Haryana Kisan Mitra Scheme, Know The Eligibility, Documents Required

Under this scheme government officials, progressive farmers and volunteers present higher financial management to other farmers to extend agricultural productivity. , Adoption of new agricultural technology:

According to studies published in media and newspapers, the Chief Minister of the state, Manohar Lal Khattar, stated that under the Kisan Mitra Club Scheme, government officials, progressive farmers and volunteers will give suggestions to the farmers, so that their earnings can be increased.

He stated that there will be one farmer friend on 100 farmers, thus 17 thousand farmers will have 17 thousand farmer mates in the state. It is to be famous that on March 17, the Haryana government had clarified all of the Farmers Clubs shaped before April 1, 2017. They are saying that the golf equipment that have been restructured within the last three years will be valid only.

For info, tell us that the information of all the schemes was straight passed on to the farmers via the Farmers Golf equipment constituted by the Department of Agriculture. Now the same work will be performed by these new clubs.

Eligibility for schemes connected to this scheme

The farmer has to be a resident of Haryana state as the government has begun this scheme only for the farmers of Haryana. Farmers of different states will not be eligible under this scheme.

All these farmers who personal two acres or much less of land and currently do farming work for this scheme.

Documents required for application

  • Aadhaar Card
  • Id card
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Housing letter
  • Mobile Number
  • ground paper

What is Kisan Mitra Club Scheme

Kisan Mitra Club Scheme has been formulated by the Haryana Authorities for all the small farmers of Haryana State who’ve 2 acres or less land.] Under this scheme, progressive farmers will motivate small farmers to increase agricultural productivity. And at the same time, farmers can even be given information about the schemes being run by the government, which will improve the earnings of farmers along with improvement in agricultural manufacturing.

Farmer mates will be trained for this primary. This scheme will work on the Modi government’s vision of doubling farmer’s income by 2022. This scheme will profit people associated to agriculture as well as der, horticulture and other allied sectors. The particular feature of this scheme will be that after becoming a member of this scheme, the farmer will get the direct benefit of all the schemes.

How to apply

Farmers who fulfill the criteria given beneath this scheme can apply in this scheme. Currently, we inform you that no site has been officially began to apply for this scheme online yet. So as soon as its website is launched you can be made aware of it via shut interaction. So stay with us.

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This scheme will increase the income of the farmer

Farmers can increase their income by linking with Kisan Mitra Yojana. The state authorities have also began this scheme to develop the animal husbandry sector. Farmers have announced a scheme of animal husbandry centered card to start milk productiveness.

This will profit livestock farmers. They may be capable to get loans on their animals for a set quantity without interest. Farmers linked to this scheme can even get the benefit of different schemes run by the Haryana government. Under this scheme, farmers with the land of two acres or much less will get the benefit of schemes launched by the government.

Advantages of the Kisan Mitra Club Scheme.

This scheme will extend to small farmers, livestock farmers, donors, horticulture, and other allied sectors of the state of Haryana.

Farmers can improve their income by becoming a member of the Kisan Mitra Club Scheme launched by the Haryana State Government.

The farmers of the state will benefit from the welfare scheme being launched by the government.



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