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One of the schemes run by the government of West Bengal is called Sabooj Sathi Scheme. The project aims to distribute bicycles among secondary and higher secondary students.

What is the Sabooj Sathi Scheme?

The project was undertaken by Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee to distribute bicycles among the students of Class IX, x, XI, and XII is known as Sabooj Sathi Project. This project was adopted in FY 2015-16 which is still ongoing.

Sabooj Sathi Scheme: Eligibility & Registration
Sabooj Sathi Scheme: Eligibility & Registration

Under the Sabooj Sathi project, there is talk of distributing bicycles among government, government-aided and madrasa-educated students, which will enable students to become more self-reliant.

Name of the scheme Sabooj Sathi Prakalpa, West Bengal
Department Higher Education of WB Department
Beneficiaries Class 9th to 12th Students of West Bengal
State West Bengal
Launch date In March 2015
Launched by CM Mamata Banerjee
Purpose To distribute bicycles among secondary and higher secondary students in West Bengal.
Application process Offline
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All the work of this project is carried out by the backward class welfare department. Besides, distribution and transparency of work are ensured through various tendering.

Under the Sabooj Sathi project, it was initially said that bicycles would be distributed among 40 lakh students. In which 2.5 million cycles were distributed in 2015 /16 fiscal year-end rest of 1.5 million cycles would be distributed in the next fiscal year, CM stated.

Naming the Sabooj Sathi Scheme

Sabooj Sathi, the name of the project adopted by Hon’ble Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to distribute bicycles among secondary and higher secondary students. And this project has been named by the Chief Minister herself.

Sabooj Sathi Scheme
Sabooj Sathi Scheme

Under this project, the students are given a blue bicycle. The bicycle is mounted on a basket in front of it.

The logo of the Sabooj Sathi project was designed by the Chief Minister herself. And since this logo is green in color, the project was named Sabooj Sathi.

The Sabooj Sathi project was inaugurated by Hon’ble Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee. The project was started in West Midnapore in October 2015. And then the project was officially identified as Sabooj Sathi.

Goals and Objectives of the Sabooj Sathi Scheme

The Sabooj Sathi Project, which was undertaken by the Government of West Bengal in the financial year 2015-16, has certain goals and objectives. However, the primary objective of the project is to ensure secondary-level education.

The Sabooj Sathi project adopted by Mamata Banerjee is inspired by the Sustainable Development Goal or SDG-2030 and is driven by the same goal.

The Sabooj Sathi Project is directly related to the four Sustainable Development Goals.

  1. No. 3 SDG: Good Health and Welding.
  2. No. 4 SDG: Quality Education.
  3. No. 5 SDG: Gender Equality.
  4. No. 13 SDG; Climate action.

Now let’s find out what are the goals and objectives of the Sabooj Sathi project. In general, this project is moving forward to directly meet the three goals and objectives.

1. Ensure education rate

The biggest objective of the Sabooj Sathi project announced by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is to ensure the rate of education.

Unfortunately, it is true that a large number of students do not get the opportunity to study in many part of West Bengal every year. Due to Child marriage is one of the main reasons for poverty.

For this reason, the Sabooj Sathi Project is being run so that students can participate in secondary and higher secondary education and generate interest in them.

2. Increased confidence in girls

Ensuring women’s education is a big part of the Sabooj Sathi project because girls still do not have the same right to education as boys.

Through this project, it will be possible to include more women in the field of education. And at least it will be possible to educate them up to secondary or higher secondary level.

It is also possible to prevent child marriage through the project which will develop the path to higher education for women.

3. Climate

Another goal of the project is to protect the climate. By encouraging cycling, carbon emissions can be reduced by many percent.

Ensuring improved and secure transportation through the Sabooj Sathi project is also a big aspect.

Students Beneficiary List

Every student can check the latest list of the scheme. Following steps can

Step: 1 – Click Here for Checking Beneficiary List.

Students Beneficiary List - Sabooj Sathi Scheme
Students Beneficiary List – Sabooj Sathi Scheme

Step: 2 – Select your details correctly. Select your district, Block, School, Select Phase, and your class.

Step: 3 – After selecting your details click on the “Search a Beneficiary” button.

After clicking the search beneficiary button you can see the beneficiary result on this page. You can download or print this page for record.

Student login

Students can log in to their own accounts on the official website of Sabooj Sathi. You have to follow this instruction for login.

Step 1 – Click here to visit the login page.

Students Login - Sabooj Sathi Scheme
Students Login – Sabooj Sathi Scheme

Step 2 – To log in you need two things 1. Your Applicant ID 2. Applicant date of birth.

Step 3 – Write your applicant ID and your date of birth, after that the enter the captcha code you can see on the page.

Step 4 – Now hit the login button, now you successfully e login into your account.

Administrative work of the Sabooj Sathi Scheme

The Department of Backward Classes Welfare has the largest executive responsibility for the Sabooj Sathi project.

There is also a steering committee which carries out all kinds of activities at the micro-level.

An inter-departmental committee has been formed to oversee the entire work.

The entire work of the Sabooj Sathi project is divided through tendering, which is normally determined by the policy of the Government of West Bengal.

The biggest part of this project is the collection of bicycles, which is mainly run with the joint support of the Punjab Government and UNDP.

Funding for this project is especially from the Hase Backward Classes Welfare Department. That funding is used primarily for underprivileged students.

E-Governance covers a large part of the management and implementation of the Sabooj Sathi project, which basically refers to the digitization of government and seeks to ensure services through technology.

The main task of e-Governance in the project is to compile and maintain a list of students.

The use of Men’s in the Sabooj Sathi project has made the activities of the government much easier. At the same time, it has been possible to confirm all the information related to the project.

The current status of the Scheme

So let’s not know at this stage what is the current status of the Sabooj Sathi project run by Mamata Banerjee. The project has crossed several milestones since 2015.

The Sabooj Sathi Project, which started in the 2015-16 financial year, has so far provided bicycles to more than nine million students. There is no doubt that this number will soon cross one crore.

The complete accurate measurement of Sabooj Sathi Distribution is given on the official website where a learning center updates their information after taking the bicycle. All this information is then checked by Inspector and its accuracy is confirmed.

Grievance and complaint

On the official website, anyone can give a grievance or complaint directly to the government. Meaning of people doesn’t know about the method of complaint in the Sabooj Sathi scheme.

Following the instruction for know, how to grievance and complain in Sabooj Sathi scheme.

Step 1 – Click here to open the grievance page.

Grievance and complaint
Grievance and complaint

Step 2 – For grievance, you have to fill this form correctly with full detail of your complaint.

  • Select user types public or student.
  • Entered the name of the complaint.
  • Current mobile number.
  • Email ID.
  • Select your Grievance type.
  • Now write the Grievance with details. You have to write clearly about the complaint.
  • Now if you have any attachment files or documents you can at in attach file section. This is not mandatory if you have any documents or files you can add from here.

Step 3 – Completing your grievance click on the send button. Done you successfully add a grievance.

Grievance and complaint is the most important part of any schemes. If anyone gives wrong information or does not work as the government says. Public can grievance to the government.

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