CSC Center Apply? Eligibility and CSC Center Registration Process

The Central Government has launched the Common Service Center Scheme and under this scheme, those wishing to avail can apply to open a Common Service Center in their district or city and earn a good amount by opening this center. This scheme is linked to the Digital India program and with the help of these centers, the government wants to deliver e-services in those areas of the country where people do not have computer and internet facilities.

Why this scheme was launched

People will be able to avail various types of e-services by going to the Common Service Center and at the same time the people who will open this center will earn a good income per month. So if you want to start some business or new work, then you can consider opening a normal service center.

Who are Village Level Entrepreneur

People who will open this center will be called village level entrepreneurs and recently the government has started a new web site related to the opening of the Common Service Center. Therefore, those who have got their registration done in the website connected to the old service center, they will have to go to the new website and get themselves registered again.

Services Provided By CSCs

With the help of Common Service Center, the government wants to provide many types of service or facility to the people through computer, such as educational services, B to C (business to consumer), B to B (business to business), G to C (government To consumer) etc.

B2C and BB2 Services

Consumers can avail many services using the Net facility within the service called Business to Consumer, such as online cricket course, CSC market, agricultural services, e-commerce sales, online English speaking course, IRCTC, Air and Bus. Ticket services, mobile and DTH will be able to recharge. Similarly, services like market research, rural BPO (data collection, digitization of data) have been included within BB service.

G2C (Government to Consumer) Services

Many types of services related to the government are placed under G2C and any person can avail these services online by going to the Common Service Center.

Educational Services –

• Adult Literacy – Through Tara Akshar + which is a literacy program, older people are made literate and people will be taught with the help of Tara Akshar + in the common service center.

• IGNOU Services – IGNOU Services – CSC will also provide IGNOU College examination form, results of results, course information, etc. Apart from these, these centers will also have the facility of Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited (MKCL), NIOS Services and Computer Course.

Financial Inclusion Service

• Bank linked service – Banking facilities like depositing money in bank, overdraft, retail loan, general purpose credit card, farmer credit card, borrower credit and etc. can be availed through CSC. And to make these services accessible to the public, partnerships have been made with public, private and regional rural banks.

• Insurance- Through this center, insurance facilities such as life, health insurance, crop insurance, personal accident insurance, motor insurance etc. will also be made available.

• Pension system – Apart from this, the facility of agriculture, recruitment, income tax will be made available to the people through CSC.

Who can apply / eligibility

The government has fixed certain qualifications to open a general service center run under the central government, and only those who have these qualifications can apply for a general service center.

• The minimum age limit set by the government to open a Common Service Center is 18 years. Also, those who want to open this center, it is also mandatory for them to have 10th pass and they must also have local and English language and basic computer knowledge of their state.

• To take advantage of this scheme you have to have an Aadhaar card, so if you want to open this center and if you do not have this card, then get it made immediately.

How to apply for opening Common Service Center (Village Level Entrepreneur or New Registration)

Those who want to open Common Service Center will have to fill an application form through online. At the same time, the people who will be selected to open a general service center, will be given a license related to the opening of these centers by the government, and the people who will get this license will be able to earn money by starting these centers easily in their city.

How to apply

• To get the license to start a common service center, first of all, you have to register by visiting this official link.

• A page will open in the URL mentioned above and on that page you will see ‘For CSC Registration’ written (For CSC Registration) and below that you will have to fill your Aadhaar number, name and captcha text at the places asked.

• Remember that while creating an Aadhaar card, the OTP will be sent only on the mobile number and email ID you have filed in it, which you will have to use at the time of filling the form. So while applying, just fill your Aadhaar number in the form.

• After filling the correct OTP, the authentication process will be completed and you will be asked to fill a form. After filling this form, you will also have to upload a photo of your CSC center. Now you can submit your form.

• After submission of the form, you will be given an application ID and you will have to keep this ID with you. Because with the help of this application ID, you will be able to know the status of your application.

Can apply again

If for some reason your application is not accepted by the government, there is no need to be frustrated. Because you can apply again to open this center. While applying again, do not make the mistake that was done while filling the application form for the first time.

Essential Equipment and Infrastructure for CSC Center –

• Many things will be required to open CSC center and only those people who have computers will be given priority by the government.

• According to the notification associated with opening this center, applicants should have a computer, which should have 120 GB hard disk, CD, DVD drive and Windows OS.

• Apart from having a net connection in the computer, the facility of printer, web camera, digital camera and scanner will also have to be provided to the applicant. Apart from this, it is also necessary to have 100 to 150 square feet of space.

• While applying, the applicants will have to attach the photo of the place where they are going to open these centers. That is, before applying, you also have to select the place where you want to start this center.

There are more advantages to having a CSC certificate.

You will never face any problem by any government officer or policeman.

with the help of CSC centre  you can easily apply for a small loan from a bank.

keep the CSC certificate outside and inside your Common Service Center.

How Much Can You Earn?

Through a common service center, a person can earn at least 20 thousand in a month. On the other hand, if this center is run well by you, then you can earn a maximum of 40 thousand rupees every month. However, your income will depend on your work, that is, if you work well then you will be able to earn more money.

Cost to start a Common Service Center (Budget)

It can cost from Rs one lakh to Rs 1.50 lakh to start a general service center. The expenses of the place (rent), electricity etc. are not included under this expenditure.

How to know the status of your application (Track the Status of Registration / application)

• If you have been selected after applying, you will be informed about this. On the other hand, if you want to know the status of your application, then this facility is also given in its web portal.

• You can get the status of your application by visiting this official link. Here you have to fill your mail id and Aadhaar number. After submitting this, you will know the status of your application.

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