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We all need some work to make a living and it is needless to say. However, in the current situation, many people are still unemployed. Because the workplace has gone down a lot, a lot of big companies have closed down, and even a lot of small companies have closed down completely due to the pandemic.

Many workers working there today are without work. Besides, we still can’t forget that scene during the lockdown. Where only the responsibility of making a living has to go to work in the state of Vine leaving the Maya of the family.

WB Karmo Bhumi: karmabhumi.nltr.org New Registration, Status
WB Karmo Bhumi 2024: karmabhumi.nltr.org New Registration, Status
Name of the schemeKarmo Bhumi Scheme, West Bengal
DepartmentSkill Registry for IT/ITeS Sector Department of IT & E, Govt. of West Bengal
StateWest Bengal
Launched ByCM Mamata Banerjee
PurposeTo collaborate between Job Seekers and Employers in the IT/ITeS sector.
Application processOffline/Online
Official websitehttps://karmobhumi.nltr.org/

But one by one, during the lockdown, when all the places began to close, the scene of the migrant workers marching on the road to return home still floated before their eyes.

WB Karmo Bhumi Scheme Registration @  karmobhumi.nltr.org
WB Karmo Bhumi Scheme Registration 2024 @ karmobhumi.nltr.org

In this situation, the Scheme that was formulated by the West Bengal state government is the Karmo Bhumi Scheme. Through this workbench Scheme, many people can apply for a job or employment for their livelihood.

Besides, thousands of people have lost their jobs due to the ongoing lockdown across the country due to the coronavirus. Moreover, many workers have returned to their homes after leaving all kinds of work.

Due to the complete shutdown of the transport system during the lockdown, the workers have cycled, some have rented a bullock cart, some have rented a bus at their own expense, or on a plane, and many have returned home on foot.

In such a situation, saving one’s life becomes more important than work, one has to reach home anyway. Even after reaching home, they have lost their jobs and are spending their days due to a lack of money.

It takes money to get the basic food they need to survive, and that money comes from hard work. If that work cannot be done in any work, then what kind of situation is created is going to be guessed. So in this context, we are going to discuss the Karmo Bhumi Scheme in detail.

West Bengal Karmo Bhumi Scheme 2024

In such a situation, keeping in mind the migrant workers, and the workers who lost all their jobs, the West Bengal State Government has come up with the Karmo Bhumi Scheme. This Scheme will be especially helpful in alleviating the poverty of unemployed workers.

West Bengal Karmo Bhumi: Registration at karmabhumi.nltr.org Portal
West Bengal Karmo Bhumi: Registration at karmabhumi.nltr.org Portal

In addition to meeting the needs of their daily lives, it will help them to get out of a depressing situation into a beautiful situation. Many people have already applied for this Scheme, if anyone is yet to apply, you can apply for a job in the workplace Scheme by following some of the methods given below.

Karmo Bhumi Scheme 2024 Application Procedure:

Step 1. First of all, go to your desktop/laptop/mobile browser and visit this website, https://karmabhumi.nltr.org/.


West Bengal Karmo Bhumi Scheme (karmobhumi.nltr.org)
West Bengal Karmo Bhumi Scheme (karmobhumi.nltr.org)

Step 2. After selecting Yes in all the options on the page that will open, enter the mobile number, and then OTP will come and verify by entering OTP.

Step 3. Then, after submitting a new page will open, select the job option on that page and select how many days of experience or how many years of experience you have in that job.

Step 4. Then select how much money will be paid for the job. Select whether you have worked in any other state before and specify where you currently live in which district. Then after the declaration tick and click on the submit button.

In this way, you will get another chance to build your jobless life in the Karmabhoomi Scheme. Find a job with your work skills and experience and apply for that job.

Many unemployed people have applied for the Karmabhoomi Scheme through the Karmabhoomi web portal on behalf of the West Bengal government. Many are thinking of returning to the state in fear and changing jobs.

The applicant is required to keep all kinds of identity cards, proof of address, and other documents. Because in any case, it is not possible to predict how it will be useful. So it is advisable to keep all kinds of documents in order.

If we become jobless, the development of the country is not possible in any way. Because the development of the country is possible only through work. That is why in this coronavirus situation there are many obstacles in the way of development of the country besides deprivation of the people.

That is why this Scheme with the idea of rebuilding everything in a new way will change the lives of the common people as well as help in the development of the country.

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