Rajasthan Kamadhenu Dairy Scheme

 An important decision has been taken for the farmers by the rated government. Below this decision, cattle rearing and dairy owners will get advantages. The name of the scheme is Kamadhenu Dera Yojana. It has been decided by the government that it will loan as much as 90% to the local cow cattle herders for running a dairy.

If those farmers tilt their loan on time, then the government will be given a benefit of 30% subsidy on this loan in administration And the decision has been made keeping in mind the split-19 epidemic because cow’s milk is very beneficial for health and this cow’s milk is being adulterated a lot for the final several years, that’s why the promotion of desi cow’s milk is encouraged Is about to give.

For the purpose, the decision has been taken by the rated government to give loans up to 90% of fixed and up to 90% of the cattle to the cattle.

Kamadhenu Dairy Scheme

The scheme has been launched in the yr 2020 and 21 under which advantages will be supplied to the selected beneficiaries in order that they will start their own employment and also employ others.

The beneficiaries will have to bear solely 10% of their business expenses under the scheme.

Loan up to 90% will be supplied for dairy to be launched by the government under the scheme.

In keeping with the condition, if the beneficiaries return the loan throughout the time limit, the government will be given a subsidy of up to 30%, that’s, 30% of the cash will be credited back to their account.

The Government has estimated through the parameters that as much as 36 lakhs will be incurred for starting a match wherein only 10% of the expenditure will be borne by the beneficiaries and the rest will be funded by the Government.

What is kamadhenu dairy plan?

Under this scheme, cow farmers will be provided loan and subsidy facility by the government. The next people can avail advantages under this scheme.

  • Cattleman
  • Gopal
  • Women
  • Youth
  • Farmer

• This scheme is a golden opportunity for these people to generate self-employment.

Under the scheme, solely those that need to trade milk of indigenous cows can take part, as well as they must observe government norms for animal husbandry breeding policy.

• Whatever cows will likely be covered under this scheme, it’s necessary to be a good milking cow of all high breed.

Kamadhenu Dev Yojana Last Date

Under this scheme, those that want to avail of the profit will probably be mandatory to fill the application by 30 June 2020 and submit it to the office.

Cow’s milk is very helpful for health. At current, there may be a lot of adulteration of milk, due to which the well being of individuals is deteriorating. For this, it is very necessary that good milk reaches the citizens and cow’s milk is considered the most effective, which increases the immune system of humans.

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