Agnipath Scheme Recruitment 2024 Eligibility, Selection & Package

What is the Agnipath scheme 2024? Know the eligibility and selection method of the Agneepath yojana 2024. Also Know about the Agnipath Yojana annual financial packages, salary, compensation, and Seva Nidhi.

The agnipath scheme 2024 is one of the biggest schemes announced by the Indian Defence Ministry to provide a golden opportunity to the youth of India to join the Indian Army and serve the nation as Agniveers. It’s our dream come true opportunity for every single youth who wants to join the Indian Army.

Under this Agneepath scheme, candidates can apply to India’s three major defense and military systems like Indian Navy, the Indian Air Force, and the Indian Army. It’s a good opportunity for youth to fulfill their dream of joining the armed forces and serving the nation.

Agnipath Scheme Recruitment Eligibility, Selection & Package
Agnipath Scheme 2024 Recruitment Eligibility, Selection & Package

Under this scheme duration of service is 4 years including a training period, after that 25% of soldiers can continue their jobs. It’s based on their ability and positions all depend on the time. According to the announcement Soldiers who you didn’t include in the 25% are able to top priority to apply other defense systems.

Name of the schemeAgneepath Yojana Recruitment Scheme 2024, India
Managed ByDefence Ministry of Government of India.
BeneficiaryYouth of India (men and women)
Launched ByPM Narendra Modi
PurposeTo Give Opportunities to the youth to serve in the armed forces as Agniveers.
Service AreaIndian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force
Service Time4 Years
Age Limit171/2-23 years
Application processOnline / Offline

In this article, we are talking about everything that you want to know like eligibility, recruitment, training, service, annual package, compensations, selection and what after completion. Read this article carefully you will get every single detail.

Eligibility for the Agnipath Scheme 2024

Let’s know about the eligibility and enrollment criteria of Agneepath Yojana. This is an important part of this scheme because the selection procedure is fully transparent and automated so eligibility e is as important as their requirement.

  • The age limit for applicants from 171/2 to 21 years.
  • Duration of service 4 years including training period.
  • The selection procedure is transparent, centralized, and automated.
  • Enrollment of candidates/agniveers under respective service acts and regulations.
  • It’s all India level and all class enrollment.
  • Have centralized data and records of candidates.

Service Under the Agnipath Scheme 2024

Let’s know about the service of the Agneepath scheme. Every candidate who applies for this scheme has to know this term of service clearly.

  • Candidates/Agniveers will be enrolled for a duration of 4 years including a training period.
  • Candidates/Agniveers will meet the medical eligibility conditions as applicable to respective categories/trades.
  • Candidates/Agniveers can be posted to any regiment/unit/establishment.
  • Candidates/Agniveers will be given the option to opt for enrollment into the regular cadre.
  • The candidate/Agniveers would form a Distinct rank in the armed forces.
  • A distinctive insignia will be worn by candidates/Agniveers during their engagement period.
  • Candidate/Agniveers entitled to Honours and awards as per extant guidelines on the subject.
  • Up to 25% of Candidates/Agniveers from each batch will be enrolled in the regular cadre of the armed force.
Agnipath Scheme Term of Services
Agnipath Scheme 2024 Term of Services. image credit:

Recruitment of Agnipath Scheme 2024

Now understand the recruitment of the Agneepath scheme. The candidate will be enrolled under the respective service act for a service duration of 4 years including a training period. Requirement as per term and condition as we give above. Please read the above eligibility and service section for a better understanding.

Agnipath Scheme Benefits and Financial Packages
Agnipath Scheme 2024 Benefits and Financial Packages. image credit:

Training of Agniveers:

Imparted rigorous military training in existing training centers. The training system will be decided by the center and training will be e done by the existing military training center.

Agnipath Scheme 2024 Financial Package

As the announcement by the Defence Ministry office under this Agneepath scheme government will provide an attractive financial package to every agniveers. Not only package government also gives allowances, Seva Nidhi, compensation for death, and compensation for disability. Let’s check what government will provide to the agniveers.

Composite Annual Package:

  • The first-year package is approximately Rs. 4.76 lakhs.
  • The package up-gradation up to approximately Rs. 6.92 lakhs in the 4th year of service.

Allowances of Agnipath Scheme:

  • Risk and hardship
  • Ration
  • Dress
  • Travel allowance as applicable

Seva Nidhi for Agnipath Scheme:

Let’s know the terminal benefits under the Seva Nidhi package. There were some major benefits included in this scheme under Seva Nidhi, understand these benefits by the following points.

  • Each candidate/agniveer is to contribute 30% of the monthly package to the individual “Agniveer Corpus Fund”.
  • On the completion of the engagement period, one time Sevan the package of approximately Rs. 11.7 1 lakh will be paid and it’s totally tax-free.
  • Seva Nidhi package cell comprises a contribution by the candidate/agniveer, the interest thereon, and a matching contribution from the government.
  • Provide options for bank loans for candidates/agniveers.

Death Compensation of Agnipath Scheme:

  • Non-contributory life insurance cover of Rs. 48 lakhs.
  • Additional Ex Gratia of Rs. 44 lakhs of death attributable to service.
  • Pay for the unserved portion of 4 years including the Seva Nidhi component.

Disability Compensation of Agnipath Scheme:

  • Compensation is based on the percent (%) disability let down by medical authorities.
  • One time Ex Gratia of Rs. 44/25/15 lakhs of 100%/75%/50% disability, respectively.

Selection of Agniveers under Agnipath Scheme 2024

  • Selection of candidates/agniveers through a centralized, transparent and rigorous system. Every applicant must follow the guideline and eligibility criteria.
  • On enrollment in the regular cadre, pay is fixed as a Regular Soldier. Pension as per extant regulations.

Screening Assessment

  • Centralized transparent screening based on merit and demonstrated performance during service.
  • Agniveers can apply on a volunteer basis to enroll in the regular cadre.

On Completion

  • All candidates are entitled to Seva Nidhi on completion of 4 years.
  • Provide Skill Gained certificate.

Agnipath scheme is a pan India merit basis recruitment system for 4 years tuner. Its have attractive emoluments and a handsome Seva Nidhi package. Agniveers also have the opportunity to apply for enrollment in permanent Cadres. Based on merit and organizational requirements up to 25% of candidates selected through Central, are transparent and rigorous after 4 years. It’s a real opportunity to serve the nation as agniveers through enrollment in the armed forces.

Official website [Indian Army]
Official website [Indian Navy]
Official website [Indian Airforce]
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