Haryana Bhavantar Compensation Scheme, Online Registration process

The main reason why farmers in the agricultural sector do not get the benefits of laborious work is that they usually must sell crops at low rates. This prevents farmers from income profits, and that is why farmers must commit suicide. The state government of Haryana has prepared a new Kisan Unnati Yojana. It has been called Bhavantar Bhatti Yojana, it will save the farmers from being pressed under the loan of interest.

Bhavantar Bharpayee Yojana 1st Phase

In order to get compensation, the state government has made some rules which farmers should follow. In an effort to implement the first section of the scheme, only 4 crops have been mentored by the state authority. These crops are onion, potato, cauliflower, and tomato. For this, the assistance quantity and production quantity have also been specially categorized by the state government.

Register online?

1. Any farmer who wants to save his income under this scheme should go to the State Bhavantar Bharti Yojana Haryana Portal and click on it.

2. As soon because the page opens, the farmers will get an official link to the Bhavantar Bharti Yojana. It should seem directly on the screen. Clicking on the title of the scheme will open the page of the program.

3. When this page opens, the farmer has to click on the option “Kisan Registration” which means “Farmer Registration”.

4. As soon as the farmer types down the required data and fills the form, he can submit it online and registration may also be completed.

5. This registration will provide a separate login ID and password to each farmer.

6. Once the portal opens, the ID and password will be generated from which logging might be done and the status of complaint and compensation can also be seen.

Key options of the scheme

1. Development in Agriculture – The scheme has been designed to secure the investment of farmers.
2. To determine the selling fee of crops – With this program, the agriculture department of the state will decide the final selling rate of the crops i.e. the selling price. If for some reason the farmer had to sell his crop at a lower fee, the government would meet that deficit.
3. Important crops – From now on the state authority has declared some crops as important, including potatoes, tomatoes, cauliflower, and onions, now some more crops have been added to this list, now carrots, peas.
4. Submission of J-Form – In order to get compensation for loss, farmers will have to sell crops and fill their details in J-Form. Once the process is full, it will also have to be uploaded on the official scheme of the website.
5. To find out the fastened income of farmers – The main goal of this scheme is to offer safety to the income of agricultural workers. The state authorities need that each farmer will get not less than 48000 rupees to 56000 rupees for each of his land, which he can use to produce one of these 4 crops.
6. Types of Land Acquisition – There is no particular rule or provision that only the farmer will get the benefit of this scheme if he has his own land. It is not vital that the farmers own the land or they have rented the land. Any farmer who fulfills other needed conditions can apply for this scheme.
7. Compensation inside 15 days – According to the draft of the scheme, once a registered farmer has applied for compensation, the agriculture department of the state will do the necessary verification and send the compensation within 15 days.
8. Payment to the bank account – Only these farmers who already have a bank account will be able to apply for this compensation, and they will have their Aadhaar card linked to this account.

Contact and helpline details

If a farmer has any Doubt related to the scheme and he is in confusion concerning the process of registration, then he can also take help by calling All India toll free number 18001802060 and talking directly.

And by sending an electronic mail to id [email protected], needed data can also be obtained. Such agricultural plans ensure that the farmers will not face any economic losses any further. They can also get credit from the Financial Institute earlier than the sowing season. Any financial loss can put farmers in a tough state of affairs. On-line registration is extra correct and quicker than the handbook course of, and it additionally ensures that only the correct particulars are recorded.

On September 6, the Haryana government organized a rally by which talks were held on the farmers’ heats, in which this rally was primarily promoted Bhavantar Bhutai Yojana so that more and more farmers may take advantage of it.


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