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PM Scholarship 2023: How to Apply for Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme 2023? | Documents and Eligibility for Prime Minister Scholarship | Registration West Bengal Prime Minister Scholarship Online.

In today’s event, we will discuss the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme. So far we have talked about different types of scholarship schemes, and we have learned the process of applying for different types of scholarship schemes.

However, today’s event is a little different where we will talk about the scholarship scheme formulated by the Prime Minister of India. We may have already heard about the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme, which started in 2007. Under this scheme, 5500 students are paid by the Prime Minister’s Defense Fund every year.

Name of the ScholarshipPrime Minister Scholarship Scheme
BeneficiaryStudents of India
StateAll States of India
PurposeTo help students of India for higher education.
Application processOnline/Offline
Official website

In this special event, we will learn about the eligibility to apply for the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme and the application process for this project. So let’s get to know the details of the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme without delay.

Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme (PMSS Scheme)

The central government launched the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme in 2006-07 with the aim of promoting higher technology and education. Under the scheme, ex-combatants and ex-Indian Coast Guard soldiers are given scholarships for higher education for their children and widows.

Prime Minister Scholarship Eligibility and Apply Online
PM Scholarship Eligibility and Apply Online

Like every year, this year also has this scheme. You need to apply today to get the benefits of the project. So let us know the details of the scheme and how to apply for this scheme. Every year 5,500 children of ex-servicemen and ex-servicemen are given the benefit of this project.

In this, both boys and girls are given equal numbers, i.e. this scholarship is given to 2750 boys and 2750 girls. Scholarships are awarded for courses up to 1-5.

Scholarship of Rs. 3,000 per month – This scholarship is awarded to students pursuing courses under professional degree programs approved by institutions like MCI, AICTE, and UGC.

Under this scheme, boys get Rs. 2500 per month and girls Rs. 3000 per month. This money goes directly to the student’s bank accounts. For this, students have to apply online on the website of the Central Military Board.

Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme is paid in some categories

This scholarship scheme is funded for various technical training. We already know that this money is given to the daughters and sons of widows who are enlisted in the Indian Army. The scholarships are awarded in the following fields:

  • Medical
  • Dentist
  • Technical
  • Engineering
  • MBA
  • MCA

These scholarships are also paid for other specialized courses.

Purpose of the Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme:

We already know about the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme. From the information discussed above, it is easy to assume that this scheme is meant for the higher education of disadvantaged students.

Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme at
Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme at

So it is said that one of the purposes of this scheme is to specify the extent of education. There are still many students in different states of India who, despite being gifted, cannot continue their education due to a lack of funds.

To this end, the Prime Minister has introduced a new scholarship scheme to streamline the development of education through which it is possible to specify the development of talents in the field of education by providing cash to the students.

Benefits of Prime Minister Scholarship (PMSS Scheme)

  • The Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme has multiple benefits. Its benefits, like its purpose, are many. So let’s find out what are the benefits of the PM Scholarship Scheme.
  • The scheme provides cash assistance to poor students from the Prime Minister’s Defense Fund.
  • The children employed in the army will benefit from this scholarship scheme.
  • Students studying any technical subject will get the benefit of a scholarship scheme.
  • Under this scheme, scholarships up to Rs. 2500 for boys and up to Rs. 3000 for girls will be provided.

Eligibility for the Prime Minister Scholarship (PMSS Scheme)

For this scholarship, students who have taken admitted in the first year of all professional courses except the integrated course can apply. For this, the minimum educational qualification is 10 + 2 / Diploma / 60 percent marks or more at the postgraduate level.

Students studying in their second year or later will not get this scholarship. On which courses is this scholarship being offered? This scholarship is available for BE, BBA, B.TECH, B.D.S., B.Ed, B. Pharma, Mbbs, B.C.A., MBA, and MCA courses. However, students who take this course while abroad or are doing this course in distance education will not get this scholarship.

Apply Online Prime Minister Scholarship (PMSS Scheme)

To apply to the Prime Minister scholarship scheme you should follow the following steps. You can apply on it totally online that’s mean you can apply for PM SS for the prime minister scholarship scheme at home. So let’s know about the steps.

1. Log on to the Central Army Board website at and click on the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme.

2. A form for registration will appear in front of you. Where do you need to fill out the form?

3. You must fill out this form. In the form, several pieces of information are asked of you. These are the basic personal information and academic information that you need to fill up. After ceiling all the information please check twice.

4. Complete the form well then click on submit button and register successfully. After clicking on the button register you can successfully register on the site and applied for the scheme.

Important word

One of the most popular schemes run by the Prime Minister of India is the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme. The scholarship scheme, which has been running since 2007, is a popular scheme to help poor students financially.

Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme Reports
Prime Minister Scholarship Scheme Reports

Earlier under this scholarship scheme, 2000 rupees were given for boys and 2250 rupees for girls but now it has been increased. Under this scheme, maximum scholarships of up to Rs. 3000. If you are eligible to apply for this project, apply now to the Prime Minister’s Scholarship Scheme. Thank you for being with us for so long. We hope you enjoy the extension.

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