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If you are a Scheduled Tribe, Scheduled Caste, or OBC, you will need a Caste Certificate issued by the Government of West Bengal.

This certificate can be used in different fields in West Bengal or in different fields outside West Bengal such as to apply in any government agency, office, or any field, or for various schemes like Joybangla Pension Scheme, or School College Admission.

Name of the scheme Caste Certificate, West Bengal
Department Backward Classes Welfare Department Department, Government Of West Bengal
State West Bengal
Current CM Mamata Banerjee
Purpose To provide SC/ST/OBC Certificate to citizens in West Bengal.
Application process Online/Offline
Official website

So in our event today we will discuss the caste certificate and the steps to apply for Scheduled Caste Certificate online. Let’s know about some important things about caste certificates.

Important documents for applying for caste certificate online

If you want to apply for Caste Certificate or online caste certificate in West Bengal then you will need all these documents. Caste Certificate Apply: Status, Download, Edit Caste Certificate Apply: Status, Download, Edit

1. The applicant needs an Aadhaar card, voting card, ration card, school certificate if you have studied and any written document on the title will be required.

2. Xerox of Aadhar Card, Voter Card, Ration Card of the applicant’s father will be required

3. A copy of Xerox will be required if the applicant’s father’s house has a person’s caste certificate.

4. Xerox the Aadhaar card of the person who will give the Caste Certificate.

5. Xerox of voter card of any two of your local neighbors is required.

6. Three passport size photos of the applicant.

7. Everyone’s signature will be on the xerox and xerox of the voter card of the person who created the chart as a family relationship.

8. OBC category families will need a Resident Certificate and Income Certificate. You will receive these certificates from your local area head.

How to apply for a caste certificate online

If you are applying online and how to apply for Caste Certificate online or you are thinking of an online caste certificate in West Bengal then you can see where and how to fill the form online.

You can see how to fill the form as follows points. First, open any browser and type the search bar. A lot of results will come in front of you and you will click on the link to the first website.

Caste Certificate Application Form Online
Caste Certificate Application Form Online

Go to the official Caste Certificate website of the government of West Bengal. If you go to this link then the straight Caste Certificate form will open.

Step 1. First, your state will be West Bengal District or District Division or Sub-division, if you live in the village then click on the block and select the name of your block.

Step 2. Secondly, you will see in Applying for your cast SC, ST, OBC which you will have to click on that option, and the race and tribe community will choose you by clicking on the next cell.

Step 3. Write the name of the applicant.

Step 4. Write father’s name.

Step 5. Enter your mobile number.

Step 6. You can give if you have an email id (not mandatory)

Step  7. (a) Epic number of voter card

(b) Aadhaar card number

(c) Give ration card number.

Step 8. (a) Set the date of birth

(b) The district in which the birth took place, you will choose the district in which you were born, you will choose which police station you belong to, you will choose which village you belong to.

Step 9. Address:

(a) If you are married within six months, give the father’s home address. If it is old, give the husband’s house. Husband’s Name or My Name, State as it is, District Name, Police Station Name, Ward / Gram Panchayat Name, Village / Neighborhood / House Number or Road, Enter Post Office and PIN Code

(b) Present Address Permanent Address: If you are currently at the same address then mark the box in the Yes option, then you do not have to give the address again. If you are at another address then you can set the address as 9(a).

Step 10. There is no need to do anything if there is India.

Step 11. You will choose your religion.

Step 12. You can choose your gender from here.

Step 13. Click on (Yes) (No) details of blood relationship (direction of authority or father’s house).

(a) The name of the certificate holder or the name of the person in the certificate.

(b) Relationship with the applicant.

(c) Give the certificate number.

(d) Set the date on which this certificate was issued.

(e) Choose the name of the place from where this certificate was issued.

Step 14. Give the details of two persons of permanent reference here.

(a) First the name of the referral person

(b) First-person address

(c) Name of the second referral person

(d) Address of the second person.

After completing all the documents in the form carefully with correct information then submit it.

How to download a caste certificate online?

If you want to download the caste certificate then you can go to the home page of this website ( and click on the Reprint application option or.

download West Bengal Cast Certificate online at
download West Bengal Caste Certificate online at

If you go here and apply by putting your application number and date of birth of the applicant, its caste certificate will come online in front of you and by printing it out from here you will be able to get it out in PDF format very easily.

I hope you understand how to make a Caste Certificate and its complete information is given to make a West Bengal caste certificate. Now let’s know several things that have even been asked.

How to check caste certificate status online?

To check the application status of those who have submitted the West Bengal Caste Certificate, First, you have to go to the official website of the West Bengal Caste Certificate. (

West Bengal SC/ST/OBC Certificate Status Online
West Bengal SC/ST/OBC Certificate Status Online

Then click on the “View Status of Application” option. A new page will open in front of you.

Then enter your application number.

Then click on the search option. Your application status will appear in front of you on the screen.

How to edit the Cast Certificate form?

If you want to edit your West Bengal Caste Certificate submission application then you can do it this way. The Department of Backward Class Welfare of the Government of West Bengal gives you an advantage so that you can correct your submitted application online and then submit it.

West Bengal SC/ST/OBC Certificate Application Edit Online
West Bengal SC/ST/OBC Certificate Application Edit Online

First, visit the official website of the West Bengal Caste Certificate ( Then click on Edit Application Options. A new page will open in front of you.

Enter your application number and fill in your date of birth.

Then click on the search option.

You can then edit and resubmit your application form. Hope this set of information will help you to apply for the West Bengal caste certificate online.

Official Site Click Here
WBGOV Home Click Here

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