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Here we are trying to give information about how to download the Haryana caste certificate. By reading this article of ours today, you will be able to easily download the Residence and Caste Certificate made in the state of Haryana.

We had told in our previous post how to get Haryana Domicile Certificate made online. If you also want to get Haryana made on Domicile Proof, then definitely read this article.

Haryana Caste Certificate Download @ saralharyana.gov.in
Haryana Caste Certificate Download @ saralharyana.gov.in

If you have got your Haryana Domicile and Caste Certificate made. So by reading this article today, you can download your Haryana Caste Certificate sitting at home.

Where to download Haryana Caste Certificate

Friends, you can download the Haryana caste certificate online in two ways. which is like this. Whether you have applied with Saral Haryana CSC id. Or from the e-Disha center.

To download from Saral Portal, you must have the same Saral CSC id from which you had applied. But on the e-District Haryana Portal, you can download Haryana Domicile and Caste Certificate online made at Saral Center or E-Disha Center.

From Saral Haryana Portal: saralharyana.gov.in From e-Disha Official Website e-District Haryana Portal.

Benefits of caste certificate Haryana

  • To get benefits from government schemes.
  • For taking admission in school/college or other educational institutions on the basis of caste and getting a scholarship.
  • To get the benefit of reservation in government jobs.
  • To get reservations in seats in elections.

Know the process of Haryana Caste Certificate Online

If you have got your Haryana Caste Certificate made online. And all its process has also been completed. But from where you applied, it is not able to give you the print. Or you cannot go to him, there may be many reasons for this or his print is torn.

So we Saral-id or E-Disha id which is written on our Caste. And when we apply, we are given a receipt by the CSC operator. All this information is written in it, through this also we can download Haryana Residence and Caste Certificate sitting at home. For this, you follow the steps given below.

How to download Haryana caste certificate?

Step 1: To extract the Haryana caste certificate, search by typing E-Disha Haryana in any internet browser of mobile phone or computer.

Step 2: On searching, the link to the e-District Haryana Portal will come in front of us. We have to click on this link @ saralharyana.gov.in.

Haryana SC/ST/OBC Certificate Download @ saralharyana.gov.in
Haryana SC/ST/OBC Certificate Download @ saralharyana.gov.in

Step 3: After this, we will reach the official website of E-Disha Ekal Seva Kendra (edisha.gov.in). Within the dashboard of this e-District Haryana Portal, we have to click on the link of Status of Application. As shown in the figure.

Step 4: By clicking on Status of Application, the page will open in front of you. In which you have to enter the EDisha or Saral ID which is available with you inside the box in front of your Enter EDisha / Saral ID.

Haryana Caste Certificate Online Download
Haryana Caste Certificate Online Download

Step 5: After this, inside the next box, you will have to enter your Mobile No. Or to type any one of CitizenID and Haryana FamilyID. After this, you have to click on the Search button.

Step 6: As soon as you click on the Search button. The Application Status of our Haryana Caste Certificate will appear inside the Status Tab. Along with this, it contains all the information about the applicant. Like

  • e-Disha id (Application Id)
  • Saral id
  • Application Date
  • Service Name
  • application Name
  • Place of Application
  • Staus Last Staus
  • Updated on Amount Status.

Step 7: If your Haryana Domicile Certificate and Caste Certificate whatever you have applied online. On checking the status, if the certificate is showing an issue. So you are provided with the option of Download Certificate.

So you have to download your Haryana Caste Certificate by clicking on Download Certificate. In this way, you can also check your Haryana Caste Certificate Status. If it is done then it will also be downloaded.

Haryana Caste Certificate Online Apply

You can also apply for certificates online. Such candidates who want to apply online for Haryana SC / ST / OBC caste certificate should follow the steps given below: –

  1. First of all, you have to go to the official website of Haryana Saral Portal.
  2. After that, you have to register yourself on the portal.
  3. After registration, you have to log in.
  4. After login, you have to click on the link “Apply for Services”.
  5. After clicking on the link, on the next page, you will have to search by typing “Caste Certificate”.
  6. After that, the link will open, click on it.
  7. After clicking the caste certificate application form will open.
  8. Now you have to enter all the important information correctly in the application form.
  9. After that, the required documents and passport-size photographs have to be uploaded.
  10. After filling in all the details check the application form once again.
  11. If an error appears, correct it.

Finally, click on the “Submit” button. In this way, your application for Haryana Jati Praman Patra will be done successfully.

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