Raj Kaushal Yojana, Rajasthan- Benefits and Important

Today we are going to present to you all the required details about Rajasthan Raj Kaushal Yojana through this article. We are going to let you know through this article what is the process to apply to Rajasthan Raj Kaushal Yojna  Portal Registration. Via this article, we will also let you know what are the advantages of this portal, who are eligible to use under Raj Kaushal Yojana, etc. If you want to apply in Raj Kaushal Portal then you are requested to read this article carefully.


Rajasthan Raj Kaushal Portal Yojna has been started in June. Raj Kaushal Portal provides easy employment to the workers. Today we’ll tell you right here how you can register on Raj Kaushal Portal and get employment opportunities with it. How to apply for Raj Kaushal Portal How to apply What are the benefits of Rajasthan Raj Kaushal Portal: Who is eligible to apply for Raj Kaushal Portal, full information about Raj Kaushal Portal is given below

Raj Kaushal Yojna Portal Registration Process

If you want to apply on Raj Kaushal Portal, then follow the next procedure: –

For workers

1. First of all you have to go to the official website of Raj Kaushal Yojana.click here

2. On this you have to click on the link of registration.

3. Now a new web page will open in front of you.

4. After this you have to click on Citizen.

5. Right here it’s important to enter your mobile number, email id.

6. Now an OTP will come on your registered mobile, enter that OTP.

7. Now registration form will open in front of you.

8. On this registration form you have made your information, fill it completely carefully.

9. Now click on the submit button.

10. Your registration will be done successfully.


Raj Kaushal Portal Yojna

In Rajasthan Raj Kaushal Portal Scheme, all the workers who have lost their jobs due to lockdown can apply to Raj Kaushal Portal and those industries which are going through labor shortage can also apply on this portal is. Rajasthan Raj Kaushal Portal has been developed by the Department of Info Technology and Communication. This portal will work like the Employment Trade. That is, the business which will need workers will be able to demand from right here, as well as, the workers who want employment will be able to demand employment.

Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal Eligibility

• Workers who do not have jobs, register in it

• Under this scheme, the applicant must be a migrant worker from another state or an employer who needs laborers.

• If the applicant is a migrant worker then he should not have a job.

Raj Kaushal Scheme Portal  Benefits

1. Employment will be provided to the workers under this scheme.

2. Employers will be provided to employers under Raj Kaushal Scheme.

3. Skill development of beneficiaries will also be given attention below the Raj Kaushal Portal scheme.

4. The Raj Kaushal Yojana Portal will function like an Employment Exchange.

Purpose of Raj Kaushal Yojana

The main goal of the Rajasthan Raj Kaushal Portal is to provide employment to the workers and to offer labor to the industries so that unemployment could be eliminated. This portal will work as an employment exchange.

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