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Tourism Department of West Bengal: Hello everyone! Today we are going to discuss the tourism department of West Bengal. This is the department that exercises all functionality related to tourism and its maintenance. To learn more about the tourism department stay connected with us.

Tourism Department of West Bengal:

The state government wants to emphasize digital media like other states in the development of tourism in the whole of West Bengal. Not only that, new initiatives are being taken to attract tourists from the country, On behalf of the Tourism Department of the State Government of West Bengal.

Name of the Department Tourism Department of West Bengal
StateWest Bengal
ServicesTravel and Tourism Services in West Bengal.
Current CMMamata Banerjee
PurposeTo provide information on the Tourism Development of West Bengal.
Official websitehttp://wbtourism.gov.in/

The natural beauty of Bengal, and the enchanting environment, will surely attract people. Crowds of tourists flock to see the green paddy fields, the beautiful nature of rural Bengal, the beach hilly villages, etc. The state government of West Bengal has revived Bengal in the international arena to attract tourists, said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Tourism Department of West Bengal at wbtourism.gov.in
Tourism Department of West Bengal at wbtourism.gov.in

Tourism Department of West Bengal (wbtourism.gov.in) The West Bengal State Government Department has been playing a pioneering role in improving the tourism infrastructure by investing more in tourism hubs, and adding tourism to small and medium industries.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, in 2015, Bengal was ranked fifth in terms of foreign tourist arrivals and eighth in terms of domestic tourist arrivals. Since the Trinamool government came to power in 2011, there has been tremendous improvement in both cases.

Functions of the Tourism Department of West Bengal:

The improvement of the State Finance Department, the improvement of the Tourism Department, and the Trinamool Government was the main goal and it is noteworthy. In addition, according to the state government’s plan to build 10,000 houses for tourists by 2020.

Moreover, with the inspiration of Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee, the West Bengal Tourism Department is going to launch 19 new tourist destinations for tourists in North Bengal. The total cost for this is 25 crore rupees.

In addition to renovating the old tourist centers, initiatives have been taken to build several new tourist centers of international standard. In one day, 200 tourists will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of these new centers.

Ratneshwar Lake, Satkhira in West Bengal, Khushi Udyan, Lataguri Dighi, Madhubani Park, Mangalbari, Ramsay, Mauli, Murti, Jalpesh Temple, Tilabari, Batari, Jatileshwar Temple, some new and old are some of the new tourist attractions coming to North Bengal. The State Tourism Department has taken several steps across the state to expand the tourism industry in Bengal.

Tourism Department’s new slogan – Experience Bengal: The Sweetest Part of India. The State Tourism Department has moved out of the state with the gift of Bengali resources and beauty. Hyderabad, Delhi, and Chandigarh have organized expeditions to highlight the natural beauty, culture, heritage, and culture of Bengal by holding roadshows in every state which has been quite successful.

Minister of State for Tourism, Gautam Dev said, “The main objective of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is to show Bengal to the world. . ” According to that instruction, this roadshow is organized to go from state to state and get acquainted with all the beauties of Bengal.

Apart from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore, small towns are now the main target of the state tourism department. According to the survey, many people visit this city every year. Collectively, the country’s five major cities are even bigger.

Website of Tourism Department of West Bengal:

The website of this department is www.wbtourism.gov.in This website provides details about the Tourism Center of the State Government of West Bengal.

wbtourism.gov.in Tourism Department of West Bengal
wbtourism.gov.in Tourism Department of West Bengal

Website work of the Tourism Department:

One can keep updated on what innovations have been added to any tourist center, and what facilities this department of the West Bengal State Government is going to offer to the tourists.

Due to the activities of this department of the West Bengal State Government, various tourist centers in West Bengal are becoming more and more attractive day by day. Tourist centers from Kolkata to Sundarbans, Dooars, Darjeeling, beaches, hills, mountains, etc., are much more developed than before to attract tourists.

In that case, this has been made possible by the activities of this department of the West Bengal State Government and Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. At the end of the week or at the end of the year, everyone has the thought of getting a little out of work. Many people are looking for a low-cost and place to hang out.

In this case, the tourist centers not only improve the economic system of the state but also create a captivating environment for the common man.

Accommodation for tourists, facilities to enjoy their natural beauty, the effectiveness of this department for everything is eye-catching. Moreover, the tourist centers of West Bengal have gained popularity. The tourist spots here have received a huge response at home and abroad.

The number of foreign tourists has increased more than before. Besides, the promotion of tourist centers through social media is in full swing. Through this, too many tourists are getting to know about the beauty of Bengal and are choosing Bengal as a holiday destination to enjoy that beauty.

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