2024 BanglarBhumi Mouza Map Search by Khatian no and Plot no

BanglarBhumi.Gov.in 2024 Mouza Map Search by Khaitan No and Plot No, Find Plot Map Online BanglarBhumi. Mouza Map Search at Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Record, Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Record at BanglarBhumi.Gov.in.

West Bengal Jomir Map 2024: If you are a citizen of Bengal or would like to know information about land in different parts of West Bengal sitting at home, today’s event is for you. In today’s article, we will talk about a great web portal of the Government of West Bengal BanglarBhumi.gov.in.

Name of the schemeBanglarBhumi Land Records 2024, West Bengal
DepartmentLand And Land Reforms Department, Government Of West Bengal
StateWest Bengal
Current CMMamata Banerjee
PurposeTo provide Land Records, Mouza Map & Khatian Search to citizens in West Bengal.
Application processOnline
Official websitehttps://banglarbhumi.gov.in/

Through this web portal, you can easily find the details of any Mouza in the interior of West Bengal. Yes, in this special event, we are talking about BanglarBhumi, a great website run by the Land Department of the Government of West Bengal.

How to Find the Land Mouza Map by Khaitan No and Dag No of West Bengal?

Land and Land Reforms and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation are one of the administrative divisions of the Government of West Bengal. The Department Ren BanglarBhumi portal.

BanglarBhumi Mouza Map Search by Khatian no and Plot no
BanglarBhumi 2024 Mouza Map Search by Khatian no and Plot no

As a result, those who are using electronic devices such as smartphones, PCs, laptops, or tablets will be able to know all the information about various places in West Bengal with a single click of Google. The site includes the following information-

  • Mouza map of an area.
  • Land ledger number.
  • Land spot number and plot number.
  • Actual ownership of land.
  • The true market value of land is nature

At present, this web portal has a total of about 4100 Mouza details with a total land area of 4.30. However, not only this web portal but also the form application JOMIR TOTHYA can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Mouza Map Search at Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Record
Mouza Map Search at Banglarbhumi 2024 West Bengal Land Record

For this, you need to be an Android/iOS user. In today’s article, we will first use the website to provide information on how to know about the land Mouza map.

Then we will discuss how to get information about the Mouza map through the application using a smart device. Before this discussion, what does genius really mean by Mouza Mouza map Khatian and dag number?

What is Mouza and Mouza map?

Mouza is the lowest unit of revenue collection. During the Mughal period, the term was widely used as a unit of revenue collection in a Pargana or revenue district.

A Pargana consisted of a group of Mouzas. In the twentieth century, the word Mouza was used as an alternative name for a social unit village, and the name gained considerable popularity.

The Mouza map is the map of Mouza.

What is Khatian?

Khatian is the land record that is prepared during the survey along with the details of the property of one or more landowners based on the Mouza.

It records the name of the landlord and the name of the tenant, land number, quantity, nature, rate of rent, etc. The presence of different types of ledgers can be noticed in our country.

Among them CS, SA, and RS are significant. The details that are prepared about the ownership of the land during the land survey are called “Khatian”. Khatian is prepared based on Mouza.

What is a Dag or Dag Number?

The word dag means land. The number or mark relating to the measurement given in chronological order at the time or part of the land was measured and at the time it was measured.

When the survey map is prepared, each piece of land is given a different number to mark or identify the boundaries of the land in the Mouza design. And this number is called the dag number.

Each dag number can have a different amount of land. Basically, the land owner’s boundary under a Mouza according to the dag number is displayed on the ground with khutin or isle.

How do you know information about Mouza Map?

In order to know the information about the Mouza map of any land in West Bengal, first, you have to enter BanglarBhumi. After entering here, you will see a login option.

If you already have login details username and password in the BanglarBhumi portal (BanglarBhumi.gov.in), enter the BanglarBhumi portal by clearing the capture by entering them.

If you are a new user, you can register by following the steps below.

The first step

First, enter the BanglarBhumi official portal (BanglarBhumi.gov.in). Then click on the signup button at the very top and middle of the portal.

The second step

After clicking on the signup button, a registration form will open in front of you.

BanglarBhumi.Gov.in Signup for Mouza Map Search
BanglarBhumi.Gov.in 2024 Signup for Mouza Map Search 2024

The third step

An important part of the registration process is to provide your permanent address.

The fourth step

Then you enter your valid phone number or email address.

Fifth step

Your provided phone number or e-mail address verification OTP code will come. Enter it in the appropriate place.

The Sixth step

Then complete the registration by clearing the capture. Log in with your username and password.

Search Land Mouza in West Bengal

If you follow the above steps correctly, you will be able to enter the BanglarBhumi portal (BanglarBhumi.gov.in) as a citizen. Then let’s find out how you can collect information about Mouza Map.

Follow the steps below to get information about any land Mouza in West Bengal.

The first step

Log in to the BanglarBhumi Portal and enter your username and password. Then clear the captcha and log in.

BanglarBhumi.Gov.in Login for Mouza Map Search
BanglarBhumi.Gov.in Login for Mouza Map Search

The second step

Click on the Citizen Service option on the homepage. Choose the Know Your Property option from here.

The third step

After entering the Know Your Property option, you can collect information about the Mouza Map by entering the Mouza Number.

The fourth step

If you are successful in your search results, wait for some time. Then you will see that it has slowly started floating on your screen.

Fifth step

You can request to download a copy of the required online. For this, you have to enter the information for how many seats you want to download the map.

Sixth step

When the map floats on the screen according to your required size, you will send a request for download.

Seventh step

Then click on Calculate fee. The bill required for downloading the Mouza Map will appear in front of you.

The eighth step

Once you clear the payment amount online, you will be able to download the map.

How to Know Mouza Map Detail Using Mobile Application

Those who are Android users or iOS users can easily download the application from the Play Store or Play Gallery. To download the application, search BanglarBhumi App (Jomir Tothya).

BanglarBhumi.Gov.in Mouza Map Search by Khaitan No and Plot No
BanglarBhumi.Gov.in Mouza Map Search by Khaitan No and Plot No

Then download the application and follow these to know more about Mouza Map.

The first step

First, download the application on your Smartphone.

The second step

Once the application is downloaded, sign up by clicking on the signup option. Follow the steps mentioned above to register a BanglarBhumi Portal to know the process of signup registration.

The third step

Then follow the steps mentioned for the web portal to get information about Mouza Map. In fact, the steps of the application and website are pretty much the same. So I did not repeat it to find out information about the map.

Last word

You can visit BanglarBhumi Portal to get information about any land of the West Bengal Government.

However, you can find out the details of the Khatian number and dag number by following the details of the Mouza. This website is open to all.

Official SiteClick Here
WBGOV HomeClick Here

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