Pradhan Mantri One Nation One Ration Card Yojana


In the midst of the Corona crisis, Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman gave the details of the second installment of the financial package on Thursday.

Throughout this time, he made 9 massive announcements for migrant laborers, farmers and street workers. Throughout this, he told that One Nation One Ration Card Scheme will be applied throughout the nation.

Nirmala Sitharaman stated that this scheme will cover 83 % of the population connected with public distribution. At the similar time, 67 crore ration card holders in 23 states (which is 83 % of the total PDS population) will come under National Portability by August 2020.

Nevertheless, 100 % national portability will probably be achieved before March 2021. Let me let you know that the first One Nation One Ration Card scheme was being implemented in the country from 1st January 2020.

One Nation One Ration Card Toll Free Number

If any person of the nation has any problem and inconvenience under One Nation One Ration Scheme and wants to make a complaint on this regard, then the Central Government has issued a toll free number 14445 for them under this scheme.

On this toll free quantity, ration card beneficiaries who enjoy the ‘One Nation Card’ facility can contact and lodge their complaint and problem. And get a solution to the issue. Under this scheme, by 31 March 2021, 81 crore beneficiaries across the nation will get its advantages.

One Nation One Ration Card Scheme 2020

The facility will be started. If a person begins living from one state to another state, then he can get his share of ration from any PDS ration store in that state. All PDS to the central authorities to implement this one nation one ration card scheme POS will have to be put in at shops.

One country one ration card new update

As you all know that due to the corona virus, there’s a situation of lock down in the whole nation. To reduce this problem, the government has added three more states Odisha, Sikkim and Mizoram to the One Nation One Ration Card scheme from June 1.

With this, the variety of states the place one country ration scheme has been implemented. This scheme will show to be very beneficial for the folks of the country on the time of lock down. The benefit of this one nation one ration card scheme might be for those ration card holders who work in different states.

Ration card holders will be able to buy grain at a lower price from authorities ration shops in any part of the nation. By June 1, 20 states will join it and by March 2021 it will be implemented nationwide. ‘

One Nation One Ration Card Format

Various states and Union Territories have been given a format to issue ration cards by the government to attain national potability by the central government. All of the states need to follow the same format and issue ration cards under the One Nation One Ration Card scheme.

The features of implementing One Nation One Ration Card format are as follows.

• The new ration card will include the required minimal details but the state government can also add extra details as per its requirement.
• Ration card can be issued in Hindi and English. Apart from this, ration card can also be issued in local language.
• One Nation One Ration Card on-line type will contain 10 digit ration card quantity. The first 2 digits in these 10 digit ration card numbers will be the state codes and the next 2 digits will be the ration card numbers.
• In addition to these four digits, a set of 2 digits might be added to the ration card along with the ration card quantity to create unique ID for household members.

One Country One Ration Card Choice Process

As you all know that ration cards are issued by all of the state government in two ways, first of which is APL ration card and second is BPL ration card. APL and BPL ration cards are given to them based on the income of the people.

Equally, the selection process of 1 country one ration card may even be done on this basis. Today, we’re going to let you know the complete details about which people come in the APL Ration Card class and which people come in the BPL category.

• APL category – On this class people who are living above the poor line are stored. These people are provided with APL ration card. If you are financially competent then they have to apply for APL Ration Card.
• BPL category – Under this class, people of the nation who are dwelling below the poverty line are stored. These people are provided with BPL ration card. If you come below the poverty line, then they will have to apply for BPL ration card.

How to apply in one country one ration card scheme?

No ration card holder of the nation is required to apply for any sort of online and offline software under one nation one ration card scheme. All the state and central government self-verify the ration card of the beneficiaries with the Aadhar card as per the accessible data.

Will link After this, Built-in Management will make the data available under the Public Distribution System. Through which all eligible residents will be able to get their share ration from any corner of the country.

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