Diesel Grant Bihar

Farmers will now have to use online for cultivation on the irrigation of crops. Registered farmers must upload the receipt for the buy of diesel from the licensed vendor along with the application on the departmental portal.

The government elevated the amount of diesel subsidy to farmers to Rs 50 per liter. The first grant was Rs 40 per liter. The government has elevated the electricity fee per unit for agricultural work from 96 paise to 75 paise. 

Important information for diesel grant

1. In the farmer utility, enter your name and your father/husband’s name as per the name mentioned in Aadhaar.

2. Farmers should apply the identical bank linked to Aadhaar in the utility otherwise the amount of diesel grant will not be transferred.

3. In the application, cultivators are divided into three types (self, sharecropper, self + sharecropper). The farmer can apply for anyone kind only.

4. In the case of “I”, the farmers will enter the police station number, account number, Khera number, two names of the total farmers, and the next aspect farmers and- upload the diesel acknowledgment.

5. In case of “I + sharecropper”, the farmer number “account”, account number, Khera number for the farmer “himself”, the entire number of Rakwa, two names of farmers next to the side and Khesra number for sharecropper, Kuldeep Rakwa, Agal-Bagal Will upload two names of the farmers as well as the documents and diesel acknowledgment verified by them.

6. According to the total consideration made by the farmer, the dedication of the total grant amount will be displayed at the time of the application itself.

7. After entering the mandatory data, the farmer will select the affidavit given under in the utility and click on the Next button. A brand new inquiry web page will open in front of the farmer. If the farmer has uploaded the mandatory document, then the button available on the inquiry web page will seem in green shade and the farmer will verify the examine and click on the “Last Send” button otherwise the examine button will seem in black indicating that the necessary document will not be uploaded.

Has been done and the applying is not full. Click on the “Last Send Button”, the farmer will receive the application number on the mobile through SMS and simultaneously the application shall be automatically sent online to the concerned agricultural coordinator for the restricted.

Online utility for Bihar Diesel grant/subsidy

•  You also need to get Bihar Diesel grant, then you have to click on the website given here.

After clicking on the website, you will note a list of “diesel anudan” for diesel grants.

• Quickly click on on the “diesel anudan” checklist.

• Now your front web page will open.

• Associates, now you have to enter the kind of grant, diesel grant application, registration, and registration ID here.

• If you fill the type of diesel grant very fastidiously, then the fixed bank will put it in your account.

This pass shall be for both authorities and private tubables. The government will spend around Rs 200 crore on subsidy. It occurred within the meeting that on receipt of information about the malfunction of the energy division transformer, instead of 72 hours in the past, now a new transformer shall be put in within 48 hours. For four paddy irrigation, farmers will get Rs 400 per acre as diesel subsidy.

Similarly, fertilizer shall be given on both maize crops. Diesel grant will be given for 3 irrigation of pulses, oilseeds, seasonal concerns, medicinal and aromatic plants in other Imaf crops. The new rule will apply equally in villages and cities. The bank will make funds to all farmers in a single click on. The district administration will ship the checklist of beneficiary farmers to the financial institution first.

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