Bihar Bhumi 2024: Ways to Check Land Records in Bihar @

Bihar Bhumi Land Records 2024 (बिहार भूमि 2024): Check Bihar Land Records Online | Ways to Check Bihar Bhumi Land Records 2024| Search Bihar Bhumi Land Record Khatian 2024 | How to Check Land Records in Bihar at

Welcome to our today’s event. Do you want to know about the Bihar bhumi land records of Bihar? In previous, you should go to the Revenue Office and you had to go to know by the Khaitan number or records of a region of India or the name of its owner.

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But now the government of India has taken a new initiative to alleviate the suffering of buying and selling. With the help of this scheme run under the National Land Records Modernization Program, information from all regions has been brought on the online platform.

Bihar Bhumi: Way to Check Land Records in Bihar @
Bihar Bhumi: Way to Check Land Records in Bihar @

Therefore, if you want to buy any land, you must check its records before buying it. Again, these land records will play a very important role in which land you will sell. So let’s find out without delay how to know the records of different regions sitting at home.

How to check Bihar Bhumi Land Records online 2024?

The land record maintained by the Bihar State Government is also called the Khatian Record. It can be searched by serial number, draft number, or owner’s name. A website is being run by the Bihar State Government to check the land records of Bihar.

From the Bihar Land Records site, you can easily find information about any region. Before using this website to know Bihar Land Records, you can collect information from here. That is, what is the information under Land Records, and exactly which information can be important for you? You can collect the following information from the site.

  • Khata number of any place.
  • Register a number of any place.
  • The name of the current owner of a place and other identities of the owner
  • The last position of land law.
  • From here it is possible to know whether there is any third-party authority in a land.
  • Find out how many times a land has already been sold and whether there are any legal complications.
  • The total area of the land can be known.
  • Find out what other types of land there are around land and the ownership of the land around it.
  • Whether the land is government land or a panchayat or a road land can be known.

Find out more about Bihar Land Records using this web portal. We already know that there is an official web portal run by the Bihar State Government, from where you can collect necessary information about any region of Bihar.

Besides, I have mentioned above that this portal will serve you in just about any subject. So now let’s know how to use the portal, that is, how to know the land records from here.

The first step: You first need to log in to the web portal run by the Bihar State Government. For this, you have to open Google or any other browser from your mobile or desktop. Type LRC Bihar there. Then click on the first link in the search results. Or you can click on the official web portal of the website. The web portal is

Check Bihar Bhumi Land Records at
Check Bihar Bhumi Land Records at

The second step: After entering the website, click on the search option. From the search option, first, select the district of the list. Select your region from the list of different regions under the district. Then select the name of your village from the list of regions.

The third step: You can collect land records in three ways. If you know the registration number then you can use it to know about your area. Or you can search for land information with the draft number or the name of the landowner.

The fourth step: Suppose you want to find land information with the name of the landowner. In that case, enter the name of the landowner in the search box. And search.

Fifth step: If your search result is successful then all the information of the land will be displayed in front of the screen. From there you can know about the information you need.

An alternative way to check Bihar land records

Apart from the official web portal run by the Bihar State Government, you can find another way. For this, you have to go to the official website of Biharbhumi. Another Way to check Bihar Land from Biharbhumi’s official page

First, you have to go to the official website of Biharbhumi. How to collect information after logging in. One is using the serial number and the other is using the party name. To search for information with serial numbers, click Search by Serial Number. Enter the serial number here and search.

If you want to find information by party name, select search by party name. Then search after entering the name of the candidate.

Requirements and use of Bihar Land Records

So far we have learned how to collect Bihar Land Record information at home. But there are some uses for the information you have collected. This is especially important if you are going to buy or sell land right now.

Because by checking and sorting information from here you can avoid any fraud or deception. With this information, you can find out who owns the right land. You can also find out from the records if the land is leased elsewhere.

You can also find out if there is any legal complication on the land. The most important thing is that you can know the exact area of land and the important sexual relations in its vicinity.

Limitations of Bihar Bhumi Land Records

There are several uses for land records that you know about at home. There is a limit to this information. In this way, you will not be able to use the information obtained from the website in any legal process.

If you want to use a land information legal process then you have to go to the revenue office. And apply for legal documents.

A warning regarding Land Records

Usually, when we buy land we do sell deeds. By doing this the land comes under your ownership. However, in this case, the ownership is not changed to your name. In other words, your name will not be included in the name of the landowner in the Land Records.

In this case, you must make a mutation. The mutation is a process in which the land owner’s name on the Land Record will be changed to your name. Mutations must be done after purchasing any land. Otherwise, your second owner and worker may sell a second time elsewhere. Be careful and resist any kind of fraud.

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