Bihar Mutation 2024: Bihar Land Mutation at

Bihar Mutation 2024 (बिहार भूमि 2024): Check Bihar Land Mutation Online 2024 | Ways to Do Bihar Bhumi Land Mutation 2024 | Search Bihar Bhumi Land Mutation Online 2024 | How to do Land Mutation in Bihar at

If you have purchased a new piece of land or have inherited a piece of land, you must make a mutation after you have taken ownership of the land. Mutations are an important registration process due to changes in land ownership.

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Bihar Mutation Information

Like all other state governments, the Bihar state government carries out the mutation process. Earlier this process was done on an offline basis but now you can do mutation on your land on an online basis. In today’s article, we will know the details about the recruitment process.

Bihar Bhumi Mutation: Bihar Land Mutation at
Bihar Bhumi Mutation: Bihar Land Mutation at

From this, we will know in which situations mutation is required and what documents will be required for mutation. We will then discuss in detail how you can do mutations at home through the official website run by the Bihar State Government.

What does Bihar mutation mean?

Mutations are an important part of the registration process if you already own land. It is important to know what a mutation means. In common parlance, mutation refers to a change in title ownership of land.

In other words, the revenue department of a region collects revenue from the landowner for the ownership of the land.

That is, a mutation is a process where the ownership of land is specified. And the land belongs to a specific owner from whom the Revenue Department collects revenue.

Why do Bihar mutations 2024?

We have known about the mutation for so long. But now we will know exactly when a land mutation should be done. Basically, mutations are mandatory in two situations.

First of all, if you have purchased any land, it is important to change the name of the previous owner and title the land in your name.

Secondly, if you have got ownership of any land due to environmental reasons or if you have got ownership of any land after the death of your parents, then the land mutation has to be done in your name.

Benefits of Bihar Mutation 2024

By now it is clear that mutation is an important process and it is an inevitable process once you get ownership of the land. It has several advantages.

The title ownership of land will come in your name after mutation. In this case, the ownership of the land will be registered in your name in the government land revenue book and the revenue board will collect revenue from you.

If you have purchased a new piece of land, it is important to have a mutation in your name.

Mutations make it possible to easily settle any legal process of land. In this case, it is possible to update the documents of real ownership of land in government offices.

Documents required for Bihar mutation 2024

So far we have discussed mutations in detail. We have also learned why mutations are important and under what circumstances mutations become inevitable. As a result, if you have purchased any of these lands or have acquired ownership of any of these lands, you will need to get mutation and some important documents will be required for mutation. If you have purchased any lands then you will need the following documents for mutations

  • An application for paper with an official stamp will be required.
  • Registration deeds will be required.
  • A cell Deed will be required.
  • Properties will be required for tax payment receipts.
  • An affidavit of change of ownership will be required.
  • An Aadhaar card and ration card will be required.

If you have acquired ownership of land due to the death of the previous owner, then the following documents will be required for your title ownership i.e. mutation.

  • Death certificate of the previous owner.
  • Or the succession certificate that you have voluntarily acquired land.
  • An affidavit of stamp paper.
  • Tax payment receipts.
  • Copy of Power of Attorney.
  • Application on paper with a government stamp for mutation.
  • Registration deeds.
  • Aadhaar card and ration card.
  • Affidavit of requisite value.

How to do Bihar mutation online in 2024?

Some time ago, the whole process of mutation was done offline. At that time, the mutation had to be done by going to the nearest Panchayat Municipality office and applying. Needless to say, this process was a bit complicated and time-consuming.

How to do Land Mutation in Bihar at
How to do Land Mutation in Bihar 2024 at

But now the mutation process of the online official portal run by the Bihar government can be done at home and in today’s special article we will know the process step by step. So let’s know the steps of mutation without delay.

The first step: If you wish to make a mutation, you must first access the official Biharbhumi website run by the Bihar State Government. Or you can click on the link below to access the website.

The second step: After entering the official website of Biharbhumi, you have to register. However, if you have any previous accounts on this website, you can log in to that account.
You can complete the registration process by clicking on the registration box to register and confirming that OTP will come to your mobile when you complete the registration process with all the information.

The third step: Once the registration or login process is complete, you have to select a district and circle under the district. Then from here, you have to click on Application for Mutation.

The fourth step: After clicking on Apply for New Mutations, you have to click on the Mutation option. You will find this option in Mutation Initiation.

Fifth step: This will open a page in front of you to fill in the information. Where all the information must be filled in correctly. Once the information is filled in the draft and just click on the option.

Sixth step: This last step is to submit a scanned copy of your sale deed in the download option here. Then click on the save option and your registration process will be completed.

How to check Bihar mutation status 2024

It is important to check the mutation status after completing the mutation process as this will allow you to know if your mutation has been successful. In case of any problem, you can contact the nearest government office, municipality, or panchayat.

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