Bihar Apna Khata 2024: What is Bihar Apna Khata?

Bihar Apna Khata 2024 (बिहार भूमि 2024): Check Bihar Apna Khata Land Records Online | Ways to Check Bihar Bhumi Apna Khata Land Records 2024 | Search Bihar Apna Khata Record Khatian 2024 | How to Check Bihar Apna Khata at

The information of all the documents related to the land is being uploaded online by all the state governments. Keeping this in mind, the Bihar government has also started the Bihar Apna Khata portal.

TopicBihar Apna Khata Land Records Online 2024
DepartmentDepartment of Revenue and Land Reforms, Bihar Government
StateBihar, India
BeneficiaryResident of Bihar
Objectives and benefitsProviding land-related information online to the people of the Bihar state (Bihar Bhumi).
Official Website, 

Today we are going to provide you with all the important information related to the Bihar Apna Khata Portal through this article. Such as what is Bihar Apna Khata Portal. is, its benefits, features, purpose, the process of viewing Jamabandi, the process of viewing the land map, etc.

What is Bihar Apna Khata?
What is Bihar Apna Khata 2024?

So friends, if you want to get complete information related to the Bihar Apna Account Portal, then you have to read this article of ours till the end. We have shared all the important information related to the Bihar Apna Account with you through this article.

What is Bihar Apna Account or Bihar Apna Khata online details?

Let us inform you that the record of more information such as Bhulekh Bihar, Jamabandi, and land records has also been kept in the portal. National Informatics Center (NIC) with the help of the Revenue and Land Reforms Department has made the land record Bihar Bhulekh.

All the information in this portal is shown in writing. All the states in the country are starting portal facilities through digital mediums so that people will easily get information related to their land. You will be able to see your land-related information through an online medium so that no one will be able to cheat them for land.

Through this portal, you will also be able to see the details of the land map very well. To see more details, you have to visit its official websites, Bhoomi Land Records is known by different names in other states of the country which are as follows:

  • Settlement
  • Land Details
  • Farm or land papers
  • Land records
  • Land account

All the information related to the land of Bihar can be obtained in writing on the Bihar Apna Khata Portal. Bhulekh is also known by various names such as Jamabandi, Land Records, Land Detail, Farm Papers, Khata, etc.

This portal is operated by the Department of Revenue and Land Reforms. All the citizens of Bihar who want to get information related to the land have to go to the official website of Bihar Apna Khata and select the concerned facility.

After this, the citizens of Bihar will be able to get information related to the selected facility through this portal. Information related to the map of Bihar can also be obtained on this portal. The documents downloaded from the Bihar Apna Khata portal can also be used for taking loans.

What are Bihar Land Records in Bihar Apna Khata 2024?

The people of the state of Bihar can now easily get all the information related to their land, farming, and Jamabandi on their mobile through the internet while sitting at home, now people will not have to go to Patwarkhana and Tehsil nor have to face any problems.

Bihar ROR Land Records at Online
Bihar ROR Land Records 2024 at Online

Through this online portal, in the copy of Bihar Land Records, you can get information about the name of the owner of the land, area, account, number, land classification, tehsil, village, name of the lessee as well as everywhere else. By getting complete information about your land on the portal, you can submit ownership of the land.

Benefits of Bihar Apna Khata Online Portal 2024

The people of the state can now see all the information related to land sitting at their homes online through the Revenue and Land Reforms Department portal, along with this people can take online prints of their account, Jamabandi copy, and land map.

Under this scheme, the people of the state can get the map of their land by entering their Khasra number and Jamabandi number.

Due to this online facility, the time of the citizens of the state will also be saved and people will not have to make rounds of the Patwarkhana. The people of the state who have land can take advantage of the facility.

Last word

In this article, we have discussed the Bihar Apna Khata online portal. In this set of information, we have discussed the basic information about the portal and the benefits and the area of the discussion.

The E portal is newly launched by the Bihar government to digitalize the land records and all the information for the benefit of the civilians. So by using this portal, you can easily access the records of all lands in Bihar sitting at home. We hope that this article will help you to know more about land records in Bihar by using the Apna Khata portal.

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