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People took to the social networking site Twitter to cancel Article 370 giving special standing to Jammu and Kashmir. While many supported the removal of the article, others criticized the government’s move. Some people carried the hashtag of ‘Bharat Ek Hai’ whereas others ran the hashtag of ‘Stand with Kashmir’.

There was a mixed reaction on Twitter after Union Home Minister Amit Shah offered a resolution to cancellation Article 370 in the Rajya Sabha on Monday. People described it as a ‘historic’ step and ‘true success’ which is able to further strengthen the unity of the nation. One person on Twitter stated, ” One nation,  one constitution !!

One Nation One Constitution Trending  on Twitter

There is happiness all over the place. ”He also gave a hashtag of‘ Kashmir is ours ’. Many shared a photograph of themselves with the tricolor whereas others gave a hashtag of ‘Akhand Bharat’ along with a photograph of the map of India. On Twitter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah started trending.

Some congratulated him in advance of the victory within the 2024 general election. Finance Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma in the BJP government in Assam tweeted, “Sardar Patel started connecting India which was completed by two people from his state Gujarat – Narendra Modi and Amit Shah”. He stated that revoking Article 370 is a vital achievement of the NDA government. He has given a hashtag of ‘Bharat Ek Hai’. A person named Saurabh Singh lashed out at former Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

He gave the hashtag of ‘Modi hai to mumkkin hai’. A person named Praveen Kumar wrote, “If you believe that Kashmir is an integral part of India, then the people of Kashmir are our brothers and sisters! Take a stand for them It is the accountability of the people of India to resist any daring / cruelty. ”He gave the hashtag of ‘Stand with Kashmir’.

After the release of the decision letter, changes will be seen in lots of different things. Many privileges will end as soon as Article 370 comes out of the state. In such a situation it becomes essential to know what are the privileges that will likely be snatched away.

1. Dual Citizenship

The residents of Jammu and Kashmir have got dual citizenship, which is able to end now. That is, the people of Jammu and Kashmir are citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and on the same time they are additionally citizens of India. That’s, they can also settle in some other state of the nation, buy land. While the people of different states are citizens of India, however they can’t be citizens of Jammu and Kashmir. They cannot purchase land in Jammu and Kashmir and cannot become everlasting citizens here.

2. Flag and Constitution separate

Jammu and Kashmir has its personal flag and its structure. No other state of the nation has its own flag nor its personal constitution. Jammu and Kashmir handed its constitution on 17 November 1956. After the resolution letter is handed, now this proper will also be taken away. The Indian Constitution will now apply here.

3. Full state status has been taken a way

Full state status has been taken away from Jammu and Kashmir. The center has divided Jammu Kashmir into two parts and declared a union territory. One part has been made in Jammu and Kashmir and the other half has been made in Ladakh. Each parts have been declared as Union Territories. According to the announcement, meeting elections will be held in Jammu and Kashmir whereas there will be no meeting elections in Ladakh.

4. Emergency cannot be imposed

Economic emergency can’t be imposed there under the privileges that Kashmir has got. After the end of Article 370, the Indian Constitution will now apply there.

5. Tenure of the Legislative Assembly

Now the term of all of the legislatures within the country will be 5 years. Earlier, the term of the Legislative Assembly in Jammu and Kashmir was 6 years.

6. Voting right

In Jammu and Kashmir, the right to vote was earlier just for the permanent residents there. People of some other state cannot vote here. Candidates cannot be made in elections. Now everyone will get this proper. Meaning that any person can contest elections from there.

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