West Bengal Sabala Scheme 2024: Benefits & Registration

West Bengal Sabala Scheme 2024: Sabala is a developmental Scheme run by the West Bengal State Government. Under this Scheme, the state government is carrying out various processes for the overall development of adolescent girls in West Bengal.

After being elected as the Chief Minister of West Bengal, Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has been moving ahead with a series of Schemes. The aim of all the Schemes is to develop the people living in the state.

In particular, for the welfare of women in the state of West Bengal, the Hon’ble Chief Minister has launched a number of Schemes, including Kanyashree or Lakshmi Bhandar, etc. The Sabala is one of the schemes of the group to ensure the welfare of girls at an early age.

What is a Sabala Scheme 2024?

Sabala is a developmental Schemes run by the West Bengal State Government which mainly empowers adolescent girls. In other words, it is a Scheme that is engaged in the overall development of girls.

The Scheme is being implemented in seven districts of the state of West Bengal in tandem with the Kanyashree Scheme. In fact, under this Scheme, the state government is working for the physical and mental development of girls in the age group of 11 to 18 years in the state of West Bengal.

On the other hand, the Scheme has provided training to adolescent girls to become proficient in various subjects. Health, sexual health, and hygiene are also being raised under this Scheme.

Name of the schemeSabala Scheme, West Bengal
DepartmentWest Bengal Department of Women Development & Social Welfare
StateWest Bengal
Launch date2011
Launched ByCM Mamata Banerjee
PurposeTo improve the nutritional and health status of girls between 11 to 18 years of age in West Bengal.
Application processOffline
Official websitehttp://wbcdwdsw.gov.in/

The overall work of the Scheme is carried out through various Anganwari organizations in the state. The main branches which are responsible for monitoring the Scheme are the Women and Child Welfare Department and the Social Welfare Department of West Bengal.

Purpose of Sabala Scheme 2024?

The purpose of this Scheme is multifaceted and is directly related to the welfare of women and the real development of women. So let’s not know what are the objectives of this Scheme.

The first and foremost objective of the Sabala Scheme is to empower women. In other words, the state government has been running this Scheme so that women do not fall behind in this patriarchal society.

In addition, the purpose of this Scheme is to ensure that women are entitled to good health. In fact, women in various districts of West Bengal are still neglected and almost always can not eat the same nutritious food as men. But another reason is poverty.

As a result, the aim of all the Schemes is to ensure that women are not malnourished due to poverty or any other reason. Besides, the aim of this Scheme is to create awareness among women.

The purpose of the Sabala Scheme is to make women aware of women’s health awareness and sexual awareness from adolescence onwards. All in all, the purpose of this Scheme is to eliminate inequality from society.

In other words, one of the objectives of the Sabala Schemes is to ensure that women are not discriminated against for social or any other reason.

Who can apply for the Sabala Scheme 2024?

Now let’s know who can apply for these Schemes. In fact, it is a Scheme aimed at making teenage girls skilled. It provides nutritional food as well as health knowledge to women.

In fact, all the adolescents between the ages of 11 and 18 in the state of West Bengal will be able to avail of services under this scheme.

But the girl must be a permanent resident of West Bengal. So any girls living in the state for 11 years or above 11 years or 18 years or below 18 years can apply.

In addition, to get the benefits of this Scheme, you have to have a few more features. First of all, the teenage girl must be unmarried. No married girl will be considered eligible for the Scheme.

Besides, the girl must be studying in a school. Adolescent girls who are not studying in any educational institution will not be considered eligible for this Scheme.

Benefits of the Sabala Scheme 2024?

The Sabala Scheme is aimed at the overall development of every teenage girl in the state of West Bengal. The benefits of the Scheme are multi-dimensional. So let’s find out the benefits below.

1. Under this Scheme, developmental activities are conducted for all the adolescent girls in West Bengal between the ages of 11 to 18 years.

2. Under this scheme, every teenage girl is given a teenage card (Kishore card). The teenage card records their health information.

3. Under this Scheme, the state government is providing free nutritious food for adolescent girls. All this nutritious food is being delivered to every adolescent girl through Anganwari.

4. Under this Scheme, adolescent girls are being made proficient in various subjects. In particular, girls between the ages of 11 and 18 are being helped to acquire skills in vocational work that will enable them to be functional in the future.

5. Under this Scheme, life education is being imparted to adolescent girls from an early age. These subjects include primary health education, sex education, awareness about cleanliness, etc., which are important for the health protection of adolescent girls.

Where to apply?

The Sabala Scheme is a Scheme to train all adolescent girls between the ages of 11 and 18 in various subjects. The overall responsibility of this Scheme is vested in the Department of Women and Child Welfare, the State of West Bengal, and the Department of Social Welfare.

However, at the local level, the activities of this Scheme are managed by the local Anganwaris. Besides, Block DSPO is associated with this organization. As a result, local Anganwari can be contacted to avail the benefits of this Scheme.

Under the Sabala Scheme, the state government is providing nutritious food to adolescent girls in West Bengal. As the backward poor girls in many districts of the state cannot eat nutritious food, it is a good initiative for them.

Girls can learn various things that help women’s empowerment in West Bengal in the near future. Which is undoubtedly an extreme success for West Bengal.

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