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About Government of West Bengal

West Bengal is a state in India, located on the border of Bangladesh to the north of the Bay of Bengal in eastern India. According to the 2011 census, the state has a population of over 91.3 million.

West Bengal is the fourth most populous state in India in terms of population (first-Uttar Pradesh, second-Maharashtra, third Bihar). The area of this state is 752 square.

West Bengal is a part of the Bengali-speaking Bengali region. The state is bordered by Bangladesh to the east and Nepal and Bhutan to the north. The Indian states of Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Sikkim, and Assam also share the border with West Bengal.

The state capital, Kolkata, is the seventh-largest city in India Geographically, the state belongs to the Darjeeling Himalayas, the Gangetic delta, the Radha region, and parts of the coastal Sundarbans.

The Bengalis are the main ethnic group in the state and the majority of the population of the state are Bengali Hindus.

Government of West Bengal

The government of West Bengal is committed to ensuring the services of the people of the state. The government has come up with a project called Duyare Sarkar so that every person in West Bengal can easily avail themselves of all the services provided by the government.

wb.gov.in Government of West Bengal - Egiye Bangla
wb.gov.in Government of West Bengal – Egiye Bangla

However, the West Bengal government has an official website that works much like the government at the door. Virtually the government has made its services available to all people through this website.

The official website of the Government of West Bengal is www.wb.gov.in. When you enter this website, the first thing you see is the recent announcement of the West Bengal government.

Through this the West Bengal government is delivering the latest updates to the people on its own initiative. On the other hand, this website contains statements of the entire department, cabinet, districts, and Upazilas of the government of West Bengal.

However, the main function of the website is to make people aware of the government schemes and to ensure the best service by ensuring online registration. Yes, by entering this website, any citizen of West Bengal can apply for the schemes according to his qualifications.

Departments of Government of West Bengal

The state government of West Bengal has multiple departments. These departments are constitutional and autonomous. However, the departments work on the basis of mutual cooperation to provide services.

The Government of West Bengal describes the administrative work and ensures service to the people through all these departments. Each department has different responsibilities.

Agriculture Department
Agriculture Marketing Department
Animal Resources Development Department
Backward Classes Welfare Department
Consumer Affairs Department
Co-operation Department
Correctional Administration Department
Disaster Management and Civil Defence Department
Environment Department
Finance Department
Fire and Emergency Services Department
Fisheries Department
Food and Supplies Department
Food Processing Industries and Horticulture Department
Forest Department
Health and Family Welfare Department
Higher Education Department
Home and Hill Affairs Department
Housing Department
Industry Commerce and Enterprises Department
Information & Cultural Affairs Department
Information Technology and Electronics Department
Irrigation and Waterways Department
Judicial Department
Labour Department
Land and Land Reforms Refugee Relief and Rehabilitation Department
Law Department
Mass Education Extension and Library Services Department
Micro Small and Medium Enterprise and Textile Department
Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department
Non-Conventional and Renewable Energy Sources Department
North Bengal Development Department
Panchayat and Rural Development Department
Parliamentary Affairs Department
Paschimanchal Unnayan Affairs Department
Personnel and Administrative Reforms and e-Governance Department
Planning, Statistics & Programme Monitoring Department
Power Department
Public Enterprises and Industrial Reconstruction Department
Public Health Engineering Department
Public Works Department
School Education Department
Science and Technology and Biotechnology Department
Self-Help Group and Self-Employment Department
Sundarban Affairs Department
Technical Education, Training & Skill Development Department
Tourism Department
Transport Department
Tribal Development Department
Urban Development and Municipal Affairs Department
Water Resources Investigation and Development Department
Women and Child Development and Social Welfare Department
Youth Services and Sports Department

As a result, the departments can take appropriate and effective decisions for the service of the people. The departments of the West Bengal government are accountable for their actions.

These departments are run by one cabinet minister and one associate state minister, but there are also government officials to assist the elected representatives.

These divisions conduct their activities in each district and ensure services. According to the official website of the Government of West Bengal, the list of divisions is as follows.

Government Structure of West Bengal

Like other states in India, West Bengal is governed by a parliamentary system of representative democracy. Universal suffrage is recognized for all citizens of the state. The Legislative Assembly of West Bengal is known as the Bidhan Shava.

