PM E-Shram Self Registration 2024: E-Shramik card Apply, Registration

E-Shram Card 2024: As you may know, the number of migrant workers in India is increasing day by day. The Prime Minister of India has launched an e-shram portal online or e-shram yojana for poor unorganized workers.

Accidental medical insurance will be available through e-Shram Yojana and unorganized workers will continue to get all kinds of benefits in the future. If you are an unorganized migrant worker, you can get up to two lakh rupees as an accidental grant by registering a Shramik card online.

Name of the schemePradhan Mantri e-Shram Card Yojana 2024, India
Managed ByGovernment of India
BeneficiaryPeople of India
Launch date2021
Launched ByPM Narendra Modi
PurposeTo provide Accidental medical insurance to unorganized workers of India.
Application processOnline
Official website

In today’s event, we will learn about the Electronics Workers Card ( e-shramik card 2024) operated by the Government of India. Today’s event has detailed information about what this card is basically and how to apply online. So let’s not know the detailed information about this card.

What is the e-shramik card 2024?

An Online Shramik card has been provided for unorganized workers by the Government of India. This is an attempt to bring together those who work as unorganized labor. As a result, the central government will have complete data that who are the workers, and various government schemes, and projects will be brought about them. Shramik Card Self Registration ,Know E-shram Card Apply Shramik Card Self Registration, Know E-shram Card Apply

In the meantime, those who have Shramik Card / e-Shram card will get a benefit of Rs 2 lakh due to an accident. In other words, e-shramik Card or Worker Card is the e-Card (Online Card) issued by the Government of India for all workers where all the information of each worker will be kept.

A Shramik card or e-shram is like a common health insurance card. With this card, unorganized workers can come under one umbrella and up to Rs 2 lakh as insurance due to any accident.

The card through which unorganized workers register the name of a particular organization and the card issued to the applicants by the Government of India is called shramik card or e-shram card.

At present, e-shram protocol has been launched by the Central Government for the benefit of unorganized workers in various states of India at the initiative of the Central Government.

All unorganized workers in the country can apply for e-shram card online through e-shram protocol.

Who are unorganized workers?

Now you may be wondering, what kind of workers are meant by unorganized workers?

Unorganized workers are non-skilled laborers. Non-skilled laborers are those who do not need any special skills to work. We will call them unorganized workers.

The Government of India has introduced all types of unorganized workers by applying for e-shramik Card online at e-shram Portal. NDUW (National Databased Unorganized Worker) is going to create an online database.

With the help of cards, unorganized laborers will have data storage with the Government of India. In this case, if the Government of India comes up with a government scheme for the purpose of unorganized labor by threatening the e-shram card.

In addition, if there is no loss of life of the worker in any temporary accident, in case of mutilation of the worker, the worker will be given a cash insurance amount of Rs 1 lakh.

If there is any employment by the government in the local area in the future, preference may be given to all the workers who have a registered e-shram card. In case of natural calamities like drought, flood, or epidemic, financial assistance may be delivered directly to the account of the workers by the government through the card.

Also, in the near future, the benefits of various projects of the state and central government may be delivered directly to the workers through the cards.

Eligibility of application for e-shram card 2024

You can apply for an e-shram card if you have certain qualifications to apply for a worker’s card. All workers who do not work in the field are considered unorganized workers. The following people come to the workers in the unorganized sector.

By applying Sramik Card Online, a database of unorganized workers will be created. Workers will also be given a separate identity card (e shram card).

List of workers

Some examples of unorganized workers and those who are eligible to apply are small and marginal farmers, Agricultural workers, Share farmers, Fishermen, Animal husbandry workers, Rolling and packing, Building and construction workers, Leatherworkers, Weaver carpenters, Salt workers, Workers in brick kilns and stone quarries, Mill factory workers, Newspaper seller, Auto driver, Migrant workers, Asha and Anganwari workers, 100 days work worker, CSC staff. Let’s have a look at the required eligibility for applying for e-shram card.

1. Must be an unorganized worker.

2. Permanent and temporary residents can apply in any state.

3. Men and women from 16 to 59 can apply

4. Should not be a member of EPFO and ESIC.

5. Workers who do not pay income tax.

Who are not eligible to apply?

01. Those who have been involved in any professional profession from the beginning in the public and private sectors will not be able to apply for e-shram card.

02. People who pay income tax to the government are not eligible to apply for cards.

03. Those who have an account with EPFO i.e. Employee Provident Fund Organization cannot apply for the card.

04. Those who get the benefit of NPS i.e. New Pension Scheme are not eligible to get the card.

05. A person who enjoys the benefits of ESIC i.e. Employee State Insurance Corporation is not eligible to apply for the Card.

How to apply for the card online?

You can apply for the card with the small electronic device in your hand. In this case, if your mobile number is linked with your Aadhaar card, you can apply for the card with the device in your hand.

E-shramik card Apply Process, Registration & Benefits
E-shramik card 2024 Apply Process, Registration & Benefits

However, if your Aadhaar card and mobile number are not linked, you can go to the government office and apply for the card. If you have a smartphone, you can easily register for a card.

You will go to Chrome browser on your mobile type and search. You can go to the official website by clicking on the first result of the search or click here to REGISTER on e-shram.

A little further down you will see REGISTER on e-shram and by clicking here you can apply online.

Step 1: To apply for the Card online, you need to visit e-shram Card’s official e-shram Protocol website.

Step 2: You will see the REGISTER On e-Shram pen at the bottom right of the dashboard of the official site of e-shram Protocol. Go there and click on it.

Step 3: Clicking on REGISTER On e-Shram will open a new window.

Step 4: This time a six-digit OTP will come to your registered mobile, after entering the six-digit OTP in the OTP box correctly, you have to click on the Submit button.

Step 5: In this step, after entering your ten-digit Aadhaar number, check the I Agree to the Terms & Conditions for the eShram portal check box and click on the Submit button.

Step 6: Then a new window will open again. There you have to fill in the 01st column on the left. Your Personal particulars as per Aadhar.

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