Star Health Insurance: Best Policy Features & Benefits

Star Health and Allied Insurance Firm Limited is India’s first standalone health insurance firm. The corporate started its operations in 2006 and is in joint collaboration with Allied Insurance. It specializes in offering medical insurance to its clients at inexpensive costs.

Star Wellbeing Insurance coverage affords excellent plans that give you and your family prolonged protection.

Company NameStar Health Insurance
Type of InsuranceHealth Insurance

Star Wellbeing Insurance plans duly cover all expenses of hospitalization, health check-ups, medical tests, ambulances, a second opinion from a specialist, treatment of critical sickness, Ayurvedic treatment, and many others.

Star Health Insurance Policy Features & Benefits
Star Health Insurance Policy Features & Benefits

Recently, Star has launched a brand new pilot product to offer protection for COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) patients.

Types of Star Health Insurance

Let’s know which type of Health Insurance is provided by Start.

1. Star Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Star Comprehensive Plan is the best choice for the customers due to its complete coverage with affordable premium rates. The scheme supplies full protection against medical bills arising from any disease.

Features and Benefits

Most protection of 5,000 per day is provided as a daily allowance for room charges, boarding and nursing bills. Single private A / C room facility for Sum Insured above Rs. 5 lakhs.

Costs come by medical providers such as a surgeon, anesthetist, medical practitioner, consultant, anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theater fee, pacemaker, drugs, and drugs, and many others. are all covered under the plan.

750 per hospitalization is charged if the insured needs immediate transport to the closest hospital.
Air ambulance facility available on the chosen sum insured and as much as 10% of the sum insured can be used.

Second medical opinion selection for policyholders who’re unsure of the diagnosis results of a particular disease and wish to seek extra skilled advice before beginning treatment for the same.

2. Senior Citizen Red Carpet Health Insurance Policy

Star Health Insurance meets Senior Citizen Red Carpet Policy to meet health care expenses over 60 years of age and supply a secure future to senior citizens.

Options and benefits are incurred on hospitalization of the patient for treatment of specific ailments lasting greater than 24 hours.

A 10% discount on the premium is given on submission of the next medical test report of the policyholder such as stress thallium report, sugar (blood and urine), creatinine, blood, urea, and blood pressure report.

50% of the sum insured is paid for bills such as a pacemaker, blood, oxygen, operation theater fee, anesthesia, and many others 25% of the sum insured is provided towards the cost of specialist fees, anesthetist, medical practitioner, guide, and surgeon.

Out-patient counseling for any minor illness in any network hospital, place an amount of 200 is given for each consultation. The per capita counseling limit per coverage year will depend on the optimized amount.

3. Star Super Surplus (Floater) Insurance Policy

Star Super Surplus Insurance is a health top-up plan that’s available on a floater basis that gives protection to the policyholder by covering all of the daily medical prices that gradually eliminating your savings can do.

It also offers extremely insured options with various plans at nominal costs. Variant Silver Scheme: The plan provides limited cover for pre and post-hospitalization, boarding and nursing expenses, guide’s fees, surgeon’s fees, and room charges.

Gold plan:

Silver plan plus single standard A / C room, Maternity expenses, Organ donor bills, Emergency ambulance charge, Air ambulance, Recharge benefit, Medical Second Opinion, and many others. covers all the medical costs mentioned.

Features & Benefits

Room rent, boarding, nursing expenses for in-patient hospitalization are as much as most of Rs. 4,000 per day. Costs of pacemakers, blood, oxygen, operation theater fees, anesthesia, medication, and different associated bills are covered. Pre-hospitalization as much as 30 days and post-hospitalization, up to 60 days are coated.

Illnesses related to cataract treatment and bone replacement, ulcers, thyroid disease, diseases of penetration, biliary diseases, hernia, diseases related to female sexual organs, eye chambers, and many others. are coated.

Emergency ambulance expenses as much as Rs 3,000 per hospital. Supply prices are paid as much as Rs 50,000 per coverage time period on Caesarean section delivery (including prenatal, postnatal expenses, and valid medical termination of pregnancy).

A maximum of two deliveries is covered. Organ donor bills for organ transplants of the policyholder are also coated under the policy.

4. Family Health Optima Insurance Scheme

The Star Family Health Optima Scheme (at Star Health Insurance) caters to the health wants of individuals and families by compensation for medical expenses arising out of hospitalization, surgery/remedy / diagnostic checks, health check-ups, and many others.

Feature and Benefits

Auto-replenishment of the sum insured if the insured has consumed the entire amount of the sum insured by steady claims. Refills will be increased up to 100% (every time) as much as Three times.

Additional Sum Insured for Road Visitors Accident (RTA) which caused broken limbs of the physique and hospitalized the insured.

A most of 5 lakhs is allowed from the sum insured. In-patient hospitalization and air ambulance cowl are also coated by the scheme.

New child bills such as daily nutrition, immunization, medicines, and many others. are covered as much as 50,000 or 10% of the sum assured, and protection will start from the 16th day of start.

Return of mortal, where 5,000 is given to the insured’s house to cover the cost of return in respect of his insurance and supply. The cost will include the cost of embalming, coffin expenses, and many others.

Shared accommodation for any kind of remedy during inpatient hospitalization. Insurance by Medical Specialist Donor expenditure for organ transplant as advised to the individual.

The cost of an annual health check-up is roofed up to a most of 3,500.

5. Medi Classic Insurance Policy (Individual)

Medi Classic Insurance policy supplies safety against health bills of people and family members beneath affordable premium rates.

The motive behind this scheme is to guard your savings by giving timely protection during emergencies like treatment of any disease or accident.

Features and Benefits

All bills under inpatient hospitalization are duly paid such as insurance payments, consulting fees, surgeon fees, doctor’s fees, blood, room service fees, nursing, operation theater prices, etc.

Emergency ambulance facility in every hospital for up to Rs 1500 per policy term. Non-allopathic treatment where the insured has to choose 25% of the sum assured.

The gradual reinstatement of the sum assured is 200% of all the sum insured is claimed towards declared settlement. A cumulative bonus equal to 25% of the sum assured is credited to the profit pool of the scheme.

A bonus is given only if no declare is made by the insured in the policy year.

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