2024 Land Records Search Online of West Bengal 2024 land Records Search Online. Khaitan and Mouza Map Search at Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Records, Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Record at Property Details Online BanglarBhumi 2024.

To answer the question How to Find West Bengal Land Records Online? We have organized our event today. So that ordinary people can easily get information about the land and digital maps of different places in West Bengal online from home.

Name of the schemeBanglarBhumi Land Records 2024, West Bengal
DepartmentLand And Land Reforms Department, Government Of West Bengal
StateWest Bengal
Current CMMamata Banerjee
PurposeTo provide Land Records, Mouza Map & Khatian Search to citizens in West Bengal.
Application processOnline
Official website

Generally, the government of West Bengal provides information about its land to the people through a website and application run by the state. There is a state-run site named and an app named Jomir Tothya.

How to Find West Bengal Land Record Online 2024?

Before answering this question, let’s take a brief look at why it is important to have land-related offerings available online. In fact, the West Bengal Land Act was largely influenced by the Permanent Settlement Act of 1793. Land Records Search Online of West Bengal 2024 Land Records Search Online of West Bengal

At that time, the British Government introduced a permanent settlement through which the lands of West Bengal were later held in.

However, within the independent state of West Bengal, a separate department called Land and Land Reform and Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation was formed in the government structure of West Bengal.

This online portal of the Government of West Bengal is known as the state BanglarBhumi Portal ( In short, it is simply called Banglabhoomi Portal.

What kind of Service is there in BanglarBhumi Portal 2024?

Before we get to know the land-related information using BanglarBhumi Portal at home, let’s find out what kind of information it has attached.

BanglarBhumi Mouza Map Search by Khatian no and Plot no
BanglarBhumi Mouza Map Search by Khatian no and Plot no

That is exactly what kind of services this product site is for the general public. Generally Banglabhoomi Portal provides the following services.

  • Preserves land records.
  • Preserves the right of records.
  • Confirms online registration of land.
  • Provides online certificate for registered land.
  • Manages the mutation process.
  • Preserves digital map of the land.
  • Land information is made available to the general public through Khatian numbers, flat numbers, etc.
  • Citizen users and departmental users provide these services in two ways.
  • The query section for any question about the needs of the people.
  • West Bengal ensures transparency and digitization in government structures.

Purpose of BanglarBhumi Portal of West Bengal Government?

The BanglarBhumi Portal operates an autonomous body called Land and Land Reform of the Government of West Bengal. The government of West Bengal has two main objectives for running this portal.

The first is to ensure service to the people and the other is to ensure transparency. In this time of digitalization, almost all the services of government have been digitized so that every citizen can collect all this information from home.

In this way, the people have got some relief from the misery of the government office. On the other hand, people have gotten some relief from fraud at the hands of full information or dishonest brokers.

The second objective of this portal is to bring transparency to the structure of government. This has greatly reduced corruption and ensured at least some transparency in government structures.

How to Get the Benefits of 2024?

In order to get all the benefits of this portal, you need to register as a citizen. If you enter the home page of the first drunk BanglarBhumi portal, you will see an option called Citizen User.

Clicking on this option will ask for your username and password. If you have previously registered as a citizen user, you can log in with the previous username and password.

If you are new to this portal, you need to go to the signup option and register as a citizen. Follow the steps below to register.

Enter the official page of BanglarBhumi. Click on the signup option in the middle at the very top. Click here. Signup for Mouza Map Search Signup for Mouza Map Search

Clicking on signup will bring up a registration form in front of you. Enter your name etc. in the registration form.

You will need to provide your location to complete the registration. For this, provide your district Mouza code number, etc.

Then a captcha will appear in front of you. Complete the verification option by clearing the captcha.

After completing the above steps, you will be able to successfully register as a citizen user. Then save your username and password and enter the BanglarBhumi portal with the username and password for necessary work.

How do you know about land records online?

BanglarBhumi Portal stores digital maps and records. You can find out all the information by providing Mouza Number Khatian Number Plot Number. Follow the steps below to successfully access West Bengal Government Land Records online.

First, enter the official page of BanglarBhumi.

Then log in with your username and password.

You will see an option called Know Your Property in the middle of the homepage. Click on this option.

After clicking on the Know Your Property option, a search bar will open in front of you. Here you can provide Mouza Details.

Banglarbhumi West Bengal Land Record at
Banglarbhumi 2024 West Bengal Land Record at

However, to know the information about any land, you can find out the information by providing the ledger number or plot number. For this, provide the plot number or Khaitan number in the search option.

When your search results are completed, the property details will come in front of you. However, one thing to remember in this case is that you do not necessarily need to register as a citizen to know the information about any property. This service is open to everyone.

What other services do you get from BanglarBhumi Portal?

In addition to just knowing the property details, you can see the digital map of any land here. This portal will also give you 100% accurate information about the current market value of the land and the exact location of the land.

Moreover, if you want to register your land online, you can do so by paying a certain fee. Or if you want to change the ownership of the land through the mutation process, it is also done through this website.

Is there any other way to know the land records online?

Apart from the BanglarBhumi portal (, the Land and Land Reform Department has been running another software. This is a mobile application that Android users can install on their mobiles.

The name of the software is Bhuchitra. Digital maps of different lands of West Bengal are provided through it. In addition, this app provides accurate information about land location and current ownership.

To use the application, first, you need to download it from the Google Play Store and sign up.

Last word

The West Bengal government stores digital land information through its Portal. It is currently storing information in 42000 Mouzas.

In addition, the area of land reserved under the portal is about 4.30 crore. So, if you have purchased any land, you can easily get it registered through BanglarBhumi or get information.

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  1. Respected sir, I Sri Joynarayan Bhattacharya Residing at Panshila Govt Colony wardno.19 kolkata 700112 under Panihati municipality. I a flat purchase and registered on 31.10.2014 at SODEPUR ADSR
    . Till now no C. C. received from promoter A. S. CONSTRUCTION. Promoter said me all papers submitted the panihati municipality. Revised plan payment done on 20.11.2021. File no 1185. I went to panihati municipality on 29.12.2021 assessment department. Reply me the mutation prosses stop. I request you that see the matter and solve my mutation prosses problem. Thanks. Joynarayan Bhattacharya.

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