Punjab Caste Certificate 2023 Online Download – Punjab SC/ST/OBC Certificate Download

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Hello friends, today we are going to tell you about a needy document for you, as you all know that whenever the government of Punjab starts a scheme, then for that scheme the government sets some documents in all the documents.

There is also a document caste certificate, the main role of this document in the scheme is to identify your caste, which religion, and which caste you belong to. Today we are going to tell you about the Punjab caste certificate, how can you get the Punjab caste certificate made, and how to download it online.

Punjab SC/ST/OBC Certificate Download at punjab.gov.in
Punjab Caste Certificate Download at punjab.gov.in

There will be almost many people in the state of Punjab who will not have a document like caste proof and they are not able to take advantage of any government scheme.

How is it made for a caste certificate, they do not have any correct information to make a caste certificate. So today we will share complete information about making and downloading Punjab caste certificates for those people.

For your information, let us also tell you one more thing that used to happen earlier, caste certificates had to be made under the offline application process of getting caste certificates. But in the offline application process, people had to wander here and there to get the caste certificate made.

Due to this a lot of people’s time was wasted, in view of such problems, the Government of Punjab has released an online portal.

What is Punjab Cast Certificate?

The caste certificate is issued by every state government, one of those states is Punjab, where the government also issues the document, the caste certificate document is a government document.

Whose requirement is read for many governments works for us and used in government work for a caste certificate? For example, this document is used in getting reservations, while taking admitted to college, and in taking benefits of government schemes.

We have already told above for you that in the era of offline, one had to go to the offices to get the caste certificate made and also waste precious time, then only the caste certificate was made, but in view of all such problems.

The state of Punjab The government has started the online process of making caste certificates, now you can get caste certificates made under the online application process if you want to get more information about the online application process please read our article on the Panjab caste certificate application online.

Here we focus on online downloads if you have already applied for the Panjab caste certificate.

How to download Panjab Caste Certificate?

If you have already applied for the Panjab caste certificate online or offline then you can download it by following the step below.

  • First, open your browser from your device.
  • Now search Panjab redistrict portal.
  • Click on the site and its homepage will appear in front of you.
Punjab Caste Certificate Download Online at punjab.gov.in
Punjab Caste Certificate Download Online at punjab.gov.in
  • Click on the status check option
  • Enter your registration number to search for your application.
  • Now you can see your caste certificate.
  • Click on the download button to download your caste certificate
  • You can download or print from here.

Note- if you still have not applied for a caste certificate then you can’t download your Panjab caste certificate. So let’s have a quick glance at how to apply for it.

How to make Cast Certificate in Punjab

The Punjab caste certificate is an important document for the citizens that proves which caste they belong to. The caste certificate is issued by the social welfare department.

If you are a native of Punjab, then only you can apply for it, you can also apply for the Punjab caste certificate online.

Documents required for Punjab Caste Certificate –

  • Copy of ration card
  • Income certificate
  • Aadhar card
  • Photocopy of the applicant
  • Permanent residence certificate

Punjab Caste Certificate Online application

Step 1. Firstly candidates visit the official website (http://punjab.gov.in/).

apply online for the Punjab caste certificate
apply online for the Punjab caste certificate

Step 2. If you have not login in Punjab website, then you can log in yourself first, and then only you can apply.

apply online for the Punjab caste certificate
apply online for the Punjab caste certificate

Step 3. After that, you have to click on Online Service.

Step 4. After that, the options of caste will come in front of you, click on the caste certificate you want to make.

After clicking, you will have to click on apply online in front of you and the form for application will appear on your next page, you will have to set all the information entered in the form correctly. and finally, click on save.

Punjab Caste Certificate Offline Application

First of all, you have to go to your tehsil to apply offline, from there you will get the application form and fill out the application form and submit the documents. After that, the documents will be sent by the Tehsildar to the SDM office.

After that, information is obtained from the local people by checking the documents by Patwari. After that, after 1 week the caste certificate of the candidate is issued.

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