Aadhaar Center: What is Aadhaar Center? How Start Aadhaar Center Business?

What is Aadhaar Center?

Aadhaar card is used in every private and government work today. is. In such a situation, people want to make Aadhaar card to take advantage of any facility. Although its In the beginning, cards were made for most of the people of India, but even today there are many people who are still Till this card is not made.

Also when Aadhaar cards were initially made. Then there were many mistakes in haste. As if someone’s name had gone wrong. So someone’s date of birth was entered incorrectly was. This card contains our personal information in such a way that some data is wrongly entered in some card had gone. Now people are going around the base center to get it fixed.

Since Aadhaar has now become an important government document, if there is a mistake in it You have to suffer in many ways. This card mainly consists of your name, father or Husband’s name, surname, photo, date of birth, fingerprint, mobile number and email ID etc. Now something goes wrong with so much data.

In India, there was a voter ID card before the Aadhar card for identification, but this vote The ID card did not fully identify the person. In such a situation, the Indian government made an ID card  Thought about. Including complete information about the name of the person, his fingerprint etc. are. In view of this, the Aadhaar card was brought in India, in which the complete data of the person is present.

Even today, there are many people who have to get their Aadhaar card made or their existing The card needs to be corrected. If the base center is far away in your area, then you You can earn a lot of money by opening the Aadhaar Center. With Aadhaar Center you are online and Can also work.

How to Start Aadhaar Center Business?

So for this, you will first need the license of Aadhaar center. When it started At that time, Aadhaar cards were made by going to the villages of the people, but now the center is made for this. And all have the center’s license have license. So how to get license to open Aadhaar Card Its information is given below.

  • Go to the website of NSEIT. You can go from here if you want. You will reach the portal of Aadhaar Testing And Certification. Followed by Create New Click on the user button.
  • Now a form will open which you have to fill with correct information. First email in The ID is then to write the mobile number, secret question, its answer, password and confirmed password.
  • Click on submit, after filling form.
  • Submitting SMS and email ID will be sent to your mobile number in which the user ID and password information will be available. With these two you get Aadhaar Testing And You will be able to log on to the Certification portal.
  • When you log into this website, some instructions will appear at the beginning. After reading these Click on the Continue button below. Now a form will open in front of you.
  • According to the instructions, you have to fill all the information correctly. Your photo after filling your form here And upload the signature.
  • In the application form, you have to fill your basic and personal details after filling the form. Now adopt your passport size photo. Photo size not to exceed 30KB needed. Upload your signature after continuing. Photo and signature clearly visible Should give.
  • Here you also get the option of preview so that you can know whether you have filled the form correctly or . Now finally on Proceed To Submitform by ticking the Declaration box
  • Click Even half of your process is complete, now you have to create an invoice.

What work is done in the aadhar center

  • Creating a new Aadhaar Card / Aadhaar Enrollment.
  • Improving Aadhaar Card.
  • By base security protection.
  • Aadhaar Enrollment for Children.
  • Aadhaar Enrollment for NRIs.
  • Base color or black and white print-out.
  • Aadhaar PVC Card Making.

What is needed to open a new Aadhaar Center 

  • NSEIT Certificate (Aadhaar Supervisor or Operator Certificate).
  • Aadhaar credential file (Aadhaar center ID and password).
  • Aadhaar Card Enrollment / Correction Machine (Fingerprint Scanner, Iris Scanner, GPS Tracker, Lights etc.).
  • Laptop / desktop.
  • Printer.
  • Scanner.
  • Web camera.
  • Required Permission to work in Bank / CSC eg.

How to generate challan receipt?

  • After uploading the form, photo and signature, you have to create a challan for this in the menu of the site
  • Go and click on payment. Now select your bank account. After this   Click Here to Generate Receipt. 
  • Download Challan Receipt Herel. It has to be printed.
  • Now whatever bank you have selected, go to the nearest branch of that bank. Invoice you here
  • You have to deposit the fee (Rs. 365) with the receipt. You will get a receipt from the bank. 
  • You have to come back to the website and fill the payment details.
  • Registration ID Fill the registration ID.
  • Challan Number – Here you have to fill your journal number, this is from the bank
  • Will be received on the returned receipt.
  • Challan Date Write the date on which you have filled the challan.
  • Branch Name – In this, write the name of the branch of your bank.
  • Branch Code – Write the branch code of the bank, you will also find it in the receipt given by the bank.
  • Write down the amount you deposited in Bank.
  • After filling the information mentioned above, click on Submit. Now you wait for 24 to 36 hours To do. After that, log back into this website. Now click on Book Center option do. Here you have to choose any Aadhaar exam center nearest to you. Date and time with After selecting, click on submit. After this, by downloading the Admit Card It has to be printed.
  • Now take the admit card in the place for which you have chosen for the date and do the exam. Your exam will be of 10 minutes, in which there will be some questions related to Aadhaar to be searched. This Is very easy. After passing the exam, you are given a certificate of Aadhaar Center. After which you can open your Aadhaar Card Center. So in this way you can open your Aadhaar card center by following some steps.

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