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West Bengal Transport Department: Hello everyone! Today question we are going to discuss the transport department of West Bengal. As we all know it is a very important department of the West Bengal administration.

Name of the Department Transport Department of West Bengal
StateWest Bengal
ServicesTransport Services in West Bengal.
Current CMMamata Banerjee
PurposeTo provide Transport Information and Development of West Bengal.
Official website Transport Department of West Bengal Transport Department of West Bengal

The department is responsible for all the transport and communication systems in West Bengal. So let’s know about the department in detail.

Transport Department of West Bengal:

The Department of Transport of the State Government of West Bengal manages the internal waterways and airways of the State Government with the provision of the transport system and related infrastructure.

Transport Department of West Bengal at
Transport Department of West Bengal at

Among the activities undertaken by the department are the registration of vehicles, recruitment of motor vehicle members, issuance of driving licenses, and issuance of various types of vehicles on the roads, for which the administrative and legal framework is in charge.

In the last few years, various major reforms and organizational restructuring have been done and 24 new motor vehicle offices have been created. Which are able to meet the needs of the common people in a functional and decentralized manner.

Transport Department of West Bengal ( two more branches have been opened to provide decentralized services, in addition to two new Salt Lake units, there are plans to decentralize the violin unit in the near future.

To further strengthen the public transport system, 74 new high-quality air-conditioned and non-cooled heat-controlled buses have been launched under JNNURN through various state transport agencies such as CSTC, NBSTC, and SBSTC. . Special attention has been paid to the connection of Metrorail, the state government has been helping in all possible ways. The current government investments are getting various benefits from the state government without the financial support of the central government.

In this regard, it is expected that the density of Kolkata Metro coverage will increase significantly in the next few years. And will gain second place. At present, work is underway to set up a network of more than 100 km at a cost of around Rs. 20,000 crores.

Works of Transport Department of West Bengal:

Reforms in the State Transport Initiative are significant in that the implementation of land resource monetization voluntary base projects, smart management through solidarity tickets, change of system, dynamics of the transport department, and self-employment through projects have been implemented.

Through about five thousand unemployed youths have received the assistance of Rs. 1 lakh on average for buying commercial vehicles. With the active cooperation of the Government of West Bengal, the approved Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport in Durgapur has become stable and operational Air India Kolkata-Durgapur-Delhi flight is the latest addition in the new field.

State Road Safety Council and District Road Safety Committee have been formed to ensure road safety across the state. The process of setting up a Department of Transportation has begun to bring all the motor vehicle offices under one umbrella and to make the services provided to the general public more efficient.

Night service:

Night service was introduced to provide 24 × 7 transportation services in a city. These planned roads will cover public and private hospitals, blood banks, main nursing homes, crematoriums, and mausoleums.

And passengers stuck there can easily avail of these services. Other routes will also include the north-south part of the city, Salt Lake, Newtown, Sealdah Station, Howrah Station, and Dumdum Airport.

Ferry Service:

Ferry service WBTC operates ferry wharves across the Hooghly River. Anyone can avail of the service using daily tickets and season. Special service: Special service is provided for some special transport services and some events like-

1) Gangasagar Mela

2) Durga Puja Parikrama

3) Durga Pazar Shopping Bus Service

4) International Kolkata Book Fair Bus Service

5) Winter Weekend Special

6) Ecopark Service

7) Christmas Carnival Hajj

8) Service

Other uses of the Transport Department:

An important contribution of the transport system on behalf of this department is the Pathdisha app: This application is for the passengers of the Kolkata metropolitan area.

Through this application, passengers will be able to view all incoming and outgoing buses and ferries and specific stops, and current location information. Trips can also be planned in the application. This does not include tram services.

Government initiatives on behalf of this Transport Department:

In order to send a message of awareness to the public about the possibility of many accidents in the field of transport, to promote road safety known as “Safe Drive Save Life”. Promoting environmental protection through the Green Movement.

Website of Transport Department of West Bengal:

The website of this department is This website provides information about the transport system of the West Bengal State Government.

West Bengal Transport Department
West Bengal Transport Department

Website work of the Transport Department of West Bengal:

The State Government plays a special role in the transportation system. In that case, with the improvement of communication systems, people have become much more secure today. In this case, through the website of this department, it is possible to know what changes and new additions are being made in this department’s transport system.

This department of the West Bengal State Government has been playing a very important role in the transportation system to provide maximum benefits to the people. In the field of road transport, water transport, and air transport, the department has provided many benefits to the common man through various collaborations and projects.

It is hoped that this will improve the transportation system in the future. This department of the West Bengal state government and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is putting special emphasis on this issue.

We hope that our state of would-be beneficiary for you. Here we are trying to keep you the information about the transport department of West Bengal and IT services. We discussed the transport department on its services, the ministry in charge, works, benefits, websites, and all the information. We hope you are enjoying the article. Thank you for staying connected.

Information of Transport Department of West Bengal:

Minister-in-Charge of this Department: Mr. Firhad Hakim

Address: Paribahan Bhavan, 12 R. N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700001

Phone Number: 2262 5402, 2262 5403

Minister of State in this Department: Shri Dilip Mandal

Address: Paribahan Bhavan, 12 R. N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700001

Phone Number: 2262 7542

Secretary of this Department: Shri Rajesh Kumar Sinha, I.A.S.

Address: Transport Building, 12R. N. Mukherjee Road, Kolkata – 700001

Phone Number: 2262 5404/05

Fax: 2262 5406

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