What is Tathya Mitra Kendra? Required documents, Check status

General Service Centers were opened by the Government of India, where people go and do whatever work related to their governing documents and schemes. Similarly, to provide other services, it has been started in which people can also earn money by becoming easy friends. And can also avail various services as well. These are opened especially in those areas where various essential services are not accessible to the people. 

What is Tathya Mitra Kendra?

Tathya Mitra Kendra, people who work in Tathya Jan Seva Kendra are called. Tathya Jan Seva Kendra is like Common Service Center (CSC Center) and works like that. It has been launched by Tathya Retailer Limited. The services offered by it are provided online.

Why become a Tathya Mitra Kendra?

You can be easy friends for the following reasons –

• You can start your business and earn money by becoming a comfortable friend. You can make a lot of profit from the services offered by Tathya.

• You can also become an easy friend to help the people of your community, you can provide them health insurance, bill payment, and some such essential services.

• Students of rural areas can take computer learning courses through Tathya e-learning.

• Apart from this, by becoming spontaneous friends, different types of facilities are also available. For example, you can easily pay electricity bills, etc., and it also provides some banking services.

• By becoming an easy friend, you can also get government services.

Tathya Mitra Kendra Eligibility Criteria Required to Become a Spontaneous Friend

• Indian citizens: – To become a natural friend, it is necessary that you get Indian citizenship.

• Age: – At least the age of a friend should be 18 years or more.

• Bank account: – All the work of Tathya Mitra Kendra is online, so money transactions are also done online. Therefore, you must have a bank account.

• Necessity: – To be an easy friend, it is necessary that you have a desktop, after this you can do this by opening a small shop.

Tathya Mitra Kendra Required Documents?

When you apply for Tathya Mitra Kendra, you will need the following documents –

• Aadhaar Card: – Personal identification is very important to be a comfortable friend. Therefore, you have to keep a copy of the Aadhaar card for personal identification.

• PAN Card: – If you register in the Tathya portal to start a business, then you will also need a PAN card.

• Bank passbook and statement: – It is very important to have a bank passbook or bank statement to give bank information.

How to register in Tathyaa Portal?

No registration fee will be charged from you for registering in the Tathya portal. You can register online in this way –

• To register yourself in Tathya Portal, there is an official website, click on it.

• Here you will see the registration written above, click on it and click on the ‘New Registration’ option.

• Now the box of ‘Tathya Mitra Kendra Referral Program’ will open in front of you, where you will be asked to enter the referral ID. You skip this.

• After this Tathya Mitra Kendra registration page will open. Where you have to select whether you want to register in it personally or for the purpose of business, along with this, you have to select the class in which class you want to work. Along with this, the plan will also have to choose which area it belongs to, rural or urban.

• And then click on the ‘Continue Zari’ button. After this, below you will be asked for information related to uploading some primary details, address, bank details, and necessary documents. After filling it, you click on the ‘Save and Continue’ button.

• After this you will be registered on the Tathya portal as a Tathya Mitra Kendra.

How to check the status of your registration in the Tathya Portal?

• For this, first you have to click on the same official link of Tathya Portal through which you had registered yourself in it.

• Here you have to move your cursor on the registration and click on the option ‘No registration status’.

• After this, you have to enter your application ID or registration number and submit it. After that, the status of your registration will be shown on your screen.

How to login in to Tathya Portal?

After registering in the Tathya portal, you can log into it through the following process –

• First you click on this official link of Tathyaa Portal.

• Here you will see a login section, in which you will have to enter your user name and password. This will be what you got after registering on the Tathya portal.

• After this, you click on the login button. If this is correct, then you will reach the dashboard page of Tathya Portal.

• After this, you will be able to take advantage of whatever services are provided under Tathya.

Tathya Portal Services

The information provided by Tathya Mitra Kendra of Tathyaa Portal in many areas are as follows –

Government to consumer

• Financial Inclusion

• Financial Services

• E-learning

• Utility Payments

• fast tag

• Skill development etc.

In this way, you can also start a Tathya Jan Seva Kendra in your own area by becoming an easy earning money, as well as helping people.

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