Bihar Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme

The scheme has been named ‘Old Age Pension Scheme’.  All these individuals will be supplied with monetary assistance every month from the government. In order that older people can become self-sufficient and don’t have to depend on anyone else. 
In today’s society, no one treats older people nicely. Older parents leave their children within the ashram. Due to which his life is filled with a lot of troubles.
In view of all these things, the Bihar government determined that financial help of Rs 1,000 will be supplied every month to the elderly. With this quantity, they will be able to keep themselves. With this help from the government, their standard of living will rise and they will not have to depend on their family. 
The central government and the state government in the state of Bihar, the main goal of starting this pension scheme is to get older people out of the financial crisis. Both women/men above 60 years can avail the benefits of this pension scheme. With the introduction of this scheme, older people will also get the means of revenue. This will assist in running their daily expenses.

Benefits of Bihar Old Age Pension Scheme:

Benefits of this scheme Older persons can apply online while sitting at the house. The government has now made the scheme online. Earlier, outdated people had to go to departments to take advantage of this scheme. But now this problem has been got rid of. Older people now not need to be told. In this article, we will give you information about how to avail of this scheme.
The effects of this scheme to the elderly persons of the state are described below.
• Under this scheme, monetary assistance of Rs 1000 will be supplied to the outdated people each month by the government.
• Older pension scheme will increase the standard of living of older people.
• Older people will get the means of income.
• Older people will become self-sufficient with financial support from the government.
• With the help of this scheme, the poverty of those people will be removed to a large extent.

Eligibility for Bihar Old Age Pension Scheme:

To avail of the old pension scheme, the beneficiary must have qualifications. Those are given below.
 It’s mandatory to be a permanent resident of the state of Bihar.
Women or men must be over 60 years of age to take advantage of this scheme. Older individuals should not have the means of income.

Documents for Bihar Chief Minister Old Age Pension Scheme:

The applicant could require sure documents to take advantage of the outdated age pension scheme. Those are given below.
  •  Photocopy of Aadhaar Card
  •  Residence certificates
  •  Income certificates 
  •  Age certificates 
  • Pass Size Photo 
  • Photocopy of bank passbook 
  • Amount of old age pension scheme 
Under the old age pension scheme, the Bihar government will provide financial help of 1000 thousand rupees to old people each month. With which they will be able to enhance their standard of living. And they do not have to rely on anyone else.

Application for Bihar Old Age Pension Scheme:

(Step 1) – To apply online in the Old Age Pension Scheme (Outdated Age Pension Scheme), you must first click on this state website ( of the state.
(Step 2) – After clicking on this list, the home page of the Bihar Social Security Pension Management Portal will open. On this web page, you have to click on the download option.
(Step 3) – On the next web page you will see the checklist of application varieties. Now your application kind will open on the next web page. You can also click on on this checklist for the appliance form.
(Step 4) – On this type, you have to enter the following.
1. Applicant Name
2. Parent’s name
3. Father / Husband Name
4. Date of birth
5. Gender
6. Address of lowland
7. Religion
9. Mobile Number
(Step 5) – After entering the above data, your documents need to be attached together with the application kind. Note the page, after filling the format, check it as soon as. After that, ship the form. After sending the application form, you will obtain a registration chip. You can preserve this chip with you. Through this chip, you can examine the status of your utility form (SSPMIS payment status).

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