Chhattisgarh Communication Revolution Plan

A scheme has been launched by the present government in Chhattisgarh, this scheme has been named as Sanchar Kranti Yojana. With the attempt to convey digital equality in the state via this scheme, communication in the state is also being improved. Under this scheme, the state government has introduced the distribution of free smartphones in the state.

How Mobile Service Providers Will Work Under This Plan?

At the time of the launch of this scheme, the federal government has allowed various cellular service provider corporations to erect around 1500 mobile towers at various authorities buildings, offices and different places.

Apart from this, it has additionally been decided that these cellular companies may even pay the price of service provided to the telecom corporations.

Launch Detail 

The Government of Chhattisgarh has taken this step with the target of improving the communication programs in the state. Underneath this scheme, the government has clarified that the distribution of free cellphones will be begun by the federal government from May 2018. The government has also clarified that about 55 lakh mobiles will probably be distributed under this scheme within the year 2018, in which 50 lakh mobiles will be distributed in the first phase and 5 lakh mobiles will probably be distributed in the second phase.

Key Points Key Features:

The main objective of this scheme is to promote cellular connectivity by reaching out to poor people within the state. The complete data regarding this scheme is given below.

Rural Area:

• In the first phase of this scheme, 40 lakh sensible phones will be distributed to the female head of the family in villages with greater than 1000 inhabitants. The beneficiaries will be chosen beneath this scheme by the Panchayat and Rural Growth Department present in the village.

• Mobile connectivity will be promoted in villages through this scheme, which is currently only 29 p.c in the entire state. Efforts will be made to create connectivity in 13,900 districts of the state through Sanchar Kranti Yojana.

Urban Area:

Under this scheme, about 5 lakh mobile phones will be distributed to the prominent ladies of poor families living in city areas. The beneficiaries in the cities will be chosen by the Ministry of Urban Development.

College Student:

In this, the next 5 lakh mobile phones will be given to varsity students, top quality smart telephones will be given to those people. Within the colleges, this scheme will be carried out by the Education Department.

Under this scheme, 50 lakh mobiles will be distributed in the first phase, which will be began in Might 2018. After distribution of these mobiles, the government will ask their customers to connect them to the Aadhaar number and bank account quantity so that they are not misused.

Within the second phase of this scheme, mobiles will be distributed in those villages whose population is lower than 1000 and the beneficiaries will be selected.

Through the mobiles given under this scheme, people will be able to get full details about the government scheme and use it. Apart from this, digital fee and other digital currency trade will be doable through this.

Eligibility under the scheme:

• To take advantage of this scheme, it is necessary that the applicant must be a BPL card holder or a part of the poor section of the society.

• This scheme has been launched by the Government of Chhattisgarh, so the beneficiary is required to be a citizen of Chhattisgarh to benefit from it. Other than this, the applicant will also be required to show his Aadhaar card, so that his id and tackle will be verified.

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