WB Aakarshan Scheme 2024: Apply at elearning.wblabour.gov.in

আকর্ষণ প্রকল্প 2024, West Bengal Aakarshan Scheme 2024 (E-Learning) | West Bengal Aakarshan Scheme 2024 Application | How To Apply Aakarshan Scheme in West Bengal | Aakarshan Scheme for Students of West Bengal.

Lockdown is going on all over the country due to Corona. Lockdown is going on not only in the country but all over the world. And all the educational institutions and offices are closed.

West Bengal Aakarshan Scheme
West Bengal Aakarshan Scheme 2024

However, in this closed office, educational institutions and students can perform all the tasks using e-learning. Through e-learning, on the one hand, as the nation is developing, people are becoming skilled, and so is the use of technology. Moreover, the role of this medium in other cases is immense.

Name of the schemeAakarshan Scheme 2024, West Bengal
DepartmentDepartment of Labour West Bengal
StateWest Bengal
Launch date2019
Launched ByCM Mamata Banerjee
PurposeTo provide e-learning to students in West Bengal.
Application processOnline
Official websitehttp://elearning.wblabour.gov.in/

And so the West Bengal government has now brought e-learning services for employees through its Aakarshan portal. This service is being operated by the Department of Labor, Government of West Bengal. Many people are able to acquire various qualifications through this service by taking digital classes three days a week.

In today’s event, we will learn about the e-learning service run by the West Bengal Government Aakarshan Portal. This service is sometimes called the Aakarshan scheme.

But before learning about this service of the Aakarshan portal, let’s know about e-learning. Nowadays the term e-learning has become more popular and has opened the door to new possibilities in the field of education. So let us first know a brief description of e-learning and then about the services of the West Bengal Aakarshan Portal.

WB E-learning Aakarshan Scheme 2024

We can also present e-learning as electronic learning, online learning, or online education. In other words, e-learning is the means of acquiring knowledge through the internet using electronic devices. In the case of e-learning, ‘e’ means ‘electronic’ i.e. electronic education or digital education.

West Bengal Aakarshan Scheme Apply at elearning.wblabour.gov.in
West Bengal Aakarshan Scheme Apply 2024 at elearning.wblabour.gov.in

This education is basically an online-based educational platform, where different types of courses are offered, you can participate in electronic learning classes through an electronic device internet connection.

Today, with the rapid advancement of technology and the improvement of the education system, people have embraced the subject of e-learning. You can get a degree from any other educational institution outside the country through e-learning and the degree will be accepted in all countries.

Many people are gaining skills by taking various courses online to reduce time and expense and the popularity of e-learning is increasing day by day.

Elliott Macy’s coined the term “e-learning” in 1999. With the advent of computers around the world and the availability of smartphones, notebooks, etc. over the years, the subject of e-learning has become widespread and widely accepted.

Objectives of the Aakarshan Scheme West Bengal

We have already discussed that a new portal has been launched for the division of labor of the Government of West Bengal. The portal has been named Aakarshan Portal. This portal has a number of facilities, one of which is that it is easy to take various skill-related courses by logging in here.

West Bengal Aakarshan Scheme Apply at elearning.wblabour.gov.in
West Bengal Aakarshan Scheme Apply 2024 at elearning.wblabour.gov.in

However, the government of West Bengal is not only providing a portal or e-learning service for employment and empowerment but is also providing interest-free loans with the help of the Employment Bank.

However, the main objective of the e-learning service of the government of West Bengal is to make the youth of West Bengal competent in various fields.

Digital platforms have brought a new possibility in the field of education. It has become very easy for anyone to acquire knowledge on various subjects through recorded classes at home. And by acquiring skills in various subjects sitting at home, many people are able to present themselves beautifully in different fields.

From here, the main objective of this portal or project is to find different talents of West Bengal and to make them proficient in different subjects. In fact, there is no shortage of knowledgeable people all over West Bengal.

But the trick is to acquire different skills according to the little plan and qualifications. With this goal in mind, the Department of Labor of the Government of West Bengal has launched an e-learning service for the portal of the Aakarshan. This service is emphasizing the importance of acquiring skills in various official and unofficial fields starting from CV writing.

Services of Aakarshan scheme portal of West Bengal

Let’s find out the different services that the portal is given. Here we mainly focus on the services that are provided by the web portal including various skill development courses and e-learning channels that arrange video classes.

They will get this service for free. By logging in to this portal, job seekers will get the following benefits: Online Psychometric Test (Career Interest Inventory) through which job seekers will be guided in their suitable professions. Counseling at the individual level.

Counseling – Expert Counselors at the Employment Center will provide this service.

Android-based app for English-speaking self-learning – “English Speak” I live broadcast of the special training class, Reasoning, Recent Events, Computer Applications, Nature & Environment, etc.

Online Exercise Exams Support for S (Prelims)] Competitive Exam Questions – Thematic and Competitive Vs. More than a million quizzes – Final training to increase your chances of getting a job – including CV writing, skills to present a subject, skills needed to work together, etc.

Features of Aakarshan Scheme Portal.

A separate portal is operated by the Department of Labor, Government of West Bengal. The portal has a web link. That is www.e-learning.wblabour.gov.in. This portal deals with unique features.

West Bengal Aakarshan Scheme Online Login
West Bengal Aakarshan Scheme 2024 Online Login

Upon entering the web portal you will first find information about the e-learning service. There are several levels to log in to this portal. If you are a candidate, you can log in as a
candidate and as a councilor, you can log in as a councilor.

The portal has an official login and a separate format for all teachers. By entering this portal you can choose the course of your choice and acquire skills. This portal contains links to this e-learning channel where you can attend classes.

Best of all, the 8th-grade pass-on or the e-learning service on the University Graduate Portal is perfect for everyone. So if you want to do your skill development without delay then enter this portal of the West Bengal government and increase your skills manifold.

We hope that today’s arrangement will help you to know about the Aakarshan portal of West Bengal video and its e-learning services for the youth.

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