This assembly consists of elected representatives. Members of the Legislative Assembly elect a Speaker and a Vice-Speaker. The chairman or (in the absence of the chairman) the vice-chairman presides over the assembly session.

The state judiciary consists of the Calcutta High Court and other lower courts. The power of administration is vested in the cabinet headed by the Chief Minister. Although the governor is the official head of state, the real power rests with the chief minister.

The Governor is appointed by the President of India. The governor appoints the leader of the majority party in the assembly as chief minister, And other ministers are appointed by the governor on the advice of the chief minister. The cabinet is accountable to the legislature.

The West Bengal Legislative Assembly is unicameral. The number of members of this meeting is 295; Of these, 294 were elected and one was nominated from the Anglo-Indian community. Members of the Legislative Assembly are called MLAs.

The normal term of the Legislative Assembly is five years; However, the assembly can be dissolved even before the expiration of its term. In rural and urban areas, local self-government bodies are known as panchayats and municipalities respectively.

All these organizations are also run through regular elections. From West Bengal (Indian Bengal), the lower house of the Indian Parliament has 42 members in the Lok Sabha and the upper house has 18 members in the Rajya Sabha.

Administrative divisions and districts of West Bengal

West Bengal has been divided into five divisions and 23 districts to facilitate administrative work.

1. Burdwan

Burdwan district is one of the five administrative divisions of the state of West Bengal. This division consists of four districts: East Burdwan District, West Burdwan District, Birbhum district, and Hooghly district.

2. Malda Division

Malda Division is one of the five administrative divisions of the Indian state of West Bengal. This division consists of North Dinajpur, South Dinajpur, Malda, and Murshidabad districts.

3. Jalpaiguri Division

An administrative region consisting of five northern districts. The districts under this division are Darjeeling district, Jalpaiguri district, Alipurduar district, Kochbihar district, and Kalimpong District.

4. Department of Presidency

The Presidency is an administrative division consisting of five districts in the southern part of West Bengal. The districts under this division are Kolkata district, North 24 Parganas District, South 24 Parganas District, Howrah district, and, Nadia district.

5. Medinipur Division

Midnapore Division is one of the five administrative divisions of the Indian state of West Bengal. This division consists of West Midnapore, East Midnapore, Purulia, Bankura, and Jhargram districts.

Malda DivisionBurdwan Division
Malda DistrictBirbhum District
Uttar Dinajpur DistrictHooghly District
Dakshin Dinajpur DistrictPaschim Bardhaman District
Murshidabad DistrictPurba Bardhaman District
Medinipur DivisionJalpaiguri Division
Paschim Medinipur DistrictJalpaiguri District
Purba Medinipur DistrictDarjeeling District
Bankura DistrictCooch Behar District
Purulia DistrictAlipurduar District
Jhargram DistrictKalimpong District
Presidency Division
Kolkata District
Howrah District
North 24 Parganas District
South 24 Parganas District
Nadia District

E-Services of the Government of West Bengal

The West Bengal government has its own official website. The website is wb.gov.in. Through this website, the government of West Bengal is providing all its information to the citizens through digital means.

Besides, any tender can be applied for using this website, and also registration can be done for any scheme. However, it should be noted that each department of the West Bengal government has a different website.

The West Bengal government is committed to ensuring electronic services and its websites are working towards that goal. In fact, the West Bengal government has digitized its activities to ensure the free flow of information.

Tenders of West Bengal Government

Like the Central Government of India or other State Governments, the Government of West Bengal conducts tendering for various developmental works. All the information on all these tenders of the Government of West Bengal is available on its website.

From here we can apply for the tender of the specified person and can work after accepting the tender. Generally, the state government of West Bengal conducts tendering for public welfare and developmental works. These include road construction etc.

Business and Industry of the Government of West Bengal

The Government of West Bengal conducts various economic activities to keep pace with the growing economy. The business sector of the Government of West Bengal is governed by an Act of 1967.

The West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation was formed under this Act. This company helps West Bengal to build industry to survive in competition with other states.

In addition, the company does unused work which has everything to do with industry and business.

The Government of West Bengal is engaged in the welfare of the people and has digitized the services to ensure round-the-clock service to the people.

In today’s event, we have discussed the West Bengal Government and Government Structure briefly. And also West Bengal Departments and various Government Departments are discussed.

Official Websitehttps://wb.gov.in/