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Digital Ration Card Download 2024: The Indian state of West Bengal has introduced the idea of a digital ration card through which the resident ration card of the state of West Bengal will be provided digitally to all residents.

Citizens will benefit a lot from the implementation of the digital latest ration card as many people do not have to carry old paper ration cards everywhere. West Bengal Digital Ration Card Also through digital ration cards, it will be very easy for residents to get ration cards at any given time.

The digital ration card is a great step towards the digitization process that has been going on in India for a long time. Have you applied for a ration card or have you not received a ration card yet?

Today we will discuss how to “Digital Ration Card Download” with your computer or mobile and how to download an e-ration card and get a ration.

Name of the schemeDigital Ration Card, West Bengal
DepartmentFood and Supplies Department, Government Of West Bengal
StateWest Bengal
Current CMMamata Banerjee
PurposeTo provide digital ration cards and transparent supplies food to citizens in West Bengal.
Application processOnline/Offline
Official websitehttps://food.wb.gov.in/

There are many people in West Bengal who have applied for a ration card but have not yet received it. The ration dealer is not giving ration from ration shop for this. If you want you can easily download an e-Ration card from your computer/mobile.

food.wb.gov.in West Bengal Digital Ration Card Download Online
food.wb.gov.in West Bengal Digital Ration Card Download Online

With this card, you can get a ration very easily. In addition, the Ration card number has become a very important piece of information for applying for the Shasthaya Sathi Card. Today we will take a look at the easy way to download an e-ration card.

West Bengal Ration Card Verify 2024

If you have applied and want to download it, then you need to check once your application has been verified by food.wb.gov.in to verify the ration card or food department.

For this, you have to type WBPSD and search in the search bar in any browser through your computer/mobile By clicking on the first link of the result you will reach the official website of the food department.

To check the status of the new ration card, select Form 4 enter the application number or mobile number, and search by filling in the captcha code below. If your search results verify ration card is successful then you can easily download the ration card.

How to Download Ration Card 2024?

What if you lost your ration card? Now you can easily download a digital ration card from your computer/mobile phone. With this digital ration card or e-ration card, you can also get enough food from your ration shop.

So how to download this e-Ration Card? For this, follow the following steps:

1) First you have to go to the official website of the Ration card. Or come to Google and search food.wb.gov.in then you can go to the official website.

Ration Card Download Direct Link: https://wbpds.wb.gov.in/(S(f20u5ltixpaq3zx41onddsdj))/E_Card_Download.aspx

Download Ration Card Online at food.wb.gov.in
Download Ration Card Online at food.wb.gov.in

2 ) Then click on the Ration Card option for the plaintiff on the website. There will be some sub-menu open from there you have to click on e-Ration Card.

3) Then come to the bottom of the next page there is a text Click to download e-Ration Card Click here.

4) Then put your ration card number on the next page and by entering the category of the ration card, click on Download and your ration card will be downloaded.

How to download an old ration card from West Bengal?

If you want to download a ration card then you can download food.wb.gov.in e-Ration card. You can easily get an e-ration card through your computer/mobile by following the steps below. If your ration card is lost, damaged, or burnt, you can easily download it.

1) Type food.wb.gov.in any browser and search.

2) Clicking on the first link of the search results will reach the official website of the West Bengal Food Department. A new page will open on your computer/mobile. Click on the e-ration card option at the very bottom.

3) A new page will open on your computer/mobile. Click on the e-ration card option at the very bottom.

How to Download a New Ration Card 2024?

If you have completed and submitted forms number 3 and 4 to create a new ration card, your application also appears to have been approved.

You click here and when a new window opens, fill in the form with the form type, application number, or mobile number on the page and click on the search button.

A new window will open on your computer/mobile and all the information about your new ration card will come on this page. There will be a download option in the middle, by clicking there you can easily download your ration card.

Some special instructions regarding ration card

1. This e-ration card is a printed copy provided by the West Bengal Food and Supplies Department. The validity of this e-ration card and the original digital ration card is the same.

2. You can use this e-ration card to buy kerosene as well as ration items at the fair price of ration shops in your village.

3. A soft copy of this e-ration card sent to the customer’s registered mobile number will be considered as proof of the original ration card. And the Ration shops of the fair price will be obliged to give him certain ration products

4. Ration cards can be obtained from the official food supply department website of West Bengal.

5. OTP is sent to the registered mobile number of the customer at the time of taking the ration goods. The OTP can be used by the the-Ration dealer to collect the goods of the specific goods.

All in all, the importance of this e-ration card is essential. Because our digital ration card is used in daily life, card information and barcodes are constantly being deleted. There is a time when the whole digital ration card turns white.

In such a situation it becomes very difficult to get ration products. If you have this e-ration card then you do not need to take the original ration card to the ration shop again and again. With the help of an e-ration card, you will get all the Ration goods.

Ration cards can only be downloaded by those who have applied for a new ration card online. People who have not applied for a digital ration card online, ie those who have received the Ration card offline by going to the food supply office or by going to different camps and submitting the application, are currently receiving this ration card.

Can’t Download, Even if you have a mobile number and link with your digital ration card online, you will not be able to download this e-ration card online. In general, only those who have applied for digital ration cards online can download the ration card.

Official SiteClick Here
WBGOV HomeClick Here

FAQ for WB Digital Ration Card Download

How can I download e ration card?

You can download your e-ration card online from the official portal of ration cards. Every state has its own ration card portal like West Bengal. For example food.wb.gov.in (this is West Bengal’s official ration portal)

How can I know my digital ration card number?

You can get your digital ration card by giving some details about you, like Your Name, Father’s Name, and Mobile Number to the official portal of the Ration Card.

How can I know my ration card number in West Bengal?

To add a mobile number to your ration card online in West Bengal, Go to the food.wb.gov.in portal log into your account, and update the Ration card.

How can I download a ration card from West Bengal?

To download ration cards from West Bengal, Visit the official portal of the Food department food.wb.gov.in and Click on e-Ration Card and Click the e-Ration Card Download button under the Page.

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