Voter Card Download 2024: How to download voter Cards online?

Voter Card Download 2024: e-EPIC download (Voter Card 2024) – Digital Voter ID Card Download Online from Website, How to Download Voter ID Card Online 2024.

The voter card is one of the most important citizen identity cards in India.  But a lot of the time we can not understand how to download voter cards online.  It is not done by doing.  Not only that, if the voter card is lost, if there is a need to correct the mistake, or if it needs to be transferred, there is a lot of trouble but it will not be done.

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You know all government projects and services are going digital right now.  As a result, the Election Commission will be able to make voter ID cards at home from now on.

How to download voter Car online?
How to download a Voter Card Online 2024?

Not just making up, exchanging voter cards, changing addresses can all be done online. So let’s know all the processes to apply, download, or edit voter cards online in this discussion.

How to apply for online voter cards in 2024?

To renew, correct, or transfer the voter ID, you must first go to the official website of the Election Commission (  On the first page of the official website, you will see the image below, all the options.

From here you need to fill in the required information by clicking on the option.  Then you need to upload supporting documents according to the information. For example- a scanned copy of the photo, proof of age, and proof of address.

After your application, the officer of the Election Commission will look at the document.  You can find out the status of your application by doing Track Application at home.  And if all goes well, you will have your voter ID card posted at your home within 1 month.

Things you need to do is download the voter ID card.?

Everything you need to view or download your voter ID card is the slip number of the voter registration form. Date of birth. Current and Permanent Address (Division, District, Upazila).

A smartphone laptop or computer. Mobile number (for OTP verification). Another Android Smart Phone (for Face Verification).

How to download voter Cards online in 2024?

There is no risk of carrying in your pocket, a voter card on the way to digitization like Aadhaar. You will get an e-EPIC card only after passing a few steps.

How to download this card?

Recently, the office of the Chief Electoral Officer of the state has been encouraging the citizens to get e-epic cards.  E-EPIC card is being promoted on social media.  Follow these steps to download this card.

1. First enter the National Voters Servers Portal or

How to download voter Card online
How to download voter Card online

2. Now register or log in to the portal.

Login to download voter Card online
Login to download your voter Card online

3. Enter the EPIC number or the submitted form reference number.

4. Verify OTP. This One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number.  Check it out first.

5. Download your latest e-EPIC card.

Advantages of e-EPIC card

1. As a result, you will get a digital voting card quickly.

2. You don’t always have to carry it around with you.  Voter cards will remain on mobile or computer.

3. Print out whenever you.

4. Even if voter IDs are lost, there will be nothing to worry about.

5. The days of laminating voter IDs are over.

6. With the digital format of the card, there will be no risk of spoilage after folding. Recently, the Aadhaar Authority has been offering a virtual format along with a hard copy of Aadhaar. This virtual Aadhaar ID is created with 16 digit number.  Virtual Aadhaar cards can be created from UIDAI’s website.

How to edit voter cards online in 2024?

The voter card serves as a document for our various tasks. Our voter card also serves as proof of age or as a proof of name.  Not only that, we can use the voter card as an identity card for various purposes.

Now the question is if our voter card is damaged or if the picture of the voter card is not understood properly.  How to fix it?  Now you can easily modify the voter card in your hand with your mobile phone and instead, you will get a beautiful new voter card.  How to modify the voter card online Follow the steps below

1) First you have to come to the official website of the voter card.

2) Then click on Log In / Register to log in.

3) Then by clicking on Correction Details, you will have to enter the voter card number of the person who will correct the voter card.

4) then what do you want to modify your voter card, select those options and submit the correct name spelling, date of birth, address, father’s name/husband’s name, picture, etc.

5) Then you will get a reference number.  The number with which you can later check your status to see if the voter card has been corrected. We hope this set of information will help you.

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