Apply Caste Certificate West Bengal 2023 @

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The government of West Bengal launched a website for backward classes and a caste certificate for West Bengal citizens is castecertificatewb This is the official website of the backward classes Welfare Department of the West Bengal government.

People who want to know about their caste certificate and also want to apply for a new caste certificate for their family member or anyone else have to visit the website and get information about any type of caste certificate.

Apply Caste Certificate West Bengal Online @
Apply Caste Certificate West Bengal Online @

On this website, people can do everything about the caste certificate. N the main purpose of this website is to improve the quality of life of backward society in West Bengal.

Today we will show how to apply caste certificate at, and provide every single detail about the procedure of application.

What is Caste Certificate?

Caste certificates are mainly focused on backward classes and the identity of their caste. In India and the state, there were lots of schemes and facilities available for backward societies. This scheme mainly focused to develop the backward society.

So any person who belongs to a backward society they have to prove they are self as a backward caste. To prove their caste they need a caste certificate.

Caste Certificate West Bengal
Caste Certificate West Bengal

In India, there was some cast available like SC ST OBC, and the government provided many schemes and features for them. There was some reservation for any field like government vacancies, houses, ration, etc.

People who want to use their reservation and get benefits from the government must need are caste certificate to prove their caste legally.

How to apply for Caste Certificate?

To apply for a caste certificate in West Bengal people can do it online. The government of West Bengal provides the official website for caste certificate applications, Citizens can easily visit the website and fill out the application form, and after verification, they can receive their caste certificate.

Now follow the steps below for a new application for a caste certificate

Step 1. Open the official website of caste certificate, the official website of the backward and welfare department of West Bengal.

Apply Caste Certificate West Bengal @
Apply for Caste Certificate West Bengal @

Step 2. After opening the website you can see the online application link on the left side of the website. You can also see the guide link for the application. Now click on the Application for SC/ST/OBC Certificate section to fill up the form.

Step 3. The application form is available to fill up, you have to feel all the information asked in the form. Don’t worry there was not very huge information asked of you. This is a very simple form but you have to focus when you fill it up it should be correct information.

Apply Caste Certificate West Bengal @
Apply for Caste Certificate West Bengal @

Step 4. After filling up all the information you should check the information you filled are are are all rights there was no mistake then you can submit the form. At the bottom, you can see the save and continue buttons click on that.

A caste certificate is a very important document for India and also any state in India. This certificate is an identity of a caste so if you belong to a backward society you must have this certificate for getting benefits from the government.

Today government of West Bengal provides lots of schemes for backward society to develop their lifestyle and grow up like others. Some schemes are only for backward societies.

